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Thursday, January 24, 2013

List of Insults That No One Else Will Understand.

Hello! Today I am going to list some of my many insults. They are all quite interesting,  Enjoy!

"Pansy Cake" A person who showing cowerdice. Also a person who has not read the book 'Divergent' (Divergent)

"Marshmallow" A person who does not handle gore, or is in general, soft. (New Moon)

"(Name here), don't be a (add ridiculous object/nonexistant creature)" used to insult someone who is failing you.  (Psych)

"Seaweed Brain" A person who is being idiotic. (Percy Jackson)

"Wise Girl" Someone who is being annoyingly intelligent. (Percy Jackson)

 And now my favorite one ever.
"Duh" an explicative that was accidentally turned into a name by Morgan,

And... That's all I've got.
                                       Bri π

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  1. Bri, don't be a pudding headed ninny muggins."