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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Long Hair VS. Short Hair.

So I am going to do a report like thing about the pros and cons, of having long and short hair.

Long hair pros.
Long hair is good if you want curls and waves for beauty reasons, you can braid it, and different kinds of buns.
Long hair makes you look younger
Men have a tendency to like women with longer hair better.
No one will confuse your gender,
You can play with it, or chew on it if you get nervous.
Your neck doesn't get sun burned as badly,
You can flip your hair, if you want to. (Although i do admit, it's really fun).
It can keep you warmer int he winter.

Long hair cons.
Long hair can be bad if you do art or sports.
You have to pull it up into a pony tail, which can hurt your hair by causing split ends. 
It gets caught in the wind more easily,
It get's pulled by little children, and cat's try to eat it.
It is also harder to wash and dry and you have to use more shampoo and conditioner.
It can also get really static.

Short hair pros.
it keeps you Much cooler in the summer.
shampoo, dye, conditioner, hair products, haircuts are cheaper because you don't have to use so much
many ways to style it!
If it's really short it won't get in the way.
Easier to brush
More manageable

Short hair cons.
you have to wash it a bit more if you use hair gel and such.
If you want to keep it short you have to keep cutting it.
If you don't like it you can't do anything about it until it grows out.
Not very good for winter.
If you have a cowlick it will show. 
Curly hair looks poofy.

So that's what i found.

need to cut my hair, any ideas?

I want a new hair style. I kind of want a pixie cut, but a little longer so i can gel it out into little spikes, (think Alice Cullen, but less tousled) But I'm afraid to cut my hair that short. I also like layered hair, it looks really nice with side bangs (Neg :D) but i still haven't decided. I keep trying to look up interesting hair styles on google but google will only show me about twenty pictures at a time ad none of them are helpful.  Any way if you have any ideas tell me!  ideas will be appreciated!! Thanks! Bri π

Monday, April 23, 2012

Why are atheists so rude?

I mean seriously. I don't go around making fun of them, I don't tell them to go to hell, I don't tell them that if they don't believe me the will go to hell. why can't they just leave us alone? they say were stupid for hating Gays, but they're just as bad about hating us and other religious people. I don't care for them much, but I don't hate them. I mean, seriously atheists, get your ideas right. You say were wrong for believing in god, for not liking Gays, and for being racist, for pushing religion on you. well, you teas us, you say bad things about us, on Instagram a girl even told me Jesus and God were S*** I couldn't believe it. There supposed to be all non-judging,and they judge us about everything. so why can't they just shut up? they say that religion ruins the world, they say Christians are opposed to education and science. that creationism isn't science, and I hate it! why can't they leave us alone, and we an leave them alone. I love science and learning but yeah some Christians don't like science because it opposes there believes. why can't we just leave each other alone? Can't we just get over it? ugh... well I'm done ranting.

Friday, April 20, 2012

My doggy's brought me a present.

So last night Daddy and I were doing something in the kitchen and daddy looked out side and said "do we have raccoons?" I looked were he was looking and saw a brown fluffy thing in the tree. I went outside and saw it was a ground hog in our tree. The dogs had chased it up there and were pondering how to get it down. It was kind of funny. But i brought the dogs in and daddy took some pictures. Then we left it alone and let it come down. This morning I went out to check on the dogs and Saw the ground hog on the ground next to our porch. My dogs were all proud of themselves and I went over to look at the ground hog, and it was dead. :( so when mama woke up we put it in a trash bag and threw it away. It was cool and sad at the same time. I've never been that close to a wild animal (mammal) so it was cool. but sad because it was dead. Well gotta go bye Bri π

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My weird dream.

I had a really weird dream last night. I only remember this little part of it. So I was some were, not sure were, but I had a knife with me, I took the knife and slowly drew it across my cheek. And there was blood. There was blood on the knife, on my hands and face. But it didn't hurt. it was so bizarre. And it was really real. Like when I woke up I checked my face to make sure I hadn't really done it. I wonder what it means. The entire time in my dream I was calm and nobody stopped me nobody said anything, it was quite. But I cut my face. That was my dream, well what I remember, there was more but I don't remember it. So any way. Yeah creepy right. And  it wasn't a  night mare, I didn't wake up scared, just sort of confused. well Bye, Bri π

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

what I have heard so far.

