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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Breakfast Cereal.

"Breakfast Cereal, The Breakfast of Normal People."
 If I ever had a breakfast cereal company, that would be my slogan. Not that I plan on having a breakfast cereal company, as I don't particularly enjoy breakfast cereal. But whatever. In other news, I finally got a hold of Warm Bodies, and it was kind of boring. But I'm excited to see the movie, it looks pretty funny. Plus Nicholas Hoult makes a really cute zombie. Oh, Books! So, I'm going to this young adult book thingie and I get to meet a bunch of famous authors and I'm super excited!! I get to meet Veronica Roth!! And then she's going to give us her secrets to world domination, by way of best selling books. Super excited!! There will be lots of other authors too, like Margret Stohl and Kami Garcia, S.R. Johannes, Richelle Mead, and several others. Sadlly, No Meg Cabot, Ally Condie, or Cassandra Claire. But maybe next year. Still super excited!! I"m going to get books signed!! Well, ok, I'm getting one book signed, my mom is getting about a million signed. But still! I also get to go to these classes where the authors teach about writing, and that will be awesome!! Ok, I need to go now, bye!! Bri π

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