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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mia, the vegan cat and her side kick, Talus the wimp.

My cat Mia is a vegetarian. I am serious. Every time she gets hold of something veggie she eats it! Cat's are carnivorous! She is a herbivorous carnivore. My cat is so weird. I dropped a piece of lettuce, she ate it! A grape falls from the table, it goes in her mouth and is never seen again. Noodles, gulps them down! Cheese, she eats it. If its something for a herbivore, she eats it. Weird cat. Not that she doesn't eat meat, she steals it from people if she must. But she eats veggies.

 Oh and there's the big wuss, Talus. He's afraid of everything. Blenders, vacuums, red heads, people who's names start with M, things that fall of tables, small children, the i Pad, dogs, cats, outside, fish, water, computers, diapers, you name it he's afraid of it! We have the wimpiest cat ever.

 We made super hero names for all our pets. Callie is Bat Dog, Eleanora was Under Dog, Mia is Battle Cat, and Talus is Cringore. Together they are the the Fantastic Pets! Well bye, Bri!

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