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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy B-Day Daboy!!

Hey ya'll I have been listening to Phantom of the Opera. It's such good music. Although in the version I have, Christine sounds snotty and Raoul sounds middle aged, but the Phantom is totally awesome. I think it would be fun to audition for a play, and make a big production of the song Phantom of the Opera. I would be Christine and my Dad would be Phantom. But there would be some differences. My dad isn't in love with me or a crazy, scarred for life, murderous stalker. And I am not a young adult who is in love with some guy named Raoul, and also my dad is not dead and I am not obsessed with angels. (Max is not an angel, she is a genetically modified bird person. She does not count) But it would be so fun. Oh by the way, Happy Birth Day Daboy!!!! Umm.... don't know what to say now so Bye Bri π

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You Don't Bulldoze a Nature Park!

Ok so in part of Kansas (Shawnee), there's this school that's right next to a nature park. Well the school needs more land. They want to buy and bulldoze the nature park. I don't care what  your going to do with it, YOU DON"T BULLDOZE A NATURE PARK! They would use it to make a parking lot, (talk about paving paradise to put up a parking lot) and a base ball field, and some other things but I don't care if you need parking or sports fields or any of that crap. That land is home to lot's of animals and plant's that will be up rooted (literally and figuratively) And probably killed. Lot's of people go there for their recreation and you would leave them with out a park also. It annoys me so much when people just decide they can do what ever they fricking want with the earth. I think we have more than enough schools and base ball field, and definitly parking lots but we do NOT have enough natural land. I mean, we wiped out Missouri parries and we are still trying to bring that back up. People are supposed to take care of the earth, we are doing such a great job, what with all the litter, and bulldozing natural land and all that. And any congress people reading this. I don't care who you are or what you think is right for the people, But we will decide what we think is right for us. So fricking LEAVE US ALONE! And I will not apologize as I have freedom of speech.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mississippi pond.

So we were talking about ponds and Jj said "so what if the nearest pond is the Mississippi river?" I was like, "It's not a pond, it's a river. It has river in it's name" JJ was all like "Now I have to hit you." It was funny. Daddy got a box today. It had French on it. I thought it was funny, I think it was Canadian, or maybe it was French, or maybe, It was Luisianain. Is that the proper term for something from Louisiana? Luisianian? because they speak French there. I think.  Well, I'm Missourian, so I guess so. Not about the french thing, about the Luisianian thing. I feel confuzzeld. It's a word (not really) Look it up (no don't) Ummmmmm................................Gotta go, sorry it's so confuzzling, bye!! Bri π

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Bible in Fifty Words.

God made, 

Adam bit, 

 Noah arked,

 Abraham split, 

 Joseph ruled, 

Jacob fooled,

 bush talked,

Moses balked,

 Pharaoh plagued,

people walked,

 sea divided,

tablets guided,

 promise landed,

Saul freaked,

 David peeked,

prophets warned, 

Jesus born,

God walked, 

love talked,

 anger crucified,

 hope died,

 Love rose,

Spirit flamed,

 Word spread,

 God remained.


(I did not write this, I think it's bible cliff notes, but it really cool so I thought I'd put it on here) :) 

Friday, February 24, 2012

I may have broken my sister's thumb :(

Yesterday we were ion the living room playing Ninja, and I went to fake kick Morgan. Morgan blocked and I hit her thumb. She is now at the doctor trying to see if it is broken or not. Now I feel horrible because I hit my sister and possibly broke her thumb right before a meet. I'm not in trouble, but I'm not happy with myself. I'll say what happened to her when she and Mama get back. I really hope I didn't break her thumb. Yesterday I went to youth rally. It was fun. I got a bracelet that says peace on it. When I got up at the end my bag got knocked over and all my stuff fell out. I had to grab all my stuff, and people were walking by me kicking my stuff around. And we had just listened to a guy talk about how important it is to help people and to look for people who need help. Yeah good work every one. Kick my stuff around why don't you. That's what God want's you to do. That's a very good way to use your eyes. Well I got all my stuff in my bag. And then left and went home. When i got home we had pizza, I freaked out a little because I'm not eating red meat for lent and there was meat on the pizza. But it turned out to just be ham and sausage. It was pretty good. Then we messed around with daddy's robot. It was funny because it had a camera attached and so Mama an I were down stairs watching the feed while every one else was up stairs making the cat's come near it. It was pretty funny. Well I need to go do laundry, Bye Bri π

I did NOT break her thumb I just sprained it. So I guess that's a good thing. Bye Bri π

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Manga abd other things.

