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The "Silly Law's" Page

To keep you out of Jail!!

1. it is illegal for women to have hairy leg's on a public street in New Mexico.
2. It is illegal to shoot a whale from a moving car in Tennesse.
3. It is illegal to steal a moose in alaska.
3. Unmarried women may not sell cheese on Sunday or go sky diving.
4. you may not ride a bike in California with out fashion accessories.
5.It is illegal to wear cowboy boot's unless you own at least two cows in California.
6. It is illegal to shower on Wednesday's in Wyoming.
7. Waling is illegal in Oklahoma
8. it is illegal for women to do their own hair in the state of Wisconsin with out proper permits.
9. Cars must be tethered to a public building in Wisconsin.
10. It is illegal to drive while you are asleep.
11. in New York, You can be sent to death row for jumping off a twenty story building.
12. you can not fart publicly after six PM.
13. It is illegal to point a fake gun at some one in Texas.
14. you can not immitate animals in Miami, Florida.
15.(my mom's favorite) you may NOT chain your alligator to a fire hydrant in Montana.
16. you may not push a moose out of a flying vehicle. In Alaska.
17. you can't walk backwards while eating a doughnut on a city street in Kentucky. 
18. you can't carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket in Ohio.
19. you can't wash your clothes in a bird bath.
20. you must be 18 years old to play pinball in Tennessee.
21. you can't put coins in your ears in Hawaii
22. no boxing with kangaroos in Oregon.
23. you can't drive a car with ice picks attached to the wheels.
24. you may not fish from a camels back in Idahoe.
25. you can't sleep on a fridge outside. in Oklahoma
26. you can't wake a sleeping bear to take it's picture.
27. you can't ride your bike in a full swimming pool.
28. You may not wear a fake mustache if it causes laughter in church. Alabama.
29. you can not flirt on a public street. in Arkansas.
30. in Idaho it is illegal to frown in public.
31. it is illegal to practice knife throwing at a man in a striped shirt (so, if it's not striped you can throw knives at him?) Kansas.
32. Men can not tickle women under the chin with a feather duster. Maine
33. Mourner's at a wake may not eat more than three sandwiches. Massachusetts.
34. women can't ear hats that will frighten children and animals. Missouri. (really?)
35. you can not dance while wearing a hat. North Dakota.
36. Horses are not allowed in the fountain inn unless they are wearing pant's. South Carolina.
37. you may not whistle under water.
38. Dog's may not bark after six PM in Arkansas
39.  it is illegal to shower naked in Florida
40. It is illegal to not own a boat in Hawaii.
41. It is illegal to speak English in Illinois. (Wow... I am now a fugitive)
42. Kentucky. women must have there husbands permission to buy a hat.
43. Murderer's may not wear a bullet proof vest in New Jersey.
44. it is illegal to sleep with your shoes on.
45. horses may not be kept in bath tubs.
46. you may not sleep on a train.
47. you may not sell your children. In florida.
48. It is illegal to mispronounce a states name in that state (sweet revenge)
49. out door cat's must have tail lights.
50. Pedestrians must have tail lights.
51. In Missouri a man must have a permit to shave (Sorry Daddy)
52. you may not leave your car engine on while it is parked because it might scare a horse. Missouri.
53. Dancing is illegal in Missouri.  (Only in Purdy)
54. You may not use Mules to hunt ducks in Kansas
55.  it is illegal to feed alcoholic beverages to a moose in alsaka
56.no more than six girls may live in a house in Arizona
57. a man can beat his wife lawfully once a month in Arkansas
58. it is illegal to wear suspenders in Arizona (sorry Doctor)
59. it is illegal to set a mouse trap with out a hunting license. California
60. it is illegal for dandelions to grow with in city limits in Colorado.
61. it is illegal to dream about other peoples cows in Florida
62. Boxes of candy given as romantic gifts must weigh over fifty pounds in Idaho.
63. it is illegal for a woman n to drive unless her husband is in front of the car waving a flag in Louisiana.
64. It is against the law to serenade your girl friend in Michigan.