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Friday, October 19, 2012

It's a hat day!!!

I'm a bit of a mad hatter. I really like hats. Right now I'm wearing a top hat. A Nightmare Before Christmas top hat :D any way, Today I dare you to wear your weirdest hat in public!! I do it all the time. I do!! I wear, pirate hats, knit hats, top hats, weird head dresses, tiara's, hard hats, Micheal Jackson hats, ginormous hair bows,  I just really like hats and head gear. :) It's one of my many obsessions, and it's pretty high up, right along with shiny things and strange clothing. So, how be you? I'm good, thanks for asking. What to write about? erm... Nope, I got nothin'. Well, I guess I should go back to school work and such, Bye! Bri π

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