Recently I have been drawing manga. If you don't know what that is it's a form of Jappensse art mostly used for comics and graphic novels. It's pretty cool. I got a book about how to draw Manga. For school my mom said that i have to write a manga comic book for my cousin. Any one have an idea of what he should do? Never mind I'll figure something out. Right now I need to work on my Doodle 4 Google. bleh, I feel sick. Not throw up sick, but stuffy and wobbly sick. Not fun. Why does it always happen when i want to go to the library? Seriously, I'm going to the library, and i feel crappy. at least i don't have any thing going on later and i can just work on my manga I'll have to come up with a story, and stuff so ... Bleh, gotta go Bye Bri π

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm not a Muggle!! (yay)

Ok I am not a magical student I am a geocacher! I'm so excited to go Adventure! Geocaching is a world wide treasure hunt, I just started to day, and THERE'S ONE RIGHT BY MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!! I'm so excited to go find it! But on to some thing else. Yesterday I wore a strapless dress to a Chinese restaurant with Cookie. It was fun, I wore a cami underneath and jeans and hiking boots. It was quite the fashion statement. But it was soo fun. Then we started dancing in the middle of the restaurant. Oh gosh it was so much fun because we were the only ones there and the waiters and waitresses were Wondering what was wrong with us. Then we went to Cookies house and we messed around in her room for a while. earlier we had been out and hiked around Cookies Lake. It was fun, and we saw her horses. It was so much fun. I also got a feather in my hair. It's blue. It pokes me in my ear. But i like it. I feel dizzy, Probably because i haven't slept much in the last week. I'm kind of tired. But this week has been fun. I went to the cousins house, then to my house then the cousins house again then cookies house. I'll talk more latter I need to go get ready for bed and take a shower because I'm gross. Bye Bri π

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Monster music video = Max Ride movie trailer!!!!

I watched the Monster, (Skillet) music video, and I was like Oh My Gosh!! it's like a trailer for Max Ride! Seriously, watch it!! It's like exactly what I imagine the Trailer would look like. It's got people running around in a hospital/lab, evil scientists, swat dudes with guns, and two people trying to escape it all. Of course they don't have wings and there's only two of them. But still, Monster was, like, made for Max Ride. I love Skillet. I like Hero, Awake and Alive, and Monster the best. I would love to make a music video of them. And a few other songs like: Safe & Sound, Firefly, and possibly a few others. I Know!! I should make a fan trailer for Maximum Ride using Monster, that would be so cool! I don't know what to talk about now. Umm..... I guess bye. Bri π
I have a task for all who are going to see the Hunger Games at midnight... Please click read more... 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

(late) Valentines to my sisters.

My Valentines Day present to JJ,

Morgie's Valentines Present.

JJ wearing her Valentines present.
Really cool pic. Try it!! The Instructions are:  1. Stare at the dot for 20 seconds. 2. Look at the sky. 3. Smile :)
So that's what I have to show you today, Bye Bri!!
P.S. Thanks Anndie!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Sorry I haven't posted recently, I have been at my cousins house for the last three day's.  I don't have internet there, well I can get internet there but i didn't know that. So..... I'm making my costume, we have most of the parts cut out, but some of them are still uncut. I need to go read the directions. Ya know what I need? I need jenifer napp on my iPod. i will have to find that. My phone went dead, so I can't check my messages, Sad. Ummm......... I'm going back over to there house on Thursday. To continue with my costume. My little cousin nephi told me I'm his girl friend. then he said that his sister Fall is his girl friend. Weird. The other night my cousins were being really loud while I was trying to sleep so I yelled "Shut up and eat your Cookie!" they stopped talking and laughed. Blake said "Wow. You would make such a responsible mom" I was all like "Yep that's me, Miss responsible mom," So now when ever we get on each other's nerves we yell, Shut up and eat your cookie! It's pretty awsome. I don t' know what to say now, so Bye Bri π

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I need a Katniss doll!!

