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Friday, February 24, 2012

I may have broken my sister's thumb :(

Yesterday we were ion the living room playing Ninja, and I went to fake kick Morgan. Morgan blocked and I hit her thumb. She is now at the doctor trying to see if it is broken or not. Now I feel horrible because I hit my sister and possibly broke her thumb right before a meet. I'm not in trouble, but I'm not happy with myself. I'll say what happened to her when she and Mama get back. I really hope I didn't break her thumb. Yesterday I went to youth rally. It was fun. I got a bracelet that says peace on it. When I got up at the end my bag got knocked over and all my stuff fell out. I had to grab all my stuff, and people were walking by me kicking my stuff around. And we had just listened to a guy talk about how important it is to help people and to look for people who need help. Yeah good work every one. Kick my stuff around why don't you. That's what God want's you to do. That's a very good way to use your eyes. Well I got all my stuff in my bag. And then left and went home. When i got home we had pizza, I freaked out a little because I'm not eating red meat for lent and there was meat on the pizza. But it turned out to just be ham and sausage. It was pretty good. Then we messed around with daddy's robot. It was funny because it had a camera attached and so Mama an I were down stairs watching the feed while every one else was up stairs making the cat's come near it. It was pretty funny. Well I need to go do laundry, Bye Bri π

I did NOT break her thumb I just sprained it. So I guess that's a good thing. Bye Bri π


  1. Oh, :( I hope tomorrow is better. :( Which sister was it?

  2. Laundry is my favorite chore, lol.

  3. Note to self: Don't play ninja with a black-belt...Annie