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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Video Games: Better Than You Think.

  Let’s say you’re sitting with your dad, who is playing Call of Duty. Suddenly, he remembers that he needs to call someone about something important. As he rushes off, he shoves the controller into your hand and, with the phone next to his ear as he is waiting for his call to connect, mouths the words "shoot stuff" then walks away. You have never played this before, and don't really understand the game; mostly you end up spinning in circles and dyeing a lot. The game ends and you think to yourself, "Well that was a waste of time." You, my friend, would be completely wrong.
 Video games have been a very controversial subject for quite a while. Especially now, with Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Skyrim, and several others where your main objective is to kill people. While, that isn't exactly a great thing, I'll give you some reasons why the games could be helpful in real life.

Video games have been proven to help with depression and anxiety, with video games actually out preforming medication. (Huffington post) Soon after a fantasy game called SPARX, was created  specifically for helping with symptoms of depression. Another mental illness video games have been proven to improve is ADHD. By playing video games, focus and concentration were improved in kids (and adults) with ADHD. Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder, where more socially active after playing first person video games. It's not just kids and teens who can get help from games. It has been proven that first person video games lessen symptoms of dementia, so grandma and grandpa, go play some games with the grand kids!

What is every parent’s worst nightmare? Kids driving. What’s one way to help kids learn to drive? First person video games! People who play first person video games, such as Portal or Call of Duty, are proven to be better drivers. First person games are played by using both sticks on the controller, which helps with motor skills and hand eye coordination. That's not all it helps with. It helps with visual attention and making split second decisions that could save your life on the road. Speaking of eyes, aren't video games supposed to make you blind? False! In fact video games improve eyesight! Studies show that people who play video games have improved eye sight; over their non gamer friends.

Video games are pretty cool, some of the most popular ones even help with learning. History, problem solving, oceanography, physics, and several other subjects can be taught with video games. Valve, the creators of Portal, have created Teach with Portal, a way for teacher to use video games to teach kids Physics, problem solving, and critical thinking. This software is free, and can be used to create your own test rooms, (Singularityhub) because of this, other video game makers are coming out with science and math video game, that people will actually play. It's a brilliant idea.

Video games are a huge part of pop culture, and lots of people play them, but it's not all bad. As I have shown you, video games are a good way to teach kids (and adults) life skills, along with keeping them happy and healthy. Video games are an excellent way to exercise the brain, and while, yes sometimes we need to get off the couch, go outside and exercise our bodies, video games are not as bad as you think.

Thanks for reading this; I worked hard on it, Bye!     Bri π

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