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Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Review: Fell, by David Clement-Davies Rated: P.G.-13

**Warning: Fell is a sequel, there are spoilers to the first book "The Sight" in this review. If you don't like spoilers please read "The Sight" before hand, if you don't really care then proceed.**

Set in the middle ages, Fell is about a wolf of the same name, who has a magic power called the sight. It set's him apart from other wolves. His twin sister also has this ability. After his sisters death he becomes a lone wolf. He finds his destiny is linked with a girl named Alina who is accused of being  a changeling. She is disguised as a boy and lives as a servant to a shepherd. When the shepherd turns on Alina, Fell comes to her rescue and they set of to find there destiny.

It is a good book with a nicely thought out plot. I would suggest reading the first book, The Sight, before you read Fell. It  has some evolutionist ideas in it, but it says that there could be a god, or many gods, or no gods for that matter. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy adventure and thrillers. It has some gore, so if you can't handle blood and death this is not the book for you. (All is true for The Sight as well)

 It is a little confusing . It states several time that man is an animal yet, at some points it say's man is different from animals. Other than that it's great. I think it is great that, for once, the wolves are the protagonist instead of the antagonist. It also gives Eco-friendly ideas, saying we need to help the wild as much as possible. I really liked it. As long as you understand your religion this book is very good, if not, it may leave you a little confused.

 In recap, it is a wonderful book, that has some gore. There are some Eco and evolutionist ideas. I would not recommend for children under about 11 or 12 depending on how they are with blood and death. If you are over that age or are very good with gore and death then go ahead and read it, although I would suggest reading the first book before hand as some information in The Sight would help make the book less confusing. Thank you for reading, Bri!
Rated: P.G-13 for fantasy violence, evolutionist ideas, and scary images.

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