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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


What does our society have against stick men? I mean we hang them, put wigs on them, put them in skirts, we put them in strange circumstances, we obviously don't like stick men.Why can't we be nice to this simple yet, useful piece of art.  It is put on signs to warn us that children are crossing, on restroom doors to tell us which one is for our gender, and they make easy cartoon figures. I think we should stop abusing the stick man. (This is where people ether look at me like I'm crazy or applaud)

Why do people not like unusual things? I rather prefer something unusual to something plain. It makes the world way more interesting. I don't see why some kids bully others just because someone has glasses, or tease because someone isn't "cool" enough for them. It really sucks. I think that if more people stood up to bullies and cliquey girls, then maybe they would stop. Everyone is different, so why bully someone for something that makes them, them? It doesn't make sense.  Well bye, Bri!

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  1. Thought provoking! It would be nice to see some additional connecting thought between the first and the second paragraph. It seems like they should be connected thoughts, but without enough connection provided.

    Also, do some reading about when it is appropriate to use, or not use, commas. In the first paragraph especially, I see several places where an additional comma is needed to be grammatically correct. If you're not seeing the areas I'm thinking of, let me know, and I'll point them out!

  2. cool i have been trying to post a comment