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Thursday, March 29, 2012

More story!!!

Sorry!! I have been busy and the story kind of just left me, but My cousin Noah really liked it so I'm continuing it. Noah, this story is for you bud.

Lyra and I went to the school, just as the buses were getting there. My Mom didn't mind, An and I met at the school all the time. Oh by the way you should know my real name, it's Sybil. Sybil Omnium. Weirdest name ever but you know what ever.. An's name is Anima Viedens But that's a ridiculous name. so we go by An and Sy. An saw me and waved, dashing over to were Lyra and I stood. "Hey, So this is your ghost huh?" An asked. " my name is Lyra, not ghost" Lyra said indignantly. An was taken aback by Lyra's speech.  "Well pardon me," she then turned to me "so you can see her, but you haven't seen any others? I can see five here" she said. I looked around, And saw some air that sort of wobbled, like when something is hot, but no ghosts. I explained to An. "Weird, I have no Idea whats wrong with you Sy, but the places you pointed at are were ghosts are standing" Really? I looked at them again, squinting my eyes, and saw that They were vaguely human-esque shaped. "So, why can you talk?" An asked Lyra. "Because I have a little thing in my throat called the larynx and in it are these chords that move when I talk due to air and..." An cut her off. "No I mean as a ghost how can you talk?" An asked. "Oh," said Lyra " I dunno. I just can. I can sing too!" She started singing Amazing Grace, and she wasn't to bad but I could sense the other ghosts getting agitated by Lyra's talking/singing. Maybe there were rules to being a ghost that Lyra didn't follow. Or maybe they Just weren't music lovers. An was looking at them too, and told Lyra to stop, Lyra obliged. "oh crap I'm late for class! Gotta go Bye, Have fun with your friend!" she said Well, that was quit helpfull.

I went home while Lyra jabbered about her Larynx, and thing's of that sort. All of the sudden I felt something was wrong, My mediator senses were tingling? My spider senses? I don't know, but I realized that multiple human shaped fuzzy air thingies, I.e. Ghosts, were following us. "Lyra, shut up" I whispered to her. "Why?' She asked loudly. "Just shut up!" I whisper yelled. She looked around noticing the Ghosts too. "They look rather unhappy don't you think? She asked. "I don't know I can't see their faces" I said "Oh yeah, forgot about that, Um they look kind of ticked" She said. "let's go, faster" I said, "agreed" she replied. "One, two, Three!!!!" we ran for my house. The ghosts  popped up in front of me, I still couldn't see exactly what it looked like, It was less that I saw it, more that I sensed it. But something was confining my hand. The invisible force yanked on my hand sending me sprawling on the asphalt. Lyra was actually in the air, Screaming her head off. "Lyra!" I yelled, she was sort of hanging upside down now by her ankles I got up and ran at the Ghost's holding Lyra and ran at them. I smacked into one, knocking it to the ground. Something smacked me across the face, And suddenly I could see all of the ghosts. Five in all, Two female, three male. The one I had knocked over was a female. Lyra was being held by a male now. I jumped up but Female ghost 1 grabbed my leg and yanked it out from under me. I kicked her face. She let go and grabbed her face, I jumped up, and screaming like a lunatic, I ran into a the male ghost holding Lyra. He grunted and dropped Lyra,who squealed as she fell. The ghosts looked at us. Then Female No 2 pointed at the side walk. A women and her dogs were watching me beat up thin air. I smiled stupidly and Mimed being in a box. She looked unconvinced but walked away. I sighed, and looked to see the ghosts were gone. Lyra was siting on the asphalt crying. I am not good at reacting to human emotions so I awkwardly pulled her to her feet "Come on," I said "Let's go home"

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh my gosh I just realized something!

This is not what I realized, the picture wont move.
 A river delta is in the shape of a delta so thats why they call it a delta!!!!! ok that was it. i don't know what to say now. bye Oh I'll add pictures.

watching X men.

Ha ha team Remy!!!


Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games Was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched it last night ans it was really good!!! It followed the book, and wasn't terribly gory. It did play down some of the emotion of the book, But at some points in it, you are literally bouncing up and down with anticipation, and nervousness for Katniss and your other favorite tributes. Some scenes will make you cry, some scenes will crack you up. But all together I thought it was really good. It is NOT for little people though, it is rated PG-13 for a reason. I would say if you have read the book and are at least ten you are probably fine. You might get motion sick as the cameras are hand held and bouncy. So be careful.  The beginnings a little slow and drags on a bit but once you get to the capitol things pick up. All together a pretty god movie, I would say it should get four stars. Bri π

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lions gate is very good at keeping secerets.

I can't find a picture of a cg mockingjay anywere. i am so excited to see what they look like I can hardly stand it. I mean are they like black and white blue jays? I am really excited to see them. The Movie comes out in ONE DAY!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited. I need to go now, bye Bri π Yay!!!!!

