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Monday, October 31, 2011


Today is Halloween. I can't wait to put on my costume and trick-or-treat. Our party will be so much fun. We decorated with stuffed animals and paper. I put up a bunch of crows all over the place. Jake is going to be a transformer, Belle is going to be a fairy in training.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yo, Was' up?

Hey I'm at home with Black Spirit and Elit, they say hi. I am excited for Halloween I, as you know, am going as Jack Sparrow. Morgan  is going as a zombie, JJ is going as a Fairy, Black Spirit is going as (maybe) a zombie, Elit is going as something. Black is asking me questions about my dolls, I enjoy tying them up and gagging barbies, and he wants to switch the gag from one doll to the other. I have them how I want them, thank you very much.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

What the polls say.

OK the polls have closed and for "should we try to domesticate the wild animals" There were 5 votes all together. 40% said no we shouldn't, 40% said we should, and 20% said I am neutral. So it's a tie between yes and no. For pet griffin name, Ferea won by 83%, Mystica and Caleo Felis came in second with 33%, Leo Avis came in fifth with 13%, and Donec came in sixth with 0%,
        Cats with wings in fiction                                                          If cats really had wings.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Strange things are a foot at Papa's house.

I guess the world is getting ready for Halloween, because to day was super creepy. So it's art day, and we went down the road to papa's house. There was a lady walking down the street with a trash bag. I figured she was taking out the trash and her trash can had blown away, our planter did the same thing, no big deal. So we got to papa's house and we were waiting for the Neighbors to get there, and when they did Andie said "Papa, there is someone sitting in front of your mail box" we all looked out thew window and sure enough, there was the lady with the trash bag sitting in front of the mail box. She was reading a magazine. Papa called the sheriff and he came to talk to her. Well not ten minutes latter, our aunt who lives next door to papa, called him and said that someone had walked in front of her window. Papa lives out in the country, so people don't just walk in front of your window. After that, we saw a dog the size of a horse! Big white dog, romping around in the neighbors yard. If you didn't know any better you might have thought it was a polar bear. Man, freaky.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

stupid computer.

 Grrrr! My computer hates me. It's been slow recently, so I went to install the what ever its called like I'm supposed to, and it wont let me! My dad has it so I cant install stuff. I cant do my schoolwork because the machine is going to slow. I have multiple things I need to install, i Tunes, virus protection, adobe flash thingies, but I cant. And they wont install when I restart my computer. I need my dad to fix it. My computer is mean. All the installing thingies wont leave me alone! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to be Jack Sparrow for Halloween.

 Jack Sparrow is awesome. For Halloween this year I am going as Jack sparrow, yeah yeah, not creative enough for Bri, who is extermily skilled in the creativity department. Well how about this, I am a girl going as Jack Sparrow.  So ha. Here is how to be a Jack Sparrow impostor. You will need- a wig or long hair, beads, pirate booty, string, a belt or two, a sash, a white garb shirt, tiger-tog pants, some boots, a sword, LOTS of jewelry, and a hat, don't forget the hat. Also some eye liner and a little eye shadow. And maybe a little fake blood.

My nose hates me.

I have a sinus infection. My throat feels dry all the time, my ears are stuffy, my nose is stuffy, my head hurts, and my stomach isn't thrilled either. My cousin is driving me nuts, Belle keeps yelling about shoes. Morgan went to horse lessons, JJ is teaching Jake, and Jake is doing school. Tonight I have rehearsal again. and I have to make dinner. What am I going to make? I wish this stupid sinus infection would just go away!!!!!  Blech.

My sister is quoting people. So I guess I will to. "You cant have another peach until you blow down that house." "don't put that in your mouth, it's been in your sisters belly button" "you are not my cousin, JJ is my first cousin, Morgan is my second cousin, You are just my third cousin." "boys have peanuts, girls have peaholes" "I desperately want my hat" "I was talking to my eraser" "do you know were the brain section is?" wow that was fun, bye Bri.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun stuff to do at Wal-Mart.

