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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Dare.

Today I went and saw my friend Lauren. She's in the hospital with Leukemia. This is her second time with cancer. While there, I took one of her permanent markers and drew on my arm an orange cancer ribbon. Orange is the color for Leukemia, like Pink is for breast cancer and Gold is for childhood cancer. So this week, all this week, I dare you to draw on you're arm a ribbon. keep it all week, through Halloween, and re draw it when you wash or it starts to fade. Research the colors and find one that a friend or family member has had and color it. I Plan to keep re drawing mine for as long as I can. I just want you to do it for a week. If you don't know anyone, then pick one or just leave it clear. But show your support for people with cancer, and not just breast cancer. All cancer.
Thank you, Bri π

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weakness of the Articles of Confederation

  The Articles of confederation were written to create a government with limited authority. America wanted to make a country run by the people. (Articles of Confederation) However this didn’t work out quite as they had hoped. The articles of confederation had several weak points.

 Under the articles of confederation, America did not have the power to: enforce treaties, make taxes, create national courts, regulate commerce between states, or call together an army. (Switched on Schoolhouse) so America had no money, no army, no proper treaties, no court system, and no trade between states.

 Among the problems this caused, Congress was having lots of problems with other countries. Spain was trying to take more of Americas land than was agreed, and Brittan refused to follow our treaties, because congress didn’t have the power to make it work.
America was going into a depression because congress was bankrupt and did not have the power to tax or print money. Multiple states tried to take matters into their own hands and print their own money, which was useless in other states. (Switched on schoolhouse)
Our congress had no power, and was pretty useless. We actually did have a president at this time, before George Washington, president of congress John Hanson, but because he had no power no one knows him. (Hakim 148)
 Because the articles of Confederation were so weak often when congress was called states wouldn’t send representatives, and at one point Rohde Island was functioning effectively as its own country.

 So Congress got together and made the Constitution which has been running America ever since. It works much better than the articles of confederation. America has a strong Government with a checks and balance system that keeps every one in line. But, even with all of that the Articles of confederation did have some successes. Out of the mess that was the Articles came the North West Ordinance of 1787. This allowed there to be new states made North West of the Ohio River. Another success of the confederation was actually all its faults. It proved that America could keep its self together even through all the bad things happening and it because it was weak, it made the Constitution strong (Hakim 150)

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Friday, October 19, 2012

It's a hat day!!!

I'm a bit of a mad hatter. I really like hats. Right now I'm wearing a top hat. A Nightmare Before Christmas top hat :D any way, Today I dare you to wear your weirdest hat in public!! I do it all the time. I do!! I wear, pirate hats, knit hats, top hats, weird head dresses, tiara's, hard hats, Micheal Jackson hats, ginormous hair bows,  I just really like hats and head gear. :) It's one of my many obsessions, and it's pretty high up, right along with shiny things and strange clothing. So, how be you? I'm good, thanks for asking. What to write about? erm... Nope, I got nothin'. Well, I guess I should go back to school work and such, Bye! Bri π

Thursday, October 18, 2012

One of my favorite storys.

Far away in the land of Elsewere, There was a girl named Percy. Percy lived in a beautiful garden, with lots of flowers and trees and fruits and vegetables. It was very pretty there, and Percy liked it. She lived there with her Mother, Demi, And they enjoyed life. One day while Demi was gone, Percy wandered around her garden and found a really ugly plant. It was really ugly. So it being her garden Percy said "Be gone Ugly Plant!" and started pulling it up. But that plant was a stubborn one. Percy pulled and pulled with all her strength. At last it finally came out. Percy was quite proud of herself. But now there was a great big hole in the middle of her garden. Percy frowned. "This will not do" she muttered to herself. So she went to go look for something to fill the hole. But the hole wasn't just a hole. It was a secret passage way to the under world. Where the dark king, Des, ruled. Des was not particularly happy that his secret passage way had been discovered. So he took his skeletal horses up to it to look at what had happened. When he got there, He saw Percy, With her long dark hair and pail complexion, and her fell in love with her. The impulsive king rode his horse out of the hole and grabbed Percy. Percy screamed at this. What is going on? she thought. She kicked and yelled but her mother wasn't back yet. since Percy did not know Karate or Tae Kwon Do, she did not know how to properly defend herself from random Kings on horses who come out of holes in her garden. She was taken to King Des's castle. Percy was very unhappy. She was locked in a room with no way out. And she was really hungry. She really should have eaten lunch. So grumpy and hungry, young Percy had a tantrum. King Des came to her room and Percy yelled at him. "Let me go!" The king got down on one knee. "I'm Hungry!" yelled Percy. The king pulled out a little box "Where is my mother?!" The king opened the box revealing a ring "Marry me, Percy" he said. Percy was quite stunned. She did not want to marry this king, who stole her from her home. She turned away from him "No" She said. The king stood aburtly. "Then you will stay locked in this tower until you do" and then he left. And Percy was still hungry.
She was hungry, really, really hungry. But she wouldn't eat any of the food the king sent her. She didn't trust him. Foods from the Underworld made you stay in the underworld, and she didn't think the king was above that. So she went hungry. For days she didn't eat. And along with the food problem was something else. Percy was a flower Princess, and there were no flowers here. She was quite depressed at the fact that she had no nature to comfort her. She look out her window and had a lovely view of the fields of horror. It really wasn't all that lovely. Percy was getting weaker each passing day, from lack of food and nature. One day a young servant came to her room bearing Pomegranate seeds. Percy groaned. Pomegranate was her favorite! And she was really hungry.... She grabbed six of the seeds and ate them. She savored each seed, so happy to have something in her stomach. The servant laughed, as he became taller, and darker. It was King Des! Percy screamed, throwing the left over seeds away from her. but it was to late. She had already eaten six of them.
Up above ground Demi was working very hard to get her daughter back. She went to the King Suez, The brother of King Des, and demanded that he get her daughter back. The king was slightly afraid of Demi, so he went with her to Des's castle to get Percy. When they got there The king had Percy in a black wedding dress, in his throne room. Demi Rushed up and grabbed her daughter, "Hold on buddy! I object to this Union!"She cried "Me too!" Percy said from behind her. Des laughed, "well you can't take her out of here, she ate my food!" Demi was shocked. "Percy, He's lying right?" Percy was ashamed of herself but she shook her head. "No I ate six pomegranate seeds. I'm sorry mother"
Suez, who had been standing there watching this little soap opera, said "you only ate six?" Percy nodded yes. "Well then I have a proposition for all of you. Since she ate six seeds she only has to stay here for six months of the year. The other six she can spend with you Demi" Nobody was particularly happy about this, but they agreed. So Percy stayed with Des for his part of the year. While she was gone Demi made it to cold for anything to grow, Because she was so sad about Percy. When Percy came back it was warm again. And that is why there is summer and winter.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