Oh my gosh I just discovered the actual equivelent of the Mockingjay.  The Lyre bird. Look it up its so cool!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Books Vs Video Games

My cousins Blake and Noah say that Video Games are better than books.I strongly disagree. So to settle our argument I am asking you, my readers, to comment which is better. Books or video games. I will post our status in a few weeks. Please comment this is extremely important to the world. As books are in fact much better than video games. So please comment!!!!!! So far books wins with four votes and Video Games comes in second with two. I have also put this issue on instagram. so thanks Bri π

Friday, March 16, 2012

lots of randomness.

So yesterday I got bored and decided to draw chibi Xmen. Here are some pics.
Black and white chibi Wolverine.
Black and white chibi Gambit.

Rogue in color.
Gambit in color.

How funny. One of my vocabulary words is divergent. Ha ha. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

what boerdom can do

I'm boerd so i think i might go look for the Bow and arrows and go shoot a box. I wish i had a Justin Beiber poster so I can shoot that. Right now I'm dressed up as Katniss, that would be funny if i did shoot a Justin Beiber poster because i could take a video and be all like, "this is what Katniss thinks of Justin Beiber" That would be so much fun. Um.......... I need to finish my costume, My play is tonight. Ummmmm.......Bye. Sorry this is so short, I'm bored. Bye Bri π

Friday, March 9, 2012

Story continued.

I hope you are enjoying my story, and because this scene is still fresh I need to write it now or i will forget it. So here we go.

I stared at Lyra. "um.... Ok, I have officially lost it, In a bad way"  Lyra stood up, "What do you mean by that?"  "It means I am now hallucinating about dead people" I said. She looked at me sideways. "But, I am real?" She said confused. A thought occurred to me. A friend of mine recently told me she was a mediator. I hadn't truly believed her until now. I Decided to call her. Yeah the smart person would go get her parents, or something along those lines. I call my psychic best friend. It started ringing."Sy, you do realize it's like, 2 in the morning." Ann said with a hint of annoyance in her voice. "Ann, There is a dead person in my closet" Ann laughed at this. "Well, did you put it there?" She asked. "No! Like a ghost, not a dead body." I said. "But, I thought you can't see ghosts?" She said confused. "I don't! Well I thought I didn't. But she was moaning in my closet, and I opened the door and she saw me and said, 'Hello I'm Lyra and I'm dead!' I..." Ann stopped me. "Woah woah woah, She spoke to you? Ghost's don't talk." She said. "Yeah well, Mine's apparently an extrovert, What do I do with her?" She was silent for a moment. "meet me at school tomorrow." I rolled my eyes. "Ann, I don't go to school." I said "Meet me there any way. And bring your friend." She said then she hung up. "Actresses, Always gotta make a dramatic exit" I said. "But then I have no room to talk" I joked. "What is this?" Lyra was holding my replica music box. "Um please put that down I don't want it broken." I said to her. She set it back on the Dresser. I decided to try to start a conversation. "Sooooo.... How did you die?" I regretted saying it, but Lyra didn't seem to mind. She almost looked excited "car accident" she said excitedly "so why aren't you in heaven or you know." I pointed down. "I don't think I ever did anything bad enough to go down there. But I am a christian so I don't know why I am stuck in this limbo thingy." She said. "Maybe I need to do something" She mumbled to her self. "How old are you?" I asked her. "This year I would have been fifteen. But since I'm stuck here, I'm still fourteen" she said. "That's nice. Make your self comfertable in the closet, or were ever you want to, just don't break anything and don't moan. I am going to bed now." I said then I climbed up into bed and went to sleep.

"EEEEEPPPPPPP!!!" I opened my eyes to Lyra Screaming. "What is your problem?" I ask her. "DOG!!!!!" she screamed. I looked out the window and there was my dog, barking at Lyra. Huh, I think, so animals really can see ghosts. Lyra is still screaming. "Lyra, shut up!" I say, she stops screaming. "Why were you screaming?" i ask her. She points at my dog out the window. I sigh, "why were you screaming at my dog?" she mumbles something I can't under stand. "what?" I ask. "I'm afraid of dogs!!" she yells. "oh, great, your an extrovert, and a cynophobe. Any other thing's you would Like to add to the list?" I say a little annoyed that she is afraid of canines.  She shakes her head "nothing comes to mind at the moment" She says. "I need to get dressed, will you leave for a moment?" I ask her. She nods and goes through my closet door. I change my clothes and get ready to go to the school.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ok, Math is driving me nuts. I can't concintrate, I can't concintrate. I CAN'T CONCINTRATE!!!!!!!!! I can not do this. I can do the practice, but the problem sets are pure stress and confusion. I hate math. It is so stress full!!! I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!!! I CAN'T DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

short story (well maybe a long story)

Were should I start? I could start with the fact that I have always wanted to do This. I have always wanted to put one of my story's were people can see it. So I guess I'll start here. This story is totally a working of my imagination. I will probably use friend's and family as inspiration for my characters. I always do. Just so you know I am making this up as i go along. So I hope it comes out good. To all of you friends of mine who I am using as characters, look for yours! It's fun to see our self as something you aren't. So with out a further ado (what ever an ado is), let me present, My story.

