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Sunday, August 25, 2013


I am a fangirl. I make fan art. I write fan fiction. I quote, I post, and I tell everyone about things I like, on Facebook, Instagram, Wattpad and my blog. It's part of being a fan. We love something so much, that we want to make it ours, and we want to show others. We say "look, I love this character so much, that I drew him" or "here, I love this couple so much that I wrote about them being together" Right now, that's fine, as long as you don't sell it. But right now, there is a bill that is being written, that will make all of that go away. It will make it illegal to be a fan.

When I heard about this, I thought "it can't be true" because, why would they punish the fans, who love things so much, that they get others to love them too? Why would they do that? But then I did some research. I found out, it's true. It would make things like Wattpad, Devianart, Fanfiction.net illegal, it would make it illegal to post pictures of favorite characters. You could end up in jail for five years for posting anything like that.

Not only will it take away public fan art and fan fiction, but it will also force several websites, such as Etsy, Flikr, Vimeo, Tumblr, Pintrest, Wikepedia, Facebook, Twiter, YouTube and countless others to over censor or even shut down. Blogs and Wiki's could be shut down as well. Music covers could become illegal. You could be arrested for uploading a video of you singing your favorite song.

Blogs and other websites like this will be blocked from search engines, and you can be fined if anyone makes a copyright infringement complaint against your website. If someone even posts a coment with a link, not you, someone else, you and your website, youtube chanel, blog or anyother social media site will be fined or even jailed.

Because of the censorship that SOPA will bring, it will make freedom of speech impossible on the internet, and, wait, isn't freedom of Speech part of the First Amendment? It's not 'Freedom of speech so long as you don't mention anything copyrighted' it's freedom of speech. And SOPA is taking that away. So don't let SOPA (or PIPA) Take away out rights as people or as Fans.
Don't Break The Internet.
                                           Bri π
(I may have gotten somethings wrong while I did research, so look it up too, and see what you think of it)