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Monday, March 18, 2013

The sky...

Is big. yep. I'm observant. So... do you have awkward moments? cause I do. Like, That awkward moment when your best friend stabs herself with a wooden dagger. That awkward moment when you suddenly feel the urge to randomly collapse on the floor.  That awkward moment when you start thinking of internal organs while eating your breakfast cereal. that awkward moment when a banana falls out of the sky and you just look up and think "where did that come from?" that awkward moment when your friend turns to you and says "what was I going to say?" with tally marks on her arms and face. That awkward moment when you run out of awkward moments.
Yep. Lots of fun....
Last night I watched a movie called 'Jurassic Park'  it was an interesting movie, in which there where dinosaurs and stupid people who don't understand how to stay alive in thrillers. Honestly people it's not that hard. Take more than one gun, never run off by your self, and don't blink. Also, velociraptors are not weeping angels. Looking at them will not make them freeze. Although, if I where in a horror movie, I would probably die, because I would be like "Oh my goodness!! Is that a- oh hey look I'm dead, well how did that happen?" I'm just that intelligent. I often die in video games by doing stupid things. Like not looking where I'm going and falling into the toxic sludge. or accidentally catching myself on fire, or walking right into an explosive. Yep stupid stuff my that. I am also not very good at controlling both sticks at the same time. so I often spin around confused because I can't decide whether or not I want the stick inverted. I'm very easy to defeat. well, I have to go because I need to prepare for my book club, enjoy your Monday, Peace! Bye Bri π

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