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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Silly things to do when you are boerd.

If you haven't figured out by the tittle, I am bored. So I am going to tell you funny random things to do when you are bored.
1. Intimidate a cat. Look them strait in the eye and hiss. (Be careful, cats will bite, and scratch) don't do this one if you are interested in not getting scratched. 
2. Google your self.  Really. See what comes up. WARNING, only works with internet. 
3. Write a fake letter to a famous person. Write a letter and don't send it. Tell the famous person about your life.
4. Spin in circles until you fall down. This one really doesn't need any explaining, just don't make your self sick.
5. Say banana over and over. Just say it till you annoy your self.
6. Sing random songs. Camp songs, pop songs, folk songs, any song will do, just sing to your hearts content.
7. Call a friend and ask them random questions. Tell your friend what you are doing if you don't want massive confusion. If you enjoy confusing people don't tell your friend until after. 
8. Play drums with pots and pans. I know it sounds sort of childish, but it's really fun. Just be sure to get parents permission each and every time you want to play drums.
9. Set an alarm on your phone for a random time. its fun. Be careful not to forget or you might wake up at 3 a.m. :)
10. Make a movie using dolls and stuffed animals. It is so much fun, doing this often ends with hilarious videos.
 So these are ten fun-ish things to do when you are bored. Have fun with these things.

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  1. My sister did #7 to my cousin. his answers were. "what? I don't know, uhhh? wait, what? wait but..." then she hung up. My poor cousin.;)