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Friday, June 7, 2013

Things I Plan to Do While at Camp.

So, camp is in two days. Super excited! Since camp is so close, I have compiled a list of things I plan to do while I'm at camp. Enjoy!
1. When I'm drawing, and people come up to me to ask if I drew that, I will throw the sketchbook and scream, "Holy crap! I'm possesed!"
2. Whenever someone asks a dumb question I will hand them a piece of paper and say "Here's your sign"
3.  If anyone comes up to me while I'm alone and says something to me, I will act suprised and say "you can see me?!"
4. Make hundreds upon hundreds of fandom references including that of, (but not limited too): Portal, THG, TMI, Percy Jackson, Divergent, Doctor Who, FMA, InuYasha, Psych, The Nightmare before Christmas, Avatar, Harry Potter, The Princess Bride,
5. Sing. Loudly.
6. Run around like a ninja/spy, making random hand gestures.
7. Yell things in Latin, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and any other language I can think of.
8. Practice TKD (this is not so much Funny as Practical. Although it will be entertaining to see everyone else's expressions as they realize, I AM a ninja)
9. Show of my vast knowledge of useless facts and trivia.
10. Quote things, repeatedly.
So there you have it, things that I plan to do, while at camp. Hopefully I don't get in trouble. ;)
Bri π

Monday, June 3, 2013

Camp Hyperness

Hello dear people of the internet! How are you? Quite well I hope!
I am also quite well, and I am also tinged blue.
Yes, the color run was Saturday morning, and it is Monday afternoon. I'm quite colorful.
Also, I'm actually going to camp this year! Hurray!! I missed camp last year, but not this year!
I don't know what else to say, but I am really hyper, if you couldn't tell.
I mean, you would be hyper two if you had to wait a whole week 'till camp! 
I'm so excited!!!!
And als osad, because I can't take my nano with me. So sad :(
I mean, what will i do with out my music?
And I just got new music, (Britt Nicole, if your wondering. sadly not Lindsey Stirling. Yet)
And I want to listen to it! Glarg, I need music, I go a bit crazy with out it, although I go crazy with out books too.  But I can take books with me! So I'm good in that department. Just not in the music department. It'll be my first year at senior high camp,  Glarg I hate being a freshman again, I don't get first pick of any of the classes. :/ But at least I get to go to my preferred camp, apposed to the one I don't want to go to.
Also, I am almost done with the picture I've been working on for a week, It just needs a bit of cleaning and also to fix a couple of buildings that look funny.
I'm still hyper.
BookWyrms it soday, but there's only going to be five of us, sadly. everyone else is at camp. :(
But hey atleast I finagled (is that the proper use of the word) my other cousin into coming!
So, yeah, five. And all of them family. me, three of my cousins, and my sister.
Bye! Bri π