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Friday, August 31, 2012

Tomorow! Tomorrow! It's only a day away!!!

I am really excited! Tomorrow, "Asylum of the Daleks" comes out!! Yay! Lol, anyway. So, I'm making a business, and I think it needs a name. How about "Bri Pi Art"? The stuff I'm making and selling are jewelry and art, among other things. Once I get up a stock, and some money, I'll be all set! I hope people like my jewelry and art. I've had lots of compliments on my earrings. People think there cool, I'm not going to show you them yet, but I will soon. That's all i have for now, sorry it's so short! Bye Bri π

Monday, August 27, 2012

Keep Calm and Wait (Im)Patiently 'Till Saturday.

Hello people who bother to read this. How are you? ...I'm going to pretend you responded and carry on.
So, What am I excited about? Well..... Series 7 of Doctor Who comes out Saturday! That's exciting. I got to watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas" which I really liked. I am going to Ren Fest, which is also exciting! And, I think it's almost been a year since I got my blog!! Yay, happy one year anniversary of my blog! Woohoo! and I don't think i have anything else to say, aside from, Happy Monday. I know it's not really all that great, as it's a school day, but still, give Monday some love. It's not Mondays fault it's the beginning of the week. Well, go get on with your existing, and I will carry on with mine. Keep calm and wait (im)patiently 'till Saturday!!! Bye! Bri π

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weapon aginst evil, and muggers.

So I was listening to Adventures in Odyssey and it was talking about how the bible is like a weapon against Satin. So that got me thinking, with my messed up and disturbing little mind. What if you used it as an actual weapon? If you were getting mugged and you had a heavy bible in your bag, you could bash a guy's brains out with a Bible. I guess it's a little blasphemous to think that way, but I mean beaning someone with a Bible is better than getting mugged, or worse, right? I don't think the Bible means a literal weapon, but thats the way my mind goes. Any way, gotta go, going to go make a volcano, Bye Bri π

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to the world of academics.

So, I'm back from my vacation to Florida. It was quite exciting, and i am sure you would all love to hear about it, so here we are with a lengthy retelling of all that happened from last Thursday to Sunday, in story form. 

We drove all night, last night. All the way to Illinois. Then we found a hotel and slept. Quite boring to read about I'm  sure so I'll skip to the exciting parts. When we woke up we discovered we were in  Metropolis. some of you (The normal people) might say: They named a city, City City? And some of you (The geeks/nerds) might say: It's a bird! It's a plane! IT'S SUPER MAN!! We were in the home town of Superman. We wandered the streets, finding a Superman themed newspaper, a Superman Museum, a GIANT Superman statue, and (Oddly enough) a Thor themed Gym. It seems there are some Marvel lovers in a DC obsessed town. We went to the super man shop, in which we found quite a bit of Marvel merchandise,  Then we bought some souvenirs, that were Marvel characters. I got Wolverine. I was quite happy with it. Then we left the Superman town. and we drove. you really don't want to sit and read about me reading all day, so again I'll skip to the more exciting and non political stuff. the next day we went to a beach in Savannah, it was very cool, some kid caught a shark, I found a weird looking bird, and we saw hipster seagulls. Then we were off to Daytona. Daytona was pretty, the beaches were red, and we saw about a dozen rainbows, a couple over the ocean. We found shells, climbed light houses, saw family, wandered a very small mall, played in the ocean, and all sorts of things. At one point I caught a fish with my bare hands in a tide pool, It was rather exciting. then after a while we said good bye to the beach and went to Orlando. Again more driving, and Tada! Disney World! We went to EPCOT, and explored there, I bought a tiara, and confused an Italian dude with my horrible Italian. We went around the world in less than eighty minuets. and in Moroco, I found something. A Fez! It was so cool. I didn't buy it though because it was a bit expensive. so I put the cool fez back. Then we went to our Disney resort. We hung out there for a bit, then went to sleep. the next day I tried out for America Idol in Hollywood studios. I didn't make it. Partially because I had a cold, and partially because I'm not "Pop" enough. Then we shopped, went on rides, talked to cast members, and took an art class. I drew Grumpy the dwarf and every one ooed and aahed. Then I bought a cool top hat, Themed with The Nightmare Before Christmas, It is pretty awesome. I got it in honor of my Uncle. The next day we rode on a bus. Standing up. It was strange. But we got to our destination. Magic Kingdom. There we found Merida from the new movie Brave. We discussed Alaskan laws, and she informed us we were in Scotland/Florida. I must admit I had never heard of that country before. any way, we got her signature. I can't remember what we did after that, but at some point I Joined Captain Jack Sparrow's Crew. Then we dined at Tortuga, and Then became Peter Pans sisters. We rode several rides and watched fire works. And the next day we, went back to magic kingdom, and did more rides. It was fun. The NEXT day we went to Downtown Disney and went shopping. Then we drove home. Now I am back. Hello! Did you miss me? But i must go now as i need to do some school work. So bye! Bri π

Monday, August 6, 2012

(Im)Patiently Waiting for Wednesday.

Wednesday is when we leave for Florida. I"m rather excited. Four day's at the beach, then four at Disney. Yay!! I hope they have Merida from "Brave" she is now my favorite princess. Mostly from the archery as I have an extreme obsession with archers. (I.G. Katniss, Legolas, Hawkeye, Susan, Merida, Etc.) I'm going to start doing archery, along with knife throwing. I'm gonna be one deadly girl. Moo Boy, and others like him, had better beware. ;)

This week I was hanging out with my cousins. we went shopping, a lot. But we had fun. They only left yesterday and I miss them. They only stay for a week and it is not enough time at all. My cousin Kevin is still here. He's four/five years older than me, but whatever. I also miss my best friends, Neg and Cookie.

It"s hard to believe that summer is almost over isn't it? I mean all of my summer was taken up with the play. So it feels like it went by really fast. It makes me kind of sad. I love summer, it's so warm and I can swim, and camp, and all that loveliness. But now i just have two weeks left. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I have to go, but I hope you had a good summer. I'll probably post more often when school starts again. Bye! Bri π