The hunger games is going to have action figures of Katniss, Peeta, and Gale, and I need a Katniss doll. Then I can make a funny video were Katniss and Bella (I have a Bella Swan doll) argue about which movie/book is better (obviously Katniss will win) That would be so funny! Maybe I'll post it on here if I get it done. I need the Katniss doll first. And I don't know when it comes out. You know what would be cool too? A hunger games video game! That would be so cool, It would be awesome if you got to make your own character And choose the Arena! that would be so cool!! Sorry, I know I'm being obsessed. The movie comes out in like, forty some odd days!! I am so excited! I'm going to go make my costume tomorrow. Still not telling because then you will steal my idea, and that would not be fun. Last night I went to the midnight release party for Breaking dawn part 1. Not Worth It. At all. We did nothing. I didn't even get cake. :( The best part was that I got a book about the hunger games movie. That was the highlight of the entire thing. Two girls next to me were discussing how hot Peeta is. I thought that was funny. And one girl was giving away the ending to another girl who hadn't read it!! I was like, dude, ya don't do that! It's called spoiling, and it ruins everything. Now you destroyed the excitement of not knowing. Nice job crushing your friends dreams of mystery. Then there was a video about the people but I couldn't here what was happening because everyone was talking. I did hear one person say "I am team Edward, because Jacob doesn't sparkle!" I thought that was funny. I'm boerd, Bye Bri π

Friday, February 10, 2012

Foxes as pets.

Some people don't understand how the Russian silver fox experiment works. The foxes were bred specifically to be tame. They were trained to absolutely love people. They are not wild animals anymore. They are pets. These foxes are actually a better pet than some dogs, aside from the smell. These foxes do not bite unless tortured, or extremely provoked. they are even less of a threat to people than dogs. They can eat non-grain dog food (with added veggie's) they are good with children, dog's, and cats. If around cat's they are even smart enough to use the litter box from a cat's actions. .  I am going to write about the pro's and Con's of having a Russian silver fox.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The dog who is not in a box.

OK so there's a dog (and no this time he's not dancing the hula) and every time you feed the dog, he drools. when ever you feed the dog, you ring a bell, well if you do this for weeks and weeks and weeks, eventually it will get to the point were the dog will drool when he hears the bell whether or not he's getting food. So the dog is trained to drool when he hears a bell. Cool huh? Ok actually it's kinda gross, but Any way. Ok new example, Let's say there's only one soda left, and you want it,  the only problem is so does your sister, the person who doesn't get the soda get's an apple juice. Because you really want that soda, you decide to pretend to want the apple juice so that then the apple juice seems to be better that the soda. By convincing your sister the apple juice is better, she will take the apple juice and you will get the soda. Make sense? (JJ did this to Morgan, it's proven to work)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The cat in the box.

 Imagine there's a cat locked in a box. And you don't know if this cat is alive or dead because you aren't looking at it. so because you aren't looking at it the cat is alive and dead. Weird huh? the thing is, if you are trying to observe something, say your dog, you no what the dog does when you are watching it and it see's you, right? It sits on the porch looking at you. when it doesn't see you it plays in the yard. but when you aren't watching it, you don't know what it's doing. it could be playing in the yard, or sitting on the porch, it might even be dancing the hula. you don't know. So apparently, since you don't know, the dog is sitting on the porch, playing in the yard, and dancing the hula, all at the same time. Because watching something changes what it does. always. you can put up a camera and it will still change, it might not see you it will still change. the only thing that will know what it is doing is the thing you want to observe. so until you look it is doing everything, until you look, which then it just does one thing. (Ack! It totally proves the weeping angel thing! be afraid)

Does everyone else have that voice in there head?

