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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

To Post or Not to Post.

To Post or not to post? That is the question. Well I guess I'm posting this so it's more a matter of WHAT to post. I'm posting about posting? That's like, talking about talking. But what ever. I don't have any philosophical things to tell you, no funny story's or any thing really. Not much is going on. I'm bored. How about you? No? Life's Super interesting? Good for you. Well. Any one watch Once Upon a Time? I do!! I enjoy it. I saw Snow White and The Huntsman. It was pretty good. I want  to see Frankinweenie. It looks good. Glarg. Yes I just said Glarg. That is what I say when I don't know what to say. I'm excited for Halloween. I'm looking forward to carving pumpkins. I have some Ideas about what I'm going to do based on a recent discovery of awesomeness. It's pretty obvious what that discovery is, but not what I'm going to do. So who ever guesses is a good guesser. XD. Any way. Halloween is so much fun. I know not all of you celebrate it, But I love it. Costumes, spooky, Candy! I love it. Well I gotta go, Math to do, Spanish to read. Bye Bri π

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