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Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby breaks out!

My cousins Belle and Jake are staying at my house every day wile there parents are at work. today we discovered there favorite song. Break out, from Shake it Up! is there favorite song. Belle was running around yelling "Break out! Break out! Cool!  Cool!" and Jake was singing, yelling  and dancing. It was pretty funny. At one point he tried to do the worm. He looked like a fish out of water, but it was still cute.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Take the Bri Quiz, how much are you like Bri?

How much are you like Bri? find out!
1) What is your favorite color, a. Blue, b.Purple, c. Pink!
2) Which is your favorite kind of art? A. drawing, b)statues, c) I don't like art all that much.
3) Which is a fake scientific name? a. felis lupus b. felis roufus, c. what is a scientific name?
4) What is your favorite animal?  A. ALL of them! b. Mostly dog like things, c. Ewww!! Animals are nasty!
5) Can you sing? A. yep! b. kinda, c, nope, I sound like a cat.
6) Do cats like you? a. sometimes, b. nope c. yes, cats love me!
7) If your parents surprised you with a trip to discovery cove how would you react?  a. calm excitement, b. very happy, c. screams of joy!
8) Who is your favorite book character? a. Katnis Everdreen. b. Allie Finkle, c. Sophie the awesome
9) How much do you read? a. book a day! b. book every two days, c. book a month.
10) Do you love, a. zoology! b. botany, c. physics!!!
 Mostly A's, you are just like Bri! you are a good singer and love animals!
 Mostly B's, you are kind of like Bri. You are more into plants and less reading.
Mostly C's, you are not at all like Bri, you hate animals and love physics. Worst of all you love (gulp) PINK!
 Please comment your results, I want to see how many doppelgangers I have. ;)
(I am Bri and I approve this message)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Review: The Lost Hero- Rick Riordan, Rated: P.G.

Jason woke up on a bus in the middle of nowhere. He doesn't know how he got there, or his last name, or who  Piper and Leo are, the people who claim to be his friends. They go to the grand canon were they battle evil storm spirits, and are rescued by two people with flying horses. They take them to camp half blood, were they learn they are the children of the Greek gods and one of them needs there help. Hera the goddess of marriage has gone missing, and she claims she has Jason's memory's, and will only give them back if he frees her. So Jason Piper and Leo go on a quest to rescue Hera (and the world).

I hate math.

So today in math on the computer, I had ten questions. I got eight right and just two wrong, no biggie, right? Wrong. It decided to only give me fifty percent, even though I should have gotten eighty percent. It gave me an F! I should have gotten a B! Stupid math. That is really unfair. I don't like math and I'm starting to get better with my resentment of it, and this is not helping! Gtrrrrrrr! Stupid math on the computer, Stupid math! GRRRRR!!! OK I vented. I'm good now. Bye Bri!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mia, the vegan cat and her side kick, Talus the wimp.

My cat Mia is a vegetarian. I am serious. Every time she gets hold of something veggie she eats it! Cat's are carnivorous! She is a herbivorous carnivore. My cat is so weird. I dropped a piece of lettuce, she ate it! A grape falls from the table, it goes in her mouth and is never seen again. Noodles, gulps them down! Cheese, she eats it. If its something for a herbivore, she eats it. Weird cat. Not that she doesn't eat meat, she steals it from people if she must. But she eats veggies.

 Oh and there's the big wuss, Talus. He's afraid of everything. Blenders, vacuums, red heads, people who's names start with M, things that fall of tables, small children, the i Pad, dogs, cats, outside, fish, water, computers, diapers, you name it he's afraid of it! We have the wimpiest cat ever.

 We made super hero names for all our pets. Callie is Bat Dog, Eleanora was Under Dog, Mia is Battle Cat, and Talus is Cringore. Together they are the the Fantastic Pets! Well bye, Bri!

It's the Fish and bugs world, too!