It's hard to explain what it is exactly,  it's like a little voice that says what I'm thinking, but I cant really tell what gender it is because it's sort of like a whisper and it doesn't have any real substance, anyone know what I'm talking about? I think mines a girl. It doesn't have a specific tone but I hear her and she says what ever I'm thinking. Or if I'm reading she says what I read. She quotes things too, movies, and books and TV shows. Anyone else have a voice? I'm not crazy, and she never says to do bad stuff, she just verbalizes what I'm thinking or sprouts a random quotes. Does everyone have one? just wondering, and I'm not totally crazy, it's just that's what I hear when ever I think. Just a whispering voice. Sometimes it's a specific persons voice, but mostly it's just a unrecognizable voice. Some times it has actual substance, like I'm hearing it like it's an actual person, but mostly just in my head. that's usually when it's a specific persons voice. When it's specific it's like my dad or my mom or other family members. normally it's a girl, but occasionally it's a guy, often my dad. I've never told anyone about it before, but, I've just been wondering about it recently. It's not like Max's voice, it doesn't give me helpful information (or annoying either) it does bring up random memories sometimes. But thats it. Just wondering. so If you have a voice to, tell me! I want to know If everyone else has a voice. and if so, do you know what gender it is? or if it's a specific person? Well bye Bri π

P.S. It isn't new, I've had it for as long as I can remember. Is this a bad thing? Oh and sometimes she argues with herself or I guess me

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl comercials are so funny.

Really they are. The best ones were the one for the chevy truck, the Auldi car, and the M&M's. It was funny. also the one for Volkswagen. It was funny. I saw the trailers for the Hunger Games, and The Avengers. I was pretty excited. I want to see both of those movies. Bleh. I don't know what to say now. Um..... Not much is going on really. JJ is torturing the cat. I am doing school, and Morgan is eating a mango. Um... Bleh. I wonder what is happening in Japan? Actually every one's probably asleep in Japan. the cat is trying to break things. Wow. She seems happy. I finnaly got to see X-men First Class. It was funny. I want to see Sherlock Holmes again but it dissapeared. Sad. Ummmm.......... I am boerd. I want to go some were. but not Tae Kwon Do. Some were I don't go very often. Dum de dum de dum.... I need to do more school work so bye. Bri π

Friday, February 3, 2012

People have absolutly no privacy.

Seriously, we don't. The government, our friends, everyone has to know exactly what I am doing right as I am doing it. Why can't you just leave me alone? With phones and i pods that track people and all that crap, People can't just go out and do stuff on there own. (this is one of the reasons I don't want an i phone) I want to go on an adventure!! I want to go through the woods, I want to do something I have never done before, why can't I? My life is repetitive and boring. I want to do something totally spontaneous and unexpected! I want to be free of this stupid redundant life I am living right now. I want to go on an adventure. I Want my life to be what i want it, not what anyone else wants. I can do what I want, right? I really really really really want to go on an adventure!! I don't want to know exactly what were going to do every second of the day, I want to be excited and surprised, I am so bored. I guess I'm sort of scared of the mundane, I'm afraid of normal, I'm afraid of doing everything exactly the same for the rest of my life. I do not want to be like every one else I want to be the person who is never the same always different every day. I really want to get away from all this repetition, I want to not have a schedule .I want to not know what I'm going to do every day. I want to be surprised. I love when ever I am not told where we're going cause then I get to guess. and It is so exciting. I really want to do something I have never done before. I want to go hang gliding, I want to go canoeing, I want to go on an adventure. I want to go on an adventure so bad. I really want to go on an adventure.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Everything Under The Sun, an interview with S. R. Johannes.

On The Bright Side

1.      What was your inspiration for writing On the Bright Side?
I have an obsession with death. With all the dark books out there, I wanted to write a funny book about death. I thought it would be cute to have a disgruntled angel covering someone she hated when she was alive. It made for good conflict.

2.      Why did you change Satan to Malum?
I didn’t want to be boxed in with impressions people already had. I wanted to create someone evil and strange and didn’t want the devil in people’s minds. It let me be more creative. IN Latin, Malum means evil so I thought it was perfect.