 I shot strait up in bed. Thunk. "ow" I mumble, as I rub my head. Note to self: Don't do that anymore. I guess it is hard not to do when your half asleep and about six feet in the air. If you haven't caught on I just slammed my head into the ceiling. I prick the little pieces of ceiling popcorn out of my hair, and look around. Why did I wake up so suddenly I wonder to my self. I grab the flash light I keep next to my bed (well on my bed) and do a little search light action. Nothing out of the ordinary, All my stuff is in the right places, I climb down from my bed, and do a routine look around. nothing under my bed. Just my bookshelf, and chair and things. I look under my dressser, Nothing there. Then I think about checking the closet. Isn't it like the number one rule of horror movies? Don't go in the closet armed only with a flashlight at night? I grab my wood sword, Just in case. I sneak up to the door. I put mu ear up to the door. "grrrrrrr..." I hear inside. My heart starts going faster. I decide to be the dumb blond and open the door. I grab the handle and slam the door open, Pointing my Sword at the source of the noise. "Miraror?" it's a cat. A small Calico to be exact. "what the heck are you doing In my closet?" I ask her. She doesn't respond. I pick her up and take her to my sister's room, I open the door and toss her in. (she protested at this.) The I went back to my room. I climb back up to my bed and Lie back down. All is quite, Then I hear a new noise. Sort of like a moaning. The hair on the back of my head stands up on end. I sit up again. It's coming from the closet. I really need to learn from horror movies. But I ignore the horror story rules and jump down, grab my sword and flash light, And head over to the closet. I hear the moaning again. This time Louder. I grab the handle, slowly turning it. I open the door, Terrified of what I am going to find, and really hoping it was going to be my cat. The door opens and I see a girl with her head down. She's pale. Like, really pale, never seen the sun pale. Her hair is dark and she has on  dress. It's white with bits of red on it. I gulp.  I don't think the red is supposed to be there. She looks up at my face. Her eyes are pale blue, Almost white. She looked excited to see a person. Her face broke out into a huge grin. "Hello" she says. "I am Lyra. I am also dead."

So what did you think? I'll continue it later But I need to do some school work. I hope you like it. Comment what you think. Bye Bri π

That was funny.

So, like just two minutes ago, Mia was on JJ's desk, and JJ told her to get off. Mia didn't like this, and she attacked JJ's glasses, which were sitting on the edge of her desk. The glasses fell, and JJ said "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mia ran away, and I started laughing. The glasses are ok, so don't worry about the state of my sister's vision. But it was really funny, because JJ had just told Mia to not do something and she attacked the glasses. It was like she was telling her "No, I will not listen to you. Tell me to do something again I will break things, Let me start with this." I thought it was funny. I am bored now, so I am going to post some pictures.

Writer's block: When characters get fed up with all you put them through and go on strike.

I totally did!! XD

It's just 17 day's!!!!! (I think)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Thing's I am afraid of.

I try to be fearless, but there are so many dang freaky things in this world. I have decided to make a list of as many thing's I can think of (or will admit) that I'm afraid of. Here we go.
1. Spiders
2. needles
3. people
4. touching
5. death
6. Hell
7. Perfection.
8. giant white lizards that smell like roses
7. The government.
8, Zombies.
9. Dr. Who
10. Crying angels.
11. statues in general.
12. stalkers
13.  outer space.
14. not being in control
15. Money
16. Cars.
17. paranormal-ness
18. Hospitals.
19. Dentists.
20. Doctors.
21. robots
22. viruses
23. sickness
24. parasites.
25. Tim Burton.
26. inmodesty
27. adults I don't know
28. being lost.
29. Vacuums
30. loud noises,
31. silence.
32. the dark.
33. math.
34. F's
33. My maternal Grandmother,
34. being in deep water. (literally)
35. My full name.
36. boats.
37. random noises.
38. door's opening by them selves.
39. being alone.
40. large groups.
41. teasing.
42. loseing my voice in the middle of a preformance.
43. losing my voice right before a preformance.
44. losing my voice in general.
45. technology.
46. polution.
47. pricking my finger.
48. small spaces.
49. being stupid.
50. losing things.
51. puberty
52. growing up.
53. the future
54. mating.
55. teenage boys.
and those are just some of the thing;s I amd afraid of. there's lot's of other thing's I'm afraid of but I don't want to admit them because there weird. (yes weirder than being afraid of vacuums) Well bye Bri π
P.S. some of these don't necessarily scare me, but do make me rather uncomfortable/embarrassed/awkward.