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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Mateing Call Of The Country Boy

So Me and Cookie were at a library in a farm-town sort of place to drop of some books.  Her mom starts talking to the librarians and we go over to look at the books. So there are like, three country boys sitting at the computers talking and as I pass by them one of them with long blond hair, spins around in his chair looks right at me, and say's "MOOOOO!!!" I sort of walk away quickly and am a bit startled at the fact I've just been moo-ed at. So as I walk away we hear him say to his friend with a bit of a country accent going on. "That's how I pick up girls at the library" evidently this is how country boy's flirt. First time I've ever been flirted with and the boy imitates a cow... well. Won't be forgetting this. Later me and Cookie were talking about it and we decided that Moo-ing is the mating call of the Country Boy. And That was the Highlight of my day (see? my life's not as exciting as it seems) If you are ever moo-ed at by a country boy he is apparently trying to flirt. Any way had to share. Bye Bri π
P.S. Comment your odd experiences with the opposite gender! Please keep it PG rated, though as little kids do read this. Thanks! Love to hear your story's.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Big Yellow Taxi at Sea World

Last year when I was at SeaWorld, it was pretty cool, the Shamu show was pretty awesome. I got to feed dolphins, and see animals I had only read about. But the thing I remember clearest, was waiting in line, and listening to the music that SeaWorld had playing and then they played a song that I absolutely love. But instead of being happy, I was laughed at the irony. The song was Big Yellow Taxi. I couldn't believe that Sea World would play Big Yellow Taxi. And I don't think anyone else noticed except me and my family. If you've never heard  Big Yellow Taxi, go look it up, it's a really good song and you'll see why I love it, since I'm a kind of Save-the-rainforest, Tree-hugging, Animal-rights kinda gal. And I'm pretty strict about people building stuff on perfectly good chunks of nature. (read "Why My Church Annoys Me") So that song is sort of my anthem. I was a little annoyed that SeaWorld would play it. I mean, "They paved paradise to put up a parking lot." That's just how I see it. I see a big thing made of metal and stone and wood, that destroyed a place I would rather be. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy SeaWorld, I did, but if someone had given me a choice between SeaWorld and a trip to the everglades, SeaWorld would not be my choice. what would you choose?  Bye, Bri π

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why my church annoys me.

My church is raising money so they can tear down a perfectly good field and put up a brand new fancy shmancy sanctuary. And it really annoys me. We have a perfectly good sanctuary right now, so why do we need a new one? We could use the money for stuff like, UNICEF, or the Food Pantry, or Samaritans Purse, or Out Reach International, or all kinds of things that could actually make a difference in the world than tearing down a field and making a pointless building. A church isn't some building, it's where you worship God. It's were you can sing about him and learn about him and all that stuff. You don't need a stupid building, you don't need chairs, you don't need a stage, or anything, all you need is a bible, and other people who believe in God. But does my church care? No. They just want their pretty, building so they can feel special. And that is why I don't like going to church, because our church is full of annoying people and their rude kids. So thank you for reading my rant, Bye Bri π