3.      Why did you choose to have a goddess in charge of Heaven, instead of God or Jesus?
I wanted kids to be able to read this book without worrying about the religious aspect of Heaven and God. I wanted them to step away and get lost in a new world. I also did not want to disrespect anything anyone felt about God or Heaven. So if I changed it – I could do and say what I wanted without offending anyone. Though I think I may ruffle some feathers since the assignment computer’s initials are G.O.D (Gateway of Duty)

4.      Do you plan to make a love triangle for Gabby?
Well the book is middle grade/tween so I really just wanted a crush as opposed to love. I remember being 14 and arguing with friends over who could crush on what guy. We had a girl rule. If your friend likes someone, you shouldn’t. Angela breaks that rule and has to deal with Gabby.

5.      What are your beliefs on death, Heaven, and Angels?
I believe something exists beyond what we are and I believe we have protectors. What they are called and where they live to me doesn’t matter.

6.      Are there things in your book that you think people will get confused about? If so what and why?
I think the rules are somewhat complicated but so was Harry Potter. I think keeping Cirrus and Heaven separate in minds in the toughest part.

7.      Did you always plan to have this book as a series?
I always leave potential in my books in case I get inspired to write another. Never say never. With this particular book – I do have 2 others planned/outlined, but that was mainly because when editors originally wanted it – they asked for 2 more. So it forced me to think through Gabby’s after life beyond book 1.

Untraceable. (Aslo by S R Johannes.)

8.      Who is more like you: Grace or Gabby?
I like Grace because she doesn’t give up no matter what and I like Gabby b/c she is who she is. I think they are both funny in different ways and vulnerable in different ways. They would both be friends of mine. I love snarky people. Those encompass aspects of myself.

Though, I am not dead and I don’t live in the wilderness. But there are pieces of me in both of them.

9.      Who do you like better: Mo or Michael?
Seeing as I’m older, it might be creepy to say either ☺ I think they are both cute guys that I would have liked if I was in 8th grade or 11th grade

10.   What was your inspiration for writing Untraceable?
My hubby came home one day from camping and talked about how deep he was in the wilderness. So deep that anyone could do anything and no one would ever know. That stuck with me. The next summer – we went to Cherokee and I saw the bear pits. I had wanted to write a contemporary thriller so those 2 ideas just came together.

11.   Any thoughts of a movie for Untraceable?
I think all authors dream of seeing their characters come to life in movies and TV. I have a few different producers reading it, but I try not to focus on it.

Writing a book.

12.   Have you ever participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)?
No, I cant write that fast and find when I force myself, I don’t get good work. I have ADHD so focusing that long on one thing doesn’t happen easily for me.

13.   Is it true that you are a self-publishing author? If so do you have any advice for other authors who would like to try this?
Yes, both of these books are self-published . Though I prefer to think of myself as an Independent Entrepreneurial Author – nice ring right? If you are interested in self-pubbing, do your research and be prepared to play about 30 different roles daily. It’s hard but rewarding.

14.   What is your favorite part about writing and publishing your books?
Hearing how people respond to them – good or bad. To me good reviews are just as awesome to read as bad ones. Good ones give me confidence and bad ones give me feedback on my writing that I think makes me a better writer.

15.   Do you listen to music when you write, and if so what kind and does it change for each book?
I have a playlist for every book and a song for every chapter. I listen to that over and over. It puts me in the mood of the scene. I only listen to those when I’m writing the story. When I’m in edit mode, I only listen to instrumental music.

16.   How long does it take you to write a book?
About 6 months from start to copyeditor if I stick to my schedule, which doesn’t always happen. 12 months if I do major revisions, which are sometimes needed. Untraceable had a total rewrite from scratch. But besides adding some beginning chapters, On The Bright Side - the book and concept - has been the same since early 2009 with only a few changes in scenes and subplots.

17.   Have you ever had to scrap an idea? Why and if so would you ever try going back to it?
My problem is that I have too many ideas I love and I have a hard time choosing (i.e. ADHD ☺ ). I have definitely had to scrap ideas but most importantly I have to scrap whole and partial books. I’ve probably started about 5 other books that might not ever be completed due to not being excited to write it, the idea not working, or me losing touch with the characters and story.

18.   As someone with Dyslexia, I was wondering is it difficult to sit down and write with a different learning disability, such as ADHD?
ADHD makes it hard for me to focus on one thing, hard for me to sit still, and hard for me to remember what I have and haven’t done. I also get major anxiety if I don’t or can’t move fast enough because I will forget things quickly. So I have to train myself to slow down. But it is just like any disability, you just do your best to work through it and find ways to use it to your advantage. My ADHD gives me unlimited energy, the ability to multi-task, and a boundless creativity. My hubby always says I can do more in one hour than some do in a whole day.