Morgan: Do you see a silver fish?
JJ: Bri!! I did it wrong, I just wrote twelve hundred two. Come here!
Morgan: Bri, listen.
JJ: What’s a by line?
Morgan: Robert bought a toy for 85c and sold it for 75 for what price did he sell the toy, I read it wrong.
JJ: Wow you’re really old Morgan your like three hundred years old!
JJ: WHATS A BYLINE!?              
JJ: The eagles are still sleeping.
Morgan: is that good?
Morgan: Run daddy run,
JJ: I don’t know where this setting is!
JJ: Cool
Morgan: What? Hi, I don’t like chairs.
JJ: why?
Morgan: Blah. How are you, um… how do you know no one is talking, do they have to talk to you? Brianna,
JJ: where is this setting, and yeah I’m doing my report on the hunger games
Morgan: where is my eraser? Oh I found it. 
 JJ opps I miss spelled Katniss’s name
Morgan: 1 8 16 84
 JJ: I am hungry apparently.
Morgan: do you know why? Because it’s 11:16, ish.
Morgan : like a bullet from a gun 2! 261! What are you wrighting? Oh. That’s not going anytwere right? That;s a little embarrassing.
Morgan. Bannana.
Morgan: The first five multiplication of six, six, twelve, eighteen. Wait five? Ok, six twelve eighteen twenty six, wait what? No I think it’s twenty four, no it’s, no it is twenty four, yeah twenty four. Six, twelve, eighteen, twenty-four, twenty-six, no it’s not twenty six, thirty! Yep, all five! Move over, six, G. You have to do this all day? What happens when your not here, are you going to Tae Kwon Do? Oh,
HA exactly square box! Cheating a little bit because I used graph paper. I just use my paper to make square boxes! HeHe. B. oh wait I already tried that. Twenty-seven? Ah thirty six, I think , Yeah thirty six. Forty five. Thirty-two, forty forty-eight. Oh fifty-six.  I talk a lot during my math,
JJ This is part of your school work right, Can I see?
Morgan: ooh I want a carrot,! Carrot!! Were are the carrots? JJ?
JJ. Outside.
Morgan: What? Were are they?
JJ: I told you outside!
Morgan: Meh!
 JJ: hey Morgie have you checked the fridge?
Morgan: yeah, found them!
JJ: it’s like I’m being stalked.
Jj: LUIKE!!!
JJ: Sky-walker.
JJ: Mowahahahahaha!
JJ: How many pages do you have? How miny?
Morgan: I am a horrible carrot pealer.
JJ: did you eat any?
Morgan: No
JJ: Nice.
Morgan my carrot is dead, I’m a carrot killer.
JJ: ugh, I’m still going through characters.
Morgan . This carrot is bumpy. ‘
JJ: there is too many characters!!
M: D
J: Oh harry potter and star wars.
M: What is the five digit multiple of two?
J” I finished!
M: what?
J: I finished
M. Is it lunch time yet? What time is it? Fine I’ll check it myself!
J: whoa you do have like six lines of Morgan talking
M: book mark carnivorous herbivore.
J: bit cow!
M: wait uh what?
J: hey can you like send that to me? ugh I still have a ha, I mean How. Huh? Oh.
It’s a miracle what I do for her.
M: are you still wrighting? Bri? Hello? 2 e! ten is a multiple of which whole number? Hmmmm. Does this sticker have a star on it? Heart? What? I can’t do that.  Does this have any square angels?  Square angles
J: I’m just going to writ funny comments
M: ok good. I didn’t step on the bug. 11:53. Yeah that beetles dead, ow!
J: ooh!
M: owie my back.
 J: what is this? I want to listen to this not.  Darn oh well.
M: my index finger hurts. Now there’s no right angles. OOH! That looks like an A but it’s not. Is mommy up? You aren’t? Why not?
J: we could stop talking.
M: I’m not stopping talking. This pencil is weird.
J: I’m not blathering as much as morgan!
M: Are you done?
J: twenty four hours.
M: oh. She set fire to the Snape? She set fi-i-ire to the snake!
 J: with this dumb article!
M: wearer do I get AN  ARTIST!
M: mep mep mep em e
M: last five digets? Ok, appear as the last diget.
J: cow… What? I said How! not cow, it starts with an H bri.
J: what do i do for HOW!!!!!!???

This is really dificult.

Ok So for a school project I'm supposed to listen to people and write down what I hear, but people talk to fast! It's hard to write down what people are saying when the talk twice as fast as you can type. I'm also supposed to do it for twenty four hours, I am not going to remember what every one has said over the past day. I'm lucky if I remember my mom told me to do, yeah I am probably going to epically fail. Mehhhh. and what If i hear strangers talking? am I supposed to write what they say to grrr. Bye gatta listen  to people. Bri π
PS. I keep hearing JJ sniffle does that count?

Monday, April 16, 2012

mia speaks! (again



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(lol the cat sat on my computer.) XD ) 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Johnny Depp is a really good actor (or I'm just an idiot)

Apparently Johnny Depp is NOT Scottish. He is American. I have been convinced for years that Johnny Depp was Scottish, which is not the case. Man I'm a total idiot. But hey, He has a really good accent. Lol, People have been making me look like an idiot for a while now, For one thing my Dad was the first person ever to tell me that Wolverine was Canadian. I was convinced he was from America. I am a very intelligent person, obviously, (Sarcasm!) lol Gotta go, Oh and the Muppets did not take Vancouver! Bye Bri π
P.S. Wakka wakka eh? XD

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

They have gone TO far this time!!!