To Post or Not to Post.

To Post or not to post? That is the question. Well I guess I'm posting this so it's more a matter of WHAT to post. I'm posting about posting? That's like, talking about talking. But what ever. I don't have any philosophical things to tell you, no funny story's or any thing really. Not much is going on. I'm bored. How about you? No? Life's Super interesting? Good for you. Well. Any one watch Once Upon a Time? I do!! I enjoy it. I saw Snow White and The Huntsman. It was pretty good. I want  to see Frankinweenie. It looks good. Glarg. Yes I just said Glarg. That is what I say when I don't know what to say. I'm excited for Halloween. I'm looking forward to carving pumpkins. I have some Ideas about what I'm going to do based on a recent discovery of awesomeness. It's pretty obvious what that discovery is, but not what I'm going to do. So who ever guesses is a good guesser. XD. Any way. Halloween is so much fun. I know not all of you celebrate it, But I love it. Costumes, spooky, Candy! I love it. Well I gotta go, Math to do, Spanish to read. Bye Bri π

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marvel Comics

So I was going through my old posts, just reading them and i noticed that I talk about Marvel A LOT. But hey I've been a Marvel fan since I was two so you can't really blame me, I was taught to love Marvel from an early age. Any way.  I added some new stuff to the Funny Quotes page and to the Silly laws page if you want to check those out. I'm going to the library in a bit. I don 't really have all that much to say so sorry for the short post Bye!! Bri π

Monday, October 8, 2012

Jj interviews ME!!!!!

What is your name?                        Bri Pi.
What is your thoughts on global warming?             It is nonexistant    
 What is your favorite color?                   Blue and silver
If the moon was made of cheese, calculate the radius of a triangle.       eleventy-one.
What should I ask you now?                Questions.
 Do you enjoy holiday nog?                        It was OK.
Who is your favorite super hero?                   That, is a very very long list: Gambit, Hawkeye, Deadpool, Iron Fist, just to name a few.
Who is your least favorite superhero?                 Emma Frost.
What is your favorite book?                      That is also a very long list
 What is your favorite movie?              The Nightmare before Christmas
What is your favorite song?                Um I don't know the musical kind?
 Do you have anything else to say?             Um. Something weird and forebode-y

Interview with JJ.

What is your name?                         JJ?
What is your thoughts on global warming?  It doesn't exist.
What is your favorite color?                  Orange
If the moon was made of cheese, calculate the radius of a triangle.  No.
What should I ask you now?                      I don't know.
Do you enjoy holiday nog?                        Sometimes.
Who is your favorite super hero?                    Either the Human Torch or Iron Fist.
Who is your least favorite superhero?                  Hulk. He has bad grammar.
What is your favorite book?                      That's a tough question. I don't know.
 What is your favorite movie?            Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist.
Do you have anything else to say?       Africans were captured by Americans in the sixteen-sixties.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hello Rogue!!

Hello fellow consumers. How are you today? I am good, I got my hair done. I am now partially blond. I have blond bangs like Rogue. It's pretty cool. My cousins kept coming up to me and saying "hello Rogue" hmmmmmmmm..... not much else to say really. Well. Bye!! Bri π (sorry it's so short)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Post Script Script.

So does anyone know what P.S. actually means? It means post script. So when you say P.S.S. your actually saying post script script. When you should be saying P.P.S more P's not S's. Just a little lesson in what ever the heck that was.
I'm an easily bored person, if you haven't noticed, and thats why My post's are so scrambled. Yeah.......  LETS TALK ABOUT SPIDERMAN!!!!!! I've been reading a lot of spiderman comics, mostly because that's what I can get my hands on. Although I'm a little annoyed cause the website I read them on doesn't have the one I want to read. Which is really annoying, CAUSE IT WAS A FRICKIN' CLIFF HANGER!!!! It goes from 11 to 13.  Any way. I think I might reading The  Avengers next. Hey little bit a trivia, did you guy's know that Spiderman was on doctor who? Well sorta, Andrew Garfield was. I really like comic books. I also really like Marvel TV shows. I LOVE Ultimate Spiderman and The Avengers. There so funny. Last night I was watching Ultimate Spiderman, and Thor turned into a frog. It was really weird, but rather entertaining. Any one else watch those shows? Nobody? ........ *cricket*........ Ok. Well then. This is awkward and on that note,  Bye! Bri π

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ten's Post.

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