19.   Do you have any advice for young writers?

Write and don’t give up. ☺

Book Review: On The Bright Side. by S. R. Johannes. Rated, PG

Gabby’s life wasn’t perfect but it was pretty good. It would be perfect if she didn’t have to deal with Angela Black, who beats her at everything and is trying to steal her best friend. Then Gabby does something that makes everything turn upside down. She dies. Now Gabby is a Bright in Training (BIT for short) She is going to get assigned to a mortal and watch over and protect them if she’s going to finish her training to become a full-fledged Bright and get her wings. But when Gabby gets her Assignment, it’s a name she wouldn’t have expected in a million years: Angela Black.

It’s a very interesting story concept. The biggest thing that caught my attention was heaven, or Cirrus as it’s called in the book. It was a very imaginative view of heaven. It was interesting because 1) Instead of God or Jesus being in charge of heaven, a goddess is in charge, along with a council. 2) All the things in Cirrus were have a name that has something before it, like Skyphone instead of IPhone, innernet, instead of internet. 3) There are forms of magic that the Brights use to protect/harm humans. 4) The Brights only get to wear whatever they were buried in. The world was well made as created in the book. It was interesting that even as angels or “Brights" people still weren’t perfect. Gabby makes many mistakes throughout the book. The conflict between Angela and Gabby was rather humorous. This is a pretty funny book.  Another relationship is the one Gabby shares with her best friend and crush, Michael. It’s a tragic relationship because Gabby dies, but from her ashes new things are possible.

God and Jesus are mentioned a few times as exclamations, but other than that, not many swear words, mostly things like “crap” and “sucks”. The author was careful to not say “h***”, as a swear word or as a place. There are a few inappropriate comments, mentions of feminine bodily functions and body parts, but nothing too bad. There is a scene in which a bra is important.  There are a few typos, A “he” that should be a “his”, and a quotation mark on the wrong side of the quote.  There is one battle scene; while it’s not particularly gruesome, it is a little scary. Some people get scratched up a bit. When Monsters and Brights are killed either they become dust, like in Percy Jackson, or just sort melt into nothing.  Gabby at one point steals something from a goddess. There are some mildly scary images.

I don’t know exactly where to categorize this, paranormal romance maybe. The books excitement factor was pretty good; I found it a little slow in places. There was lots of talking and following, not extremely exciting. This would probably not be a good book for action adventure lovers or adrenalin junkies, but good for people who like comedy. There’s some sword fighting, Fencing, free falling, and various other action sports.  Obviously there is death; you don’t get much detail on what the death was like.  You only know that Gabby died. I think about eleven would be a good age to read this book. I would rate it with a PG. Thank you for reading my Review, By Bri π

 Rated: PG for Inappropriate comments and scenes. Some scary images.

Neither of us is driving to Canada?

So I was doing my language arts and I was answering a question, the question was, which of these statements are correct: Neither of us are driving to Canada or neither of us is driving to Canada. I went with the one that sounds right, the first one. And it said "sorry wrong answer" Uhhh... so people is driving to Canada? really, Didn't  know that. Strange. So apparently the one that sound dumb is the right one. Nice job computer. Hey, this has nothing to do with incorrect home work, but would any one happen to know the pro's and con's of bleaching your hair? I want to dye my hair bright blue but to do that I will have to bleach it, because my hair is mouse brown. I just want to know stuff like does it hurt, what helps heal hair after you bleach it, how long it leaves other color in, and how much it costs to get it done professionally (I'll probably just have my mom do it, but just wondering) so if any one has info please tell. I can't dye it until after march but, I still would like to know how much it hurt's your hair and stuff like that. I want to know before I go through with it. Well I don't kn ow what to say now and I need to finish school work, Bye Bri π

 Ok really weird fact, the battle of Gettysburg was started when some Confederate solders were caught looking for shoes in the town of Gettysburg.  I guess shoes really are worth fighting over.