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Monday, March 11, 2013

Banana Mugging Ninjas

Hello, how are you? I am good, although a bit sad because my Nano is being all weird. It keeps randomly shutting off in the middle of songs until i press buttons. it's not almost dead, it's at half battery. it makes me sad. I really like my nano and i don't want it to die, like for real. they are hard to come across.  Plus, I just put  a bunch of new music on it. Glarg.... maybe if I charge it it will stop...
Hey, it's Douglas Adam's Birthday! I just finished The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy yesterday, It  made no sense what so ever, but was incredibly funny! Now, I know the proper meaning of towels. and life, and mice.
I think I fixed my iPod, I unplugged the head phones, the plunged them back in. it hasn't turned off thus far.and now to celebrate, a story!

There was once a little boy named Joe. Joe was very average, so average in fact that he was often called Joe Schmoe. Although, it wasn't a particularly clever insult, as that was Joe's actual name. One day, Joe Schmoe decided to go on a walk with his dog, named Fido. They walked through the park, enjoying looking at the flowers, and chasing squirrels and rabbits (Fido chased them, not Joe, as Joe is entirely average) At one point Joe and Fido passed under a tree. Fido suddenly became very excited, He barked and clawed at the tree. Joe looked up, and said to himself "I wonder if perhaps there is something exciting in this tree, like a ninja. Perhaps this ninja will jump down, and demand I give him a banana. And I will not have a banana, because, I am a completely average person, and completely average persons don't just carry around banana's. Then he will beat me up, and leave me here, and go steal the banana of some non average person, who does just carry around bananas." Joe waited a moment, But it didn't happen, because Joe is an entierly average person, and entirely averge persons do not get attacked by banana mugging ninjas.
The End.

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