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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Post Script Script.

So does anyone know what P.S. actually means? It means post script. So when you say P.S.S. your actually saying post script script. When you should be saying P.P.S more P's not S's. Just a little lesson in what ever the heck that was.
I'm an easily bored person, if you haven't noticed, and thats why My post's are so scrambled. Yeah.......  LETS TALK ABOUT SPIDERMAN!!!!!! I've been reading a lot of spiderman comics, mostly because that's what I can get my hands on. Although I'm a little annoyed cause the website I read them on doesn't have the one I want to read. Which is really annoying, CAUSE IT WAS A FRICKIN' CLIFF HANGER!!!! It goes from 11 to 13.  Any way. I think I might reading The  Avengers next. Hey little bit a trivia, did you guy's know that Spiderman was on doctor who? Well sorta, Andrew Garfield was. I really like comic books. I also really like Marvel TV shows. I LOVE Ultimate Spiderman and The Avengers. There so funny. Last night I was watching Ultimate Spiderman, and Thor turned into a frog. It was really weird, but rather entertaining. Any one else watch those shows? Nobody? ........ *cricket*........ Ok. Well then. This is awkward and on that note,  Bye! Bri π

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  1. I DO!!! And you might reading The Avengers? Something about that is wrong.