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Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Review: The Sight, by David Clement-Davies Rated P.G.-13

 Set in the middle ages, The Sight is about twin wolf cubs, Fell and Larka, with a power called the sight. When their evil aunt Morgra tries to fulfill an ancient prophesy that say's Wolfbane (The wolf version of Satin) will come and destroy the world Fell and Larka must step up and seek there destiny.  Along with there pack, Fell and Larka set out to stop Morgra and learn the great secret.

 I would believe it is very heart breaking. It has lots of death and lots of gore. All though it lead's you to believe it is a christian book, it is not. There are evolutionist ideas stirred in. So be warned. It is a good book but as I said before it has a lot of gore, and lots of death. I would not recommend for children under 12 unless they are OK with books with lots of death. Other than those things it was great.

  It has some scary scenes too, so be careful with who you let read it. It may leave you confused as to evolutionist/creationist, but that can be forgone as long as you know before hand. I'm happy to see wolves as the hero instead of as villains. Personally, I think its an awesome book because, it is a adventure fantasy with well built characters and a very good plot.

  In recap: It's a really great book! Not recommended for kids under twelve or people who can't handle death or gore. Some frightening squenses, and some evolutionist ideas. Other than that I would recommend this book to people who like adventure and fantasy. It will break your heart though, so be prepared.  After you read this book you should read, Fell, the sequel. I have reviewed it but, it has spoilers for The Sight, so please read The Sight first! Thanks for reading, Bri!
Rated: P.G.-13, for fantasy  violence, evolutionist ideas and scary images.

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