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Monday, March 18, 2013

The sky...

Is big. yep. I'm observant. So... do you have awkward moments? cause I do. Like, That awkward moment when your best friend stabs herself with a wooden dagger. That awkward moment when you suddenly feel the urge to randomly collapse on the floor.  That awkward moment when you start thinking of internal organs while eating your breakfast cereal. that awkward moment when a banana falls out of the sky and you just look up and think "where did that come from?" that awkward moment when your friend turns to you and says "what was I going to say?" with tally marks on her arms and face. That awkward moment when you run out of awkward moments.
Yep. Lots of fun....
Last night I watched a movie called 'Jurassic Park'  it was an interesting movie, in which there where dinosaurs and stupid people who don't understand how to stay alive in thrillers. Honestly people it's not that hard. Take more than one gun, never run off by your self, and don't blink. Also, velociraptors are not weeping angels. Looking at them will not make them freeze. Although, if I where in a horror movie, I would probably die, because I would be like "Oh my goodness!! Is that a- oh hey look I'm dead, well how did that happen?" I'm just that intelligent. I often die in video games by doing stupid things. Like not looking where I'm going and falling into the toxic sludge. or accidentally catching myself on fire, or walking right into an explosive. Yep stupid stuff my that. I am also not very good at controlling both sticks at the same time. so I often spin around confused because I can't decide whether or not I want the stick inverted. I'm very easy to defeat. well, I have to go because I need to prepare for my book club, enjoy your Monday, Peace! Bye Bri π

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hi! How are you?
I have noticed I have a tendency to start out my blog Posts like this. I also start conversations like this. I am not a very good conversationalist. Oh well.
 My play started yesterday! That's exciting! yay! Tonight I have another one, Hopefully it goes well. Glarg.
I don't know what else to say, so....... Happy Saturday. 
I got some new shoes yesterday, I'm sure you all care. They where All Star Converse high tops. and they where cheep!! Super happy! I also got a new Jacket, because my old one fell apart. quite sad, but it was like five years old. My new one is blue and fuzzy. I found it on the clearance rack at Kohl's in the guys section. Hey, don"t judge. Guy's jackets are much cooler than girls. Honestly, the clothing in the girls section is so ridiculous. Bright and disgusting colors, see through cloth, baggy shirts. All seventies stuff. Yuck! I am not a fan of retro. Vintage? yes! Retro, No. I do not like clothes from pretty much the fifties up. About 1870-1940's are cool, everything else is gross. (except pants. I quite like pants)  Aside from gothic clothes. I like goth clothes. Yeah, I'm weird. well, now that I'm done ranting about my clothing preferences, I must go, for no other reason than I have nothing else to say. Good day to you my fellow humans (and the occasional Martian. unless of course you're not actually from Mars.) Bye! Bri π

Monday, March 11, 2013

Banana Mugging Ninjas

Hello, how are you? I am good, although a bit sad because my Nano is being all weird. It keeps randomly shutting off in the middle of songs until i press buttons. it's not almost dead, it's at half battery. it makes me sad. I really like my nano and i don't want it to die, like for real. they are hard to come across.  Plus, I just put  a bunch of new music on it. Glarg.... maybe if I charge it it will stop...
Hey, it's Douglas Adam's Birthday! I just finished The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy yesterday, It  made no sense what so ever, but was incredibly funny! Now, I know the proper meaning of towels. and life, and mice.
I think I fixed my iPod, I unplugged the head phones, the plunged them back in. it hasn't turned off thus far.and now to celebrate, a story!

There was once a little boy named Joe. Joe was very average, so average in fact that he was often called Joe Schmoe. Although, it wasn't a particularly clever insult, as that was Joe's actual name. One day, Joe Schmoe decided to go on a walk with his dog, named Fido. They walked through the park, enjoying looking at the flowers, and chasing squirrels and rabbits (Fido chased them, not Joe, as Joe is entirely average) At one point Joe and Fido passed under a tree. Fido suddenly became very excited, He barked and clawed at the tree. Joe looked up, and said to himself "I wonder if perhaps there is something exciting in this tree, like a ninja. Perhaps this ninja will jump down, and demand I give him a banana. And I will not have a banana, because, I am a completely average person, and completely average persons don't just carry around banana's. Then he will beat me up, and leave me here, and go steal the banana of some non average person, who does just carry around bananas." Joe waited a moment, But it didn't happen, because Joe is an entierly average person, and entirely averge persons do not get attacked by banana mugging ninjas.
The End.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Hello, how are you? Good? Awesome. I am right now listening to P!nk. And typing. Very exciting. tomorrow I am going to a Pow Wow with Nana. it should be interesting. I just hope I don't have to dance much, :P
I need to read a Sci-Fi book. I think I shall read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It has been sitting in my room for several months waiting for me to read it. I hope I can read it in a week. If not, well, I fail. Hey, have any of you heard of Dvice? It's kind of awesome. It's this website that talks about all the cool new stuff in technology and science. my dad showed it to me forever ago, but i just remembered, because of the Sci-Fi thing. I read about this electronic tail that wags when your heart beat goes up, and these electric cat ears that move with what your mood is. Totally Capitol, but rather awesome. And 3D printers. Those are freaky. Printing human organs? Awesomely terrifying.
Hey, anyone have any suggestions for mystery novels thats people between the ages of 12 and 18 can read? Cause I need some. I mean, Sherlock Holmes is a given,and Nancy Drew. But I need other things too. We can't all read Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew. That would be awful. Sherlock Holmes is so dull, (sorry sherlockians, or whatever you call your selves) I am not a fan of Sherlock Holmes. I do like the movies, the ones with Robert Downey Jr. because they are Steampunk and Robert Downey Jr. is awesome. I need to go now, bye, Bri π

Monday, March 4, 2013

Horrorifically unscary

Hello good people of earth. Last night I watched a movie called Battleship. It was an utter disappointment. Not once did anyone say "you sunk my battleship!" plus every one spoke in an over dramatic tone. It was really stupid, but rather entertaining for all it's idiocy.
In other news, I have my book club to day, super excited. I read a book called "the secret of the sirens" it was pretty good, recommended to me by Cookie's sister. I am now reading a book called The Darkest Minds. It is very good, and rather freaky  but I love it. Although, Ironicaly, I read a book called The Prophet of Yonwood, and it freaked me out. Diseases that take out all of Americas children? Great! Books about elderly prophets and little girls? Terrifying. I once read a book that freaked me out so bad, I couldn't look at the moon for a month. Really it's rare for a book to freak me out like that. There's only a few. The Prophet of Yonwood, Life as We Knew It, and um... there was another one but I can't remember it.
I'm supposed to read The Forest of Hands and Teeth by May, (the month) but I'm slightly afraid too, as it is about zombies, and I am not a fan of Zombies. Ok, yes, this is the same girl who claims she can make a zombie apocalypse, that doesn't mean I actually want to! World War Z scarred me for life! I never actually read the book, but the Trailer gave me the creeps. Commercials have a good ability to freak me out too. Contagion freaked me out really bad. 2012 was awful. And World War Z. And there was this one from when I was younger, I don't remember what it was called, but it was all like, "based on a true story." yeah... It was called, The true story of Rose something-or-other. But then other horror movie trailers I watch and I'm just like, really? Chernobyl Diaries? Really? Anyway.... Well, gotta go, enjoy you're day, I'm going to! Bye! Bri π