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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why my church annoys me.

My church is raising money so they can tear down a perfectly good field and put up a brand new fancy shmancy sanctuary. And it really annoys me. We have a perfectly good sanctuary right now, so why do we need a new one? We could use the money for stuff like, UNICEF, or the Food Pantry, or Samaritans Purse, or Out Reach International, or all kinds of things that could actually make a difference in the world than tearing down a field and making a pointless building. A church isn't some building, it's where you worship God. It's were you can sing about him and learn about him and all that stuff. You don't need a stupid building, you don't need chairs, you don't need a stage, or anything, all you need is a bible, and other people who believe in God. But does my church care? No. They just want their pretty, building so they can feel special. And that is why I don't like going to church, because our church is full of annoying people and their rude kids. So thank you for reading my rant, Bye Bri π


  1. You're right that you don't need more much more than the believers to get together and share in worship and fellowship. And it could well be that you are surrounded by annoying and rude people at church. Have you asked why people think adding a new sanctuary is a good idea? Is it because they are running out of space in the current one to accommodate the number of people who attend? Is it because they want to be able to have a potluck without having to wait to take move chairs and set up tables? Is it because they want to make the church available to other groups, and having a larger space would help with that? I'd be interested if you did some interviews with the leadership and congregation members about why they are wanting to build this addition, and report back on that.

  2. Wow. Being distracted by my kids is no excuse for all that bad writing, but I'm using that excuse anyway. :)

  3. Yes go bri!!! I agree with you!!! Another one is to help find a cure for cancer!!! Or other disesis that don't have a cure!!!!