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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Breakfast Cereal.

"Breakfast Cereal, The Breakfast of Normal People."
 If I ever had a breakfast cereal company, that would be my slogan. Not that I plan on having a breakfast cereal company, as I don't particularly enjoy breakfast cereal. But whatever. In other news, I finally got a hold of Warm Bodies, and it was kind of boring. But I'm excited to see the movie, it looks pretty funny. Plus Nicholas Hoult makes a really cute zombie. Oh, Books! So, I'm going to this young adult book thingie and I get to meet a bunch of famous authors and I'm super excited!! I get to meet Veronica Roth!! And then she's going to give us her secrets to world domination, by way of best selling books. Super excited!! There will be lots of other authors too, like Margret Stohl and Kami Garcia, S.R. Johannes, Richelle Mead, and several others. Sadlly, No Meg Cabot, Ally Condie, or Cassandra Claire. But maybe next year. Still super excited!! I"m going to get books signed!! Well, ok, I'm getting one book signed, my mom is getting about a million signed. But still! I also get to go to these classes where the authors teach about writing, and that will be awesome!! Ok, I need to go now, bye!! Bri π

Friday, January 25, 2013

Awkward Moments....

So this morning I was eating my breakfast like a normal person, Ok that's a lie, I was eating it sprawled on a couch, but that's besides the point. Any way I was eating my cereal, and suddenly my brain decides to say. "Hey! You know what you haven't thought of in forever? The length of Human intestines! They're really long! Isn't that great?!" Needless to say, I didn't really feel like finishing my cereal. Oh brain... Why?

So, How are you people? Good I hope, aside from the awkward moment above. I am also good, if you where wondering. I have been reading three book series, Is it series? Or Seriei? Or serieses? Any way, I've been reading three. I just finished one. I still Haven't gotten my hands on Warm Bodies yet. Sad. I really want to read it before I see the movie. I turns out that our library does not have that book anywhere in it's system. That annoys me slightly. But I have read Beautiful Creatures, and am very ready to go see it on the wrong day. It's opening on either the 13th or the 14th, but it should be opening on the 11th. JJ's reading it now. Morgan is reading Artemis Fowl. *maniacal laughter* I love that book. It is an amazing book. And Now I must go. Read things! Bye!
                                                                                                                      Bri π
                                                                                                                              •7 ,  (Ten)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

List of Insults That No One Else Will Understand.

Hello! Today I am going to list some of my many insults. They are all quite interesting,  Enjoy!

"Pansy Cake" A person who showing cowerdice. Also a person who has not read the book 'Divergent' (Divergent)

"Marshmallow" A person who does not handle gore, or is in general, soft. (New Moon)

"(Name here), don't be a (add ridiculous object/nonexistant creature)" used to insult someone who is failing you.  (Psych)

"Seaweed Brain" A person who is being idiotic. (Percy Jackson)

"Wise Girl" Someone who is being annoyingly intelligent. (Percy Jackson)

 And now my favorite one ever.
"Duh" an explicative that was accidentally turned into a name by Morgan,

And... That's all I've got.
                                       Bri π

Monday, January 14, 2013

Tips on Casting a Book Character With Out Having Rabid Fans Rip Off Your Face

So you must know the feeling. Your favorite book is finally becoming a movie! Your just really excited and waiting for the casting. Finally, they've casted the male lead and... he looks like a thirty year old creeper. Your hopes for the movie plummet completely. How did