OK, I just like to do silly thing. So here are some fun stuff to do at Wal-Mart. just because you have to be there to shop, doesn't mean you cant have fun, just ask a parent first. If you are 16 or older, it doesn't really matter.

I now smell of kitty litter.

 Ugh. Do you remember a when I spilled perfume all over me? Well the smell finally died down, unfortunately, just after that I went collecting walnuts with my cousins. So then I smelled like walnuts. After that finally settled down I had to change the cat litter. So now I smell like cat litter. Maybe I should pour more perfume on  my self. At least that way I smell pleasant.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Silly things to do when you are boerd.

If you haven't figured out by the tittle, I am bored. So I am going to tell you funny random things to do when you are bored.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Liquid. A poetic discription.

The water is cold, more than I prefer. As I swim just under the waters surface, a ray swims past me. My heart pounds in my ears, I am fearful of something that can't hurt me. I look at the coral. Fish are swimming around in the nooks. They are so brightly colored, neon almost, I am amazed at the florescence. My fear is extreme, not really because I am frightened, because I am so excited it scares me. I look over and see a barracuda in a ship wreck. My heart pounds even more. The water is clear like glass. I look at the unusual colors, some I have never even seen before. I am so scared, never being in this world before. I long to go deeper, but I keep back, terrified of the giant rays. I see schools of fish, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, every color imaginable, even some that aren't. As I surface again, I see the world above, breaking the image of the wild. Tourists are every were. Loud. I sink back under the surface, trying to hold on to the wild, silent freedom of an ocean that isn't real.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Egg head.

 My cousin doesn't like eggs. He is very proud of this fact. but he doesn't realize that eggs are in every thing. So my mom was asking me if we had eggs and Jake yelled "I don't like eggs" before my mom said what she needed them for. As a result Jake did not get any pumpkin bread. Then we had a lengthy discussion about what eggs are in. Cake, Gold fish, Cup cakes, Brownies, Cookies, and lots of other good stuff. Being a smart alack, I said "You know what else has eggs in them? Chickens"

Dyslexia a gift and a curse.

  So the other day me and Neg were at McDonald's, and Neg was trying to read the signs on the windows backwards. So one said, "Every Night, Teachers Night." and Neg could not figure out what it said. She kept reading Nights as Nigits. She was very confused. "Nigit, what is a Nigit?" she said. I looked at the sign and I could read it perfectly, being dyslexic, and said "Neg the sign says,'Nights' not 'Nigits'" she looked at the sign and said "Oh. Bri you are so lucky your dyslexic!" My mom looked at her funny, then went back to eating. I guess it's kind of a gift and a curse, because I can read things in mirrors and on windows, but sometimes I don't even realize its backwards.there are lots of people who have dyslexia or had dyslexia and look how they turned out. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Can zombies be dyslexic?

So I was Googleing  famous dyslexic people, and what came up? Dyslexic zombies. Can a zombie even be dyslexic? According to Google, dyslexic zombies try to eat Brian's instead of brains. I don't think thats very nice to dyslexic people or zombies or Brian's. But I guess if we ever had a dyslexic zombie Apocalypse all we would have to do  was have all the Brian's names changed to Steve. Why Steve? Because it sounds nothing like brains. Then the zombies would die of starvation. Because, dyslexic or not, zombies ain't to bright. (Its there on purpose!) They might be craftier than your average zombie, but they wont be to bright. Why would someone come up with dyslexic zombies? Are they trying to imply that dyslexics are stupid? Because that is not at all nice. Some people are not nice at all.

I don't get the appeal of zombies. What is so cool about undead people who try to eat peoples brains? I think it is scary and dumb. I don't see why people like them. Do people just like scarring them selves silly? Well these are my thoughts on zombies. Bye, Bri!