 In the united states alone there are 735 endangered plants and 496 endangered animals. Animals need our help. not just the cute panda, or the beautiful wolf.  The insects too. The problem is that because people consider them creepy crawly's, they don't help. But they are important to! We need to help all the beasts, not just the cute ones. Insects have a place too. They pollinate flowers and plants we need for food. They eat the other insects that hurt us. They feed the animals we need for food and other things.  If we only help the animals we find cute, then we are just Hippocrates. So step up and help.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Santa's Caribou

 Reindeer and caribou are the same thing. Caribou are what they are called in America. Reindeer are in Europe. So since we live in America, we ought to be calling those reindeer caribou. Also, male reindeer (and caribou) don't have antlers in winter. Only the female do, thus Rudolf is a girl. But I guess old habits are hard to break.  Every time I refer to them as Santa's caribou or the fact that they are girls, people look at me like I am an idiot.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dogs+A garden= Rotten food.

 So this summer we decided to make a garden, but because we have dogs and rabbits we had to be really careful and get a fence for it. After we got and set up the fence we planted some sprouts, and some seeds. Well, at first we thought there wasn't enough sun light so we chopped some branches of the nearby trees(lovely for forts by the way). The plants started thriving. But then they became infested with squash beetles! They killed most of the pumpkin and the squash, and a few of the cucumbers. After the bugs went away, the cucumber took over! They killed a bunch of the other plants and were everywhere! And just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, the dogs discovered there was food in there. They killed and ate several plants (not to mention "fertilizing" stuff) and then just when the pumpkin started to grow back and sprout a tinny pumpkin, they ate it. Next year we are getting a real fence, and not a little rabbit fence. Well, at least the rabbits haven't gotten in. Wish us luck, bye Bri!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm international!

I have had ten views from Russia, and one view from Germany! That is cool! I wonder what they thought? I wish they would comment I want to know what they thought! Along with the people from America! Come on people comment! I want to know how I'm doing!

 To day I ran a mile in twelve minutes. Not that great for a martial artist. My dad beat me :( and my mom did not :( . So we need to work on it before the five K race that we might be doing with my Aunt. So that's what I'm doing here. Running and getting ready for my next book review's (The Lost Hero) So, bye, Bri!

Reiview Stuff

Hey! I am doing book reivews so if there is a book you would like me to review please coment the name and author, also here is a list of book's I plan to review.
 The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, The Percy Jackson series , and the Kane chronicles- Rick Riordan,  The Hunger Games trilogy-Suzanne Collins,  Lemonade Mouth-Mark Hughes, Harriet the Spy-Louise Fitzhugh,  The Mediator series, Allie Finkle's rules for girls- Meg Cabot, Clockwork Angle- Cassandra Clare, Scat, Hoot, and Flush-Carl Hiaasen , True (sort of)-Katherine Hannigan. Please I would love to see what books you would like to be reviewed. (No promises though) Thanks, Bri!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Review: The Sight, by David Clement-Davies Rated P.G.-13

 Set in the middle ages, The Sight is about twin wolf cubs, Fell and Larka, with a power called the sight. When their evil aunt Morgra tries to fulfill an ancient prophesy that say's Wolfbane (The wolf version of Satin) will come and destroy the world Fell and Larka must step up and seek there destiny.  Along with there pack, Fell and Larka set out to stop Morgra and learn the great secret.

Book Review: Fell, by David Clement-Davies Rated: P.G.-13

**Warning: Fell is a sequel, there are spoilers to the first book "The Sight" in this review. If you don't like spoilers please read "The Sight" before hand, if you don't really care then proceed.**

Set in the middle ages, Fell is about a wolf of the same name, who has a magic power called the sight. It set's him apart from other wolves. His twin sister also has this ability. After his sisters death he becomes a lone wolf. He finds his destiny is linked with a girl named Alina who is accused of being  a changeling. She is disguised as a boy and lives as a servant to a shepherd. When the shepherd turns on Alina, Fell comes to her rescue and they set of to find there destiny.

Random Philosifical Thoughts

Do rainbow's taste like Skittles? Red heads are an endangered species. Cheese is made of old milk. If you put a kitten on your shoulder, it will probably scratch you. Today will be yesterday tomorrow. If you have no fears your probably stupid. What if chocolate was an endangered species? Saturn would float if there was a bath tub big enough. If penguins had aposable thumbs they could rule the world. Humming birds eat ten times there body weight in food. Animal fur is band in California. Thank you these have been random philosophical thoughts.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's their world, too.