The American Library Association is going to ban The Hunger Games, from public library's. Can you believe it? It is third on their list of top banned books. They are going to ban it, just like with a whole bunch of my other favorite books. They are baning it. the reasons are because "it is anti-ethnic, anti-family, satanic, and violent." Wow. It's violent? No duh! But Satanic? Really? And anti family? Really? Katniss does most of these things to protect her family! I don't know what anti-ethnic means but I'm sure it's just a ridiculous. I'm also sure they are just doing it because it's becoming so huge, like Twilight and Harry Potter (which are also banned books) So stupid. They do it to "protect" us from "inappropriate subjects". I don't want to be "protected" from my Favorite book!!!!!  To read more about this go to this website which will tell you more about it. http://www.care2.com/causes/banned-books-the-hunger-games.html I may have to protest.  Don't let them ban our books! Bri π

P.S. Oh my gosh. This is really stupid. It has also been banned for Sexuality.  Really? There is no sexuality in The Hunger Games! Human beings are IDIOTS!!! This just adds to my hatred of the government. GRRRRR!!!!!

today is, well, it's today

Ummm... Well, what's going on. Hmmmm.... Um. today I get to go to the library, and to the nature center, so that's a plus. Um, I got an acrilyc paint set, so , ridiculously excited, I'm reading Enders Game, which is pretty good, My post writing thingy has changed it's self on me so if I start typing in Chinese, oh well. Um, I don't know what to say now. Yesterday I went to co-op, it was kind of dumb, because the classes are useless (except my moms) but fun because I got to see my friends, So, it kinda evens out. Um.I don't know what to say so, I might write a report soon, but not now cause I gotta do some school. Bye Bri π

Monday, April 9, 2012


I got My hunger games dolls!!

Mutt's at the cournacopia

Peeta looking worried

Gale with a giant cat behind him

Killing mini Cato

Gale's face!

Nothing to do with ths hunger games but... XD



Well, gotta go, Bri π

Friday, April 6, 2012

my quiz results

So I took this quiz and it told me what I would be if I was in various different places, Like Panem, Middle earth, Star Trek, stuff like that, but I took it an here are my results.

Name: Bri
Harry Potter: Gryfyndor
Hunger Games: District 7
Twilight: werewolf
Lord of the rings: Elf
Divergent: Dauntless
Mortal Instruments: Warlock
Percy Jackson: God
Chronicles of Narnia: Narnian
Dr. Who: The Doctor.
Delirium: Uncured.
Star Trek: Vulcan
Star Wars: Rebel

 i think it's funny. I'm the doctor. And a Greek god apparently. and an Elf, a Vulcan, a Warlock, a Gryfindor, and a Dauntless. Lol

P.S. I would also be a bloodbath in the hunger games. lol. I knew it. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Every girl wants to be a princess.

It"s true. Weather you are a tomboy, tomgirl, girly girl, nerdy girl, rich girl, or whatever, you want to be a princess. You might not want to be a ridiculous, sit around, damsel in distress princesses, You might be a studious princess, or a warrior princess (Me), or an athletic princess, or maybe you are a damsel in distress, or some other type of princess. Doesn't matter. You want to be a princess. No matter how much you deny it, you do. I told my dad and he started talking about Xena the warrior princess and her ditsy side kick Gabrielle. He said it's like He-Man only live action. I might have to watch it some time.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm not going to Hell for reading Harry Potter.

I am a teenage girl. I wear eye liner and eye shadow. I think about boys. I read books about magic and death and all that loveliness. I watch PG-13 movies with intimacy in them. I listen to Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, Pink, Owl City, Katy Perry, and Glee. I watch TV shows that have bad language in them. I go to midnight premiers of movies. I am a teenage girl. And for all that, I highly doubt that God is going to send me too Hell. Just sayin'.
I know It's not real. I read Percy Jackson and I don't worship Greek gods. I read the Kane chronicles too, and  I don't worship Egyptian gods either. I read the hunger games and I'm not a crazy psychopath who wants to kill every one. I read twilight and I'm still a virgin. I read harry potter and I don't try to do magic. (Ok when I was little I was hopping for a hogwarts acceptance letter, but who wasn't?) I know it's not real.
 Pink isn't bad, Harry Potter isn't evil, and Sparkly vampire's didn't make me lose my virginity. I'm not going to Hell. I have Jesus in my heart,  and why does it matter if I read books about magic or listen to music with bad language? or if I wear make up? or if I watch PG-13 movies? It doesn't affect me greatly, yes it affect's me but does that mean I'm going to go kill some one because Katniss did, or do any of the other things that charichters do? No. thank you for listening. Bye Bri π

Sunday, April 1, 2012

best day ever!!!!!!

yesterday was really awsome!!! i got to dress  up like Katniss and wander around the woods And play around pretending to be Katniss. My Mom took pictures and it was really cool! At one point we were out in the woods and I was pretending to be chased by carears and then all of the sudden there was an actual scream so I was like Um.. what was that? then there were a bunch of bee's and wasps we were pretending were tracker jackers. It was fun. Um I think I  will put some pics on here now.