My biggest pet peeves.

I have a lot of pet peeves. here are just a few of my biggest ones.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I love my griffin!

I still haven't decided on a name but in the poll, the name Ferea is winning. Good that was one of the best of the five names my other favorite was Mystica . It didn't scare the cat like I thought it would. I am going to take it to Rehearsal tonight to see if anyone notices it. I bet they will. I like Latin names because of their meaning. Also Latin is really cool!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ren Fest, again.

Yes I went back. This time I got a pet Griffin. But I need a name for it. So on the bottom of my page I have a poll with multiple Latin names. I need you to vote which one is the best, and you can pick multiple (please only pick two or three) It is a blue and white griffin. I haven't decided if it's a he or a she yet, that will depend on the name. So please vote. Now I will tell you about my day at Ren Fest.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bayou, a poetic discription

The air smells old. Old and fresh. I look in the water and see fish leap out. They are silver and blue. The boat has scared them. through the sky, I see green herons and snowy egrets. they land in the trees, covered in Spanish moss. I sit in the boat, waiting to see the reptiles that are said to live here. I think I see one, but it is just a log. Not an alligator. The trees are covered in pink lichen, making them look surreal. Banana spiders spin their webs, their size terrifying.  look at the sky,  pure blue. Between the trees are power lines, eliminating the idea of seclusion. A heron flies down snatching a fish, the rest leaping for escape. I want to see an alligator, all there is are more logs.  It is hot, the boat provides no shade. I look and see another egret, this one younger, sitting in tree. Again am welcomed in this world of wild. Free of the restrictions of people, society. Soon I will leave this free place, forced back to reality, but I think I will stay a little longer.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


 Today at art, papa said I am only supposed to draw wolves when I draw animals. so that way I learn one animals anatomy at a time. So I am very happy because i get to just draw wolves, along with my weekly thumbnails. This will not only help my art, it will help my zoology to! so hurray for art.

Book Review: The Son of Neptune- Rick Riordan, Rated-PG

**WARNING: The Son of Neptune is a sequel, there may be spoilers in this review, please read The Lost Hero before if you don't like spoilers. If you don't care, proceed**

Percy is confused. He has spent the last month trying to get to camp Jupiter. now he's there he thinks he's in the wrong place. he needs to find Annabeth, the only person he remembers from his past. He meets two people who want to help him at this camp, but also several people who want him dead. He and his friends, Frank and Hazel, have discovered something horrible has happened.  The doors of death have opened, and the only god who can fix it is missing. So Percy, Frank, and Hazel must go on a quest to save the god of death, and pretty much the rest of the world.

Forest, a poetic discription.

The sky is clear, brilliantly blue. I sit in a dry creek bed. The walls of rock get higher and higher as it goes. I sit at the top, where a water fall would be. The air is sweet, a flowery perfume of fall. Birds sing as I look. I close my eyes and listen, breathing  in the smell of Autumn. I open my eyes and see squirrels playing, running up and down a fallen tree. The bed of moss I sit on is green, fresh from the new rain. The jagged rocks poke out of the wall, creating false caves and overhangs filled with spiders and insects. I look again to the fallen tree, it was old. Someone cut it down. Now it is part of the stream, a thing for animals to play with. A cry comes up, a screaming child crosses the bridge over the creek, killing the silence. I sigh. I get up to leave this peaceful place. I cross under the bridge and up the path. I look back at the rocks I sat on. I will come back, but I wont get to sit on the rocks again. I will be an intruder to this place, like the child. For a little while I was welcome, like I belonged in this wild, free world. I will be welcomed back, but not yet.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why is it so hard to find a pure bred dauchshound for free!?

My parents told me that we cant have another dog. Unless it was a female, dappled, short hair, dachshund with papers, for free. Then we can have a third dog. My moms favorite dog is a dappled dachshund. That is why it has to be a dappled short hair dachshund. The female part is because we don't want it to pee all over the place. No marking in the house. Amazingly, its really hard to find a dappled, short hair, dachshund for free with papers. I wonder why?