 If God gave us this world to take care of it, then we suck. If he gave it to us to mess it up then we are doing a really good job. I think people should stop thinking God will intervene with our pollution of the earth. I don't think so. I think when he said we were in charge of the land, sea, and beast's we should have taken him seriously. We have put our garbage in the soil, in the seas and rivers. We've poured our waste into the ocean. We have hunted numerous animals to extinction. We have even polluted the sky! You can't see the stars in the City and not in towns either. And sometimes in the City the air is poisonous! If we are masters of the earth then I think we should step up and do our duty. If one person can change the world, think what everyone else can do to.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weird ipad apps.

So last night my parents were playing with the cats. With the i Pad. Seriously, there is a cat play app. For your cat. And that got me thinking, what other apps are there that don't make a whole lot of sense? Just to list a few:
1. Bed rabbit app. This is a dancing app you lay the i Pad on your bed, then you start dancing and jumping, (Have we learned nothing from "no more monkey jumping on the bed?) It then rates how you did.
2.The  Pocket girl app. It's an app that lets guys have a fake girl friend on their phone. I think it's stupid and kind of sexist. Hey guys how would you feel if we went walking around with fake boy friends on our phones?
3. The chocolate app. It's a virtual box of chocolates. I bet they taste virtually great!
4.The Hold on! app. This apps entire purpose is to see how long you can hold on to a virtual button. Very useful.
5.The Friskeys cat fishing app. This app is a cat game. You turn it on near a kitty, and a virtual fish pops up. Every time you tap it it changes color and goes faster. If your cat makes it through all the levels, the i Pad tells them they won. (Cats can't read!)
So, these are very weird apps. That's all for today bye, Bri!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


What does our society have against stick men? I mean we hang them, put wigs on them, put them in skirts, we put them in strange circumstances, we obviously don't like stick men.Why can't we be nice to this simple yet, useful piece of art.  It is put on signs to warn us that children are crossing, on restroom doors to tell us which one is for our gender, and they make easy cartoon figures. I think we should stop abusing the stick man. (This is where people ether look at me like I'm crazy or applaud)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Coming soon to a blog near you!

 Today Jj, Morgan, and I are going to make a movie. It will be called: Veggie Wars, a Veggie Tales/Star Wars spoof. It will star, Larry the cucumber as Han Solo, Pa Grape as R2-D2, Laura carrot, as Chubacka, the prince dude as Luke Sky-walker,  Mr. Nezzer as Obi Wan Kenobi,  the princess lady as princess Leah, and Davey Jones as C3-P0. OK, we know Davey Jones is not a veggie tales caricature but, he was all we could find. As long as we make the movie to my parents standards we should be able to have it on my blog.

 Just 2 weeks until my books come out! I am so excited, I have been waiting for it since last year. I was bad and read the teaser for The Son of Neptune, so now I am really excited! It comes out in just 2 weeks!!! Yay!!!!! Then I have to wait another year for the next one to come out. Well at least the other books I want will come out in between then. Well, that's all for today, bye! Bri!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My cousin, the princess.

 Hello, its me again. A few months ago I went on vacation to Disney world. On the way I saw a sign that said Princeton Elizabeth-town. Dyslexic me thought it said princess Elizabeth-town. I have a cousin named Elizabeth and she wants to be a princess. I guess she got her wish.

My computer is mean to me. It decided to lock me out of my blog. I'm not kidding! I wanted to look at my blog and the parent/family thingies blocked it! Really? I mean I wrote the thing, its not going to have any thing inappropriate in it. Grrr. I will have to make my dad fix that.

I wish it wasn't so cold outside. Wasn't it in the hundreds like, a week ago? Missouri has weird weather. One day its warm, the next its cold, then its warm again. Why cant it just be warm all the time? I personally would prefer this. In winter it's to cold, and in summer it's to hot. Well bye, Bri!
 P.S. Grrr! Now it won't let me preview my blog! Stupid computer!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


 Today I have blog. If you you are wondering what the carnivorous herbivore thing is, to bad! Mohahaha! Not really. I made a movie (well video, actually) about a witch who controlled a bunch of rabid carnivorous herbivores. Then she was eaten and now she is just a dead corpse. It was very interesting. Now I must go because I want to watch the movie. Bye!