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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's the Fish and bugs world, too!

 In the united states alone there are 735 endangered plants and 496 endangered animals. Animals need our help. not just the cute panda, or the beautiful wolf.  The insects too. The problem is that because people consider them creepy crawly's, they don't help. But they are important to! We need to help all the beasts, not just the cute ones. Insects have a place too. They pollinate flowers and plants we need for food. They eat the other insects that hurt us. They feed the animals we need for food and other things.  If we only help the animals we find cute, then we are just Hippocrates. So step up and help.

 Another thing we need to do is watch what kind of fish we eat. Some fish are going extinct from over fishing.  Like tuna, to name one. Tuna are also being contaminated with mercury. From our pollution. So stop eating blue tuna. Its bad for the planet and bad for you. Skip-jack and yellow fin tuna are perfectly fine. They are not effected by the mercury, and are not endangered. some other fish you shouldn't eat are: red snapper, Chilean sea bass, orange roughly, spiny lobster, farmed salmon, Atlantic halibut, and Atlantic cod. some good alternatives are: pacific halibut, wild salmon, ahi tuna (also known as yellow fin), stripped bass, and skip jack tuna. if we want to preserve these fish for the future, we need to stop eating. (information from about.com, Seafood Watch, and Google.)

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