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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dogs+A garden= Rotten food.

 So this summer we decided to make a garden, but because we have dogs and rabbits we had to be really careful and get a fence for it. After we got and set up the fence we planted some sprouts, and some seeds. Well, at first we thought there wasn't enough sun light so we chopped some branches of the nearby trees(lovely for forts by the way). The plants started thriving. But then they became infested with squash beetles! They killed most of the pumpkin and the squash, and a few of the cucumbers. After the bugs went away, the cucumber took over! They killed a bunch of the other plants and were everywhere! And just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, the dogs discovered there was food in there. They killed and ate several plants (not to mention "fertilizing" stuff) and then just when the pumpkin started to grow back and sprout a tinny pumpkin, they ate it. Next year we are getting a real fence, and not a little rabbit fence. Well, at least the rabbits haven't gotten in. Wish us luck, bye Bri!

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