Today I found some books about how to make animals look real at the library *sigh* witch means I have to give them back. :( That makes me sad because they are really helpful. I drew a dachshund (dappled of course) that looked pretty good. I mean it had muscle and bones and shading. It showed me how to start it. Then I just went from there. I also got a book called "Animal Anatomy for Artists" which is also really helpful. Well I guess that's all I have to say because I need to make dinner now, Bye Bri!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Silence is golden, but Duct Tape is silver.

Duct tape is used everyday. We use it in our cars, homes, work, and every were else. Strange things have been made using duct tape. Purses, flowers, aprons, wallets, boats, even bridges. but how much do we actually know about this useful stuff? Well, lets learn about duck tape.


OK I give up. For art I need to find a picture of a wolves body structure, you know, muscles, bones, posture, that kind of stuff. I cant find this anywhere on the internet, I need this soon because my teacher keeps getting on to me about it. What I really need is a book about the anatomy of canines and birds and cats, well really all animals. If you could point me to a web site or give me the name of a book with that kind of thing in it, that would be really helpful. Thanks and if I finish a picture that actually looks like a wolf I will post a picture (No stealing! MY PICTURE!) Yes I know what you are saying "But Bri, why don't you just go to the library?" I know, I am going tomorrow. The problem with library book is, I have to give them back. What I need though is something I can keep on my shelf or pull up on my computer in a moments notice. Please give me some suggestions! Bri

Zombies exist!

There is such a thing as zombie disease. It is found in a caterpillars and insects only. (It can only effect bugs,  don't worry) the disease causes the insect to not be able to think. They climb to the top of a tree and just sit there. But the weirdest part is, once the virus has run its course, they turn into goo! I think that is worthy of a horror movie. The virus that causes it is called Caterpillar brain washing virus. it takes over the caterpillar so it will do its dirty work. The only thing it does is make more viruses. Creepy.

Luckily the gene they virus uses to zombifie caterpillars and bugs causes them to not be able to molt, so they keep eating and eating. and this causes them to get bigger and make more viruses. Since people don't molt like insects do, we should be safe. Also it effects their behavior.  We have completely different behavior than insects so if we do get infected with this, it probably wont do what the virus does to bugs. we have to different biology and behavior. I highly doubt the virus will turn us into undead people who like to eat brains, if it can affect us at all. Often animal viruses don't effect people or only mildly. So again we are probably safe. Its still creepy.

writing is so controversial

I love writing, I also hate it. I am not kidding! I love to write, I feel so free when I put my thoughts on paper or a computer screen. But I also hate it. I hate writing what people tell me to write. I feel controlled. I don't like that feeling. I like to write what I like to write. I like to write reports, but I want to make them about what I like. I don't really want to write a report on how to make an enchilada, or about the battle of Saratoga. I like righting about nature and animals and art and books and music. That's why zoologist is such a good job for me. I will have to write about what people tell me to but it will be about something that interests me. I really wish there was a job were I could just explore and learn and write. That would be the best job ever. I would get to do the things I love and get paid for it! I would be the richest person ever. Because I would work so much. I also don't like dead lines. There is so much going on that I don't feel like I have the time to finish everything.

I think that's why I post so much. When I write I feel free. I used to be embarrassed for people to read what I thought but know I feel excited to tell you about everything. I love my blog. I can escape this horrible world and just say what I think. All the stress, fear, pain, every thing comes out. I don't even feel like I need to smack something so much! I just let my feelings come out in my writing. Bri Pi

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ocean and Moon, a poetic discription

The Ocean is liquid silver under a full Moon. The metallic waves lap at the sand leaving butterfly shells in their wake. The sand is soft under my toes. As the wave run over my feet, the sand around me dissipates into the sea. The Moon is full and bright, the clarity is amazing. The Ocean is dark blue with silver tongues. They move and shift, always different. In the darkness of the abyss are creatures unimaginably alien. But I stay were the Moon lights the sea in blue-silver flames. I look in the distance, but only see blackness blending with blackness. It is hard to tell were the sea ends and the sky starts. I love this place, always different. Never the same. It will always be here, yet never exactly. I look again at the Ocean I know I will never see again. This one exactly. My first view of the Ocean and the Moon.


