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The "Funny Quotes" Page

Ok on this page I'm going to put funny quotes from my family and friend. Enjoy the random!!

None, because people don"t wear Srawberries (Bri)
That awkwartd moment when the bar has a face (JJ)
It was up. In the sky... (JJ)
Let's duct tape this blue ball back together. Hand me the tape! Thats orange duct tape! (JJ)
 She's like a dead fish, wait no, she's like an alive fish! (JJ)
Beware of my sock bucket!! (JJ)
Together We will rule the chair!! Join us, or sit!!(Bri)
Smells like *sniff sniff* ...Soap. (JJ)
Lets rock this Bannana! Oh wait, I'm eating an orange. (JJ)
I'm here, but my sister has malaria. (Sophie)
That's my delicious food and you can't have any!! (Neg)
Yay! He has two arms now! (Cookie)
Gambit! I mean Bandits! (Bri)
How many people with glowing purple cards do you know? (JJ)
Don't faint! Oh he fainted (Kelcy)
Well that's an extreme way to climb a tree (Kelcy)
No, I'm flossing my toes (Adam)
South America, It's like North America, only get this. It's south! (Musical)
He brings the term stalker to a whole new level. (Cookie)
The moral of the story kids is, don't get books that are twice your size. (Bri)
And now she's just a dead corpse (Bri)
This is HC4 news, and I'm musical, your anchor woman, girl, thing. (Musical)
This is the scientific method, this is purpose, this is research, this is hypothisis, and this is a boat! (Musical)
Have you ever wanted something purple? Well you can get it at ace hard ware, and you can put it on and then you can't get it of because it's child... saftey.... thing.... locked! Ugh! Go away, just go away! (Neg)
Nice going JJ, you ripped the hulks head off! (Kelcy)
Does anyone speak squirrel? (Blake)
Well when the french nation comes knocking on our door asking what you did with the Eifel tower, don't come crying to me. (Bri)
I lost the leaning tower of Pissa! (JJ)
Are they going to cut us out of the scene for talking about birds? (Cookie)
No! My stump! (Chase)
She will have a name! Even if no one care's to hear it. (Bri)
let me eat my cheese in peace. (Amanda)
My cheese is wet! (Amanda)
Do rainbows taste like skittles? (Bri)
(in rap form) Were wrappin' a present for our baby cousin! The present is a blanket, and the blanket's all fuzzy! (Daddy)
Oh my gosh! Gus is the Onion Guy! (Kelcy)
Don't die! It's bad for your health! (Bri)
Why is she called Shadow-cat? She's not a shadow, she's not a cat, what's with it? (Noah)
Harry potter is a fuzzy pickle (Bri)
I'm a talking squirrel (JJ)
Happy Australia day!! (JJ)
This is a cell phone, we do not lick the cell phone. (Bri)
Envy the peace makers, because they are peaceful. (Bri)
Blessed are the cheese makers (daddy, quoting Monty Python)
My voice talks inside my voice. (JJ)
AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Sorry, that just came out. (JJ)
I have sad news, Perry the platypus is blind. (Bri)
Perry is going to be blind for ever because I can't find the glue!!
What do you Want? "WEE WEE!!" (Bri and Noah)
What's a book? (Noah)
Nudity is all the rage with cat's, and most animals. (Bri)
I need some water before I die of starvation... Wait... (JJ)
You named your Pillow Fred? (Autumn)
I fight you with a duck! (JJ)
Don't eat your bow tie! (Bri)
Ow OW!! Scalp acupuncture!! This was a TERRIBLE idea!!! (Bri)