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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Noah steals the blog.

vampires can not sparkel! THIS IS THE TRUETH!! so now the blog is mine, all mine! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! I sound like a crazy person if you haven't noticed, but i am not. well, not totally. I like wolves, not chesse, wolves. well, some of the coments on this blog make me sound really dumb sometimes, or crazy. my brother is having a birthday party today. big foot Isreal. bye. I'm giving the blog back to Bri tt (NOAH, thats not tt it's pi!) It just doesn't make sense to me! bye.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hoot by Carl Hiaasen- Rated PG

 Roy is the new kid, well he's always the new kid. he has moved more times than he can count. now he's in Florida. Roy doesn't think Florida is very interesting, but one day on the bus, Roy finds something he didn't expect to see. A boy with out shoes running away from the bus. Roy decided to follow the boy and see what he's up to. The boy tells him a construction company is hiding a secret, a secret that is totally illegal, and he's out to stop them.  Roy did NOT know what he was getting into.

Hoot is a really good book. I can't even think of were to start, so how about i start with the the nature thing. Roy and the Boy (mullet fingers) are trying to stop a construction project from killing protected burrowing owls, Roy does so in a peaceful way, mullet fingers does not (but more on that later) it's a good lesson on do ing what you think is right, standing up to bullies, and even little things make a difference. It is a great book.

Ok, so there's some law breaking. Mullet fingers trespasses, vandalizes, and is maliciously mischievous (which is apparently a crime) Roy and his friends skip school, Roy and a bully beat each other up a bit, and at one point someone is mooned. People say A** and H*** and God's name is said as an exclamation once or twice. Mullet fingers is attacked by a dog, you only read about his wounds not the attack though.  Lets not even start with the company.

But even with all of that, still a good book, a rally call for nature. I really enjoy it. It is very enjoyable book for all ages. It's good for people who enjoy eco-adventures, mystery, and just plain old fun. This is a good book for kids probably eight and up, It's really good. I rate it PG for illegal acts, profanity, and inappropriateness. Thanks for reading Bri π

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I am outside listening to the birds. Up in my tree I am almost as high as them. I wish I could fly like them, escape the world. live wild and free. But I can't. I am stuck here wishing. Nothing else. I climb higher, higher, higher, trying to reach the sky. but I can't. I climb till I'm higher than my house. There I see a bird. A robin. sitting looking at me. He cocks his head, as if to ask, why are you up here? You can't fly. Then he jumps and fly's away, singing his happy song. I sit there, looking to were he flew away. I still here him sing. I hate being grounded, hate coming down. But I start to come down. I climb down slowly, hoping to stay high. I never understand why people don't like heights, up here you are so tall, You can see everything. I can almost fly. But i guess sea lovers don't under stand how anyone can not like being on the sea. Those people fear drowning, or sharks, these people fear falling. Falling, not very scary in my mind. Birds fall, but the still fly. But maybe I'm just weird that way. I don't know. I suddenly jerk from my thoughts. The robin came back. He looks at me, bursts a melody, and fly's over my head. He fly' away, and I am left wondering in awe, what it is like to be a bird.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy mothers day to all you moms!

Our Mothers day was interesting. First we went to church and sang a bit. Then we left early to get tables for our family at a restaurant. But the people messed up and gave our table away, so we had to wait a really long time. While we waited Mama opened her presents. She got: a painting by Morgie, a duct tape car from JJ, and a ceramic cat that I had made for mothers day about four years ago, but never got to give her because Papa stole it. But her best present was from all of us. It is a Doctor Who, Tenth Doctor sonic screwdriver. We had fun messing with it, until everyone else got there. Then we ate food, and went home. At home Mama soniced the cat, who was not amused. He fluffed up and was not happy. Little cat was perfectly fine, and tried to eat the screwdriver. After that, Mama and Daddy went to there room for a bit. Later we watched some Doctor Who, The Eleventh Hour (Again) The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, which wasn't to bad, and Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, which literally left me scared of my own shadow. But this time, I am going to stick it out at and continue being Whovian.  Then we watched some Mythbusters. while we "watched" Mythbusters everyone was on ThinkGeek website, looking at cool stuff. I found some stuff I wanted, and every tone else did too. then I went to Amazon and found the Doctor Who action figures were on sale and eligible for free shipping. Probably going to be getting those. Well, gotta do math, Bye, Bri π

Friday, May 11, 2012

Scarves are cool. (I hate scarves)

Haha, take that Matt Smith.
 Hi how are you! I am good, I have a part in the play, I'm grandma Josephine, interesting. I made the captions on all of these pics. um..... Scarves are cool too!
Bow tie!


The fourth doctor made scarves cool

Scarves are officially cool now, Matt Smith wore one.
Ya know what? I actually don't like scarves. :p Well, Bye Bri π

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello my readers! How are you? Better than me, I hope. I am having trouble with the whole breathing thing, and my appetite has taken a plummet.  and also my head, throat and chest hurts and I feel wobbly when I walk. So in all I feel cruddy. Blech, I hate being sick. My audition went well, my acting was better than my singing, which is totally a new experience. Mostly because I messed up my song and had to start over. But I was told that I did awesome with my read. So thats good. Someone else did my song, but she was really quite. I could only hear her music and not her. I really hope I get Veruca. I was dressed up like her and everything. My mom did my hair in curls and all that loveliness. I've been in a Doctor Who mood latley. I really want to watch it, but some episodes freak me out, but I love it. I have watched exactly two episodes since 2010. So I am sort of behind. Meh, I need to do some more school, so bye. Bri π