Why do people not like wolves? The hunters don't like them because they eat the deer and elk. The ranchers don't like them because they think they kill there livestock. Well news flash people. The wolves take out the weak elk and deer, so that you can have a better trophy. The wolves take out the coyotes who kill 25% of livestock, were as wolves are a minuscule 1%. In my opinion that is a very good reason wolves should be brought back to Missouri. They are bringing the elk back, why not the wolves? Then the bears and pronghorns might comeback to. We kicked them out from superstition, fear of there marvelous song. But now how often is the cries you here in the moon light of rural Missouri, wolves? None. Its just coyotes and local dogs. We need wolves. They regulate deer, and elk who eat all our trees. They kill of coyotes who kill our live stock. When wolves were brought back to Yellowstone national park they had to guard the wolves at all times because they were getting assassination threats. On the wolves! That is ridiculous. Why are we so superstitious of these majestic canines? They are the sisters to our beloved dogs. I believe we need to understand them better. They are a lot like us. They live in family packs with the mom and dad as leaders. They hunt for food as we did. They are loyal to their family. We are like wolves, and that is part of the problem.

Because we hunt like they do we see them as competition. Predators take out competition. We need to see the symbiotic relationship we have with them. They take out the weak prey for us to have the better, stronger animal. They protect us and our livestock from the coyotes. They are our friends and we don't even realize it. they are wild and free and beautiful. I think we are jealous. We are jealous of there freedom, so we take it. We are jealous of there wildness so we take the wild. We are jealous of there strength, their beauty and their love. So we take it. We take all we can from them, but they still are our friends. They still hunt the weak. They still kill the coyotes. They still bless us with their song. For once I think we should give back what is theirs. Let them come back to the land they claimed before the colonists, when the Native Americans knew they were friends. I am going to bring the wolves back to Missouri, and you cant stop me.

my opinion.

Some people disagree with my opinions, well that is just fine. I just want people to listen to my opinion and be open minded. Make your own decisions, don't let others choose for you. I chose to believe in God, I chose to believe in small scale evolution, I chose to be me. I have made my decision about the exotic pets, if proof comes up that proves my ideas incorrect I will look at the facts and decide again. But it will be my decision. I don't want to be a person who only lets others decide what I think and how I act. Its my life and I chose to take it to the most I can use it because I only get one shot here and then I go one way or the other. I want to use  my life for god and I want to use my life to show that just because I am a zoologist I am a christian too. People don't need to decide between God and science. That's one choice I don't need to make. I don't need others to tell me who to be, all I need is God and my heart. I am me. I am who I am and I will NEVER change that.
Don't be people, be a person.
I am Bri and that's final. You cant make me change, because I am weird and I am PROUD OF IT! I am a person. I will decide who I am and I will decide where I am going with my life. You are individual! Use it! You are creative! Use it! You are you! So go into the world and prove it. I don't need popular people to tell me who to be. Stand up to the popular people. Show them you are a individual. And they wont bother you if you look proud of that fact. A person is smart, but people are stupid.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Anti-stickman, the sequal.

