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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Review: The Lost Hero- Rick Riordan, Rated: P.G.

Jason woke up on a bus in the middle of nowhere. He doesn't know how he got there, or his last name, or who  Piper and Leo are, the people who claim to be his friends. They go to the grand canon were they battle evil storm spirits, and are rescued by two people with flying horses. They take them to camp half blood, were they learn they are the children of the Greek gods and one of them needs there help. Hera the goddess of marriage has gone missing, and she claims she has Jason's memory's, and will only give them back if he frees her. So Jason Piper and Leo go on a quest to rescue Hera (and the world).

 I really enjoyed this book. It was very funny and suspenseful. The story is well thought, and the characters very detailed. Not terribly Gorey, the monsters turn to dust when killed. It's really a fun book. Its adventurous and exciting. The character back story's are relieved slowly, adding to the suspense. one of the best parts is you switch from the view of the three main characters, Jason, Piper, and Leo, wile in third person. The hero's deal with dyslexia, and ADHD, which makes kids with those disorders feel like they can be great to.

  There are some things that are not so good about it though. Some of the humor is potty humor. There are some frightening sequences, and some violence and blood. At times there are implied swear words, although you never hear what is said. Obviously its not a christian book, but it is still very good.

 In recap: Not much gore, only a small amount of blood and violence. some swearing, but the words are never said. Good plot and character story's. I would recommend this book to kids nine and up. If could rate books, this would be P.G. for some violence and potty humor. The sequel comes out in October. Thanks for reading bye, Bri!

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