We are very anti stickman. My sister has been making drawings of dead stickman. She is for anti stickman. I am for anti anti stickman. My mom has a shirt that has stickmen running from zombie stickmen. My dad made anti anti stickmen a name S.A.A.S.M, Society Against Anti StickMan. Poor poor stickmen. Morgan drew a stickman with an arrow through him. Then she drew a stickman choking another stickman. Morgan is not nice to stickmen. Now she drew a stickman stabbing a stickman in the throat. Next she will be drawing bubble animals being mean to stickmen. she dew a horse trampling a stickman. poor stickman. I hope she doesn't make stick wolves ripping the stickmens throats out. That would be anti wolf to. Now she electrocuted a stickman! She is not nice to poor stickmen! Now she made a stick man vampire being turned to ashes in the sun. I am sad for the poor soulless vampire stickman. Bye Bri.

Duck tape, the maricale substance.

So today we made flowers out of duck tape. Those are the pictures. We also made purses, wallets, bows, and other things. Here are some more pictures of duck tape stuff. To bad we cant make a boat like the Mythbusters that would be cool! Bye Bri!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Exotic pets, should we try to domesticate the wild?

 Haven't you every wanted a little fox as a pet? What about a monkey as a companion? Why shouldn't we have monkey's and chimps and wild foxes as pets? Well there are consequences to having a pet that should belong in the wild or a zoo. For one thing, What the heck do you feed it? Were do you take it to the vet? Can you train it to use a litter box or to go out side or use the toilet? These are just some of the problems exotic pet keepers face along with the physical danger you can put your self in. here are some reasons you should think long and hard about buying that cute little monkey.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Return of the skate boarder.

 I haven't skate boarded in forever! I made my skate board jump though. It jumped about two inches of the ground. I wish our street was flatter, then I could skate with out going to fast. I tried to smack my self with my skate board. I was trying to do a manual and I fell of. The board flew up and tried to smack me. It was interesting. 

Weird things I've said in my sleep.

Yeah I talk in my sleep. Some times I even sing and laugh. I'm great fun at sleep overs. My cousins will let me fall asleep only to wake me up and tell me what I said and did. so here is a list of the weird things i have sayd and done in my sleep.
1. Through a Pillow Pet at my cousin.
2. Informed my cousins Harry Potter was a fuzzy pickle.
3. Said there was a mandarin in my closet.
4. Screamed that an edible dorm mouse was going to eat me.
5. Sang Jesus loves me.
6. Said look at the flying Cheetos.
7. Got up in the middle of the night and kept asking my dad if he forgot JJ. Then I went back to bed.
8. Yelled about spiders.
9. Kicked and punched my cousin.
10. I kissed a fish pillow.
Yep I did all these things in my sleep. I know weird. I really enjoy hearing what I have said or done in my sleep. Well bye, Bri!

More conversations.

So I thought the wierd conversations were so funny I was going to make another page devote to weird conversations. Here we go!
Morgan: (Darth Vader voice) Daddy, I am your daughter!
Daddy: No, Its Not true!
Morgfan: It is true!
Daddy: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!
(end of conversation)
Morgan: Bri! you spilled milk on my hair brush!
Bri:(laughing)No I spilled milk on your hair brush.
Morgan: that's what I said.
Bri: well it was an acident.
Morgan: (thumping bri with brush) You spilled milk on my hair brush!
Bri: Have we not already distinguished that?
(end of conversation)
Nephi: Hi Morgan
Bri: Nephi, my name is Bri not Morgan.
Nephi: Right. Bri.
Kathy: No thats Morgan.
Nephi: Right. Morgan.
(end of conversation)
Bri: I need a weird conversation!
JJ: No!
Bri: But I need a weird conversation.
JJ: No!
Bri: JJ I need a weird conversation!
JJ: Well Here's One.
(end of conversation)
Some times I wonder why we have such weird conversations.
 Well that's all for now, by Bri!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why total animal rights people are wierd.

Yeah, animals should be treated like animals. That's what they are, not that we shouldn't treat them with respect. God made animals to be people's servants and companions. They can also be used for food and inspiration. Some animals were made for food purposes, like chicken and pigs, some for close, like sheep and cows, some for inspiration, like wolves and leopards, and some for work, like dogs and cats. The animal rights people are right we should treat them better, but they aren't people. Some people don't think that animals can think, but I think they can. What god gave us above them is the ability to create, to imagine. I don't think animals can create or imagine. But they can definitely feel. I can see that they can. You think a dog isn't scared of a master who beats? You think a cat can't hate a tormentor? You don't think an elephant will not take revenge for a wrong doing by a human? They can feel, they can feel it all. Pain, love, fear, hatred, grief, longing. They can feel. You just don't see it.

Return of the iPad apps

The weird iPad apps are back by popular demand!(Not really I just like funny apps) so I went and found even more weird apps and now you can read about wacky iPad apps for no price! so here they are:
1, Funny call. It changes your voice so when you call people as a prank they cant tell its you, supposedly. (Only compatible with iPhone)
2, Ginger Both. Take a picture of your self and this app will turn you in to a red head. Comes complete with pale skin and freckles. (I bet red heads don't like it)
3, Ask Vader. Ask the sith lord Darth Vader any thing you want and he will answer (im)patiently or he will not answer you.
4, Sleep Talk. OK I seriously need this app. This app will record every thing you say will you are asleep. Then if you think they are funny enough, it will send them to your Facebook page at the press of a button.
5, Pick up lines. It's an app full of pick up lines for men. Most of them are really stupid and won't work(sorry guys)
6, Mouth off.  this app Will let you put a fake mouth over your own. The fake mouth will move as fast as your own mouth will.
7, Ageing both. shows what you will possibly look like when you are older.
And those are the weird iPad and iPod and other iStuff apps you can get. some are on my dads iPad. Well I hope you enjoyed my app post. Bye, Bri!

Wierd conversations

So yesterday I was reading a book on the couch with JJ and Morgan playing with some LPS. this is how the conversation went,

The Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins, Rated: PG-13

 In the land were America once stood, there is a new country called Panem, consisting of 12 districts and a Capitol. The districts are slaves to the Capitol, forced to do their work.  Once a year a boy and a girl must be sent to the Capitol for the Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live television.  Sixteen year old Katniss is a poacher in district 12. She hunts for her sister and mother. When her sister is chosen for the hunger games katniss dos'e  something irrational; she volunteers to take her sister's place. In the hunger games losing is death.  Now she must survive the hunger games, which means twenty-three other people will die.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I just finished reading it, it's awesome! But now I have to wait for the next one! That makes me a sad panda and it comes out in a year! Well at least the other books I want will come out in between then, but still. The next book is supposed to be one of my favorite caricature as the main characters. GRRR! I wait so long for it, and it only lasts me a day, not even! Now I have to wait a whole other year! I will do a review in a few days, I have to sort my thoughts on it first. Oh by the way the book is called The Son of Neptune, and I've been waiting a year for it to come out. Well I have other books to read and wait for. :( I hate waiting. Waiting takes to long.  I want my book right now! Well bye Bri!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I should 'probly explain the quotes,

OK so do you like my new and improved blog? I made the background my self. It consists of various different quotes me and my family and friends have said. Some from (using code names by the way) the neighbors, the cousins, the horse people, and several from me and my sisters. I really enjoy quotes, they pretty much sum things up.

Ren Fest, Rocks!

Yesterday I went to the Renaissances festival. I got a necklace that had a glass bottle and a little wolf charm on it. It came with free perfume. I picked a flowery smelling one called Wolves Blood. when I got home I was sitting on the couch when I stretched. After I stretched it smelled really flowery right were I was sitting. Everyone could smell it. It occurred to me my hand was wet. I looked down and saw it was covered in perfume! The cap on my necklace had caught  on my other necklace and popped of. I went to wash it of and the smell wouldn't come out. I now smell like Wolves Blood perfume.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random things I've learned from T.V

People say that you don't learn anything from TV. They are wrong. Here are random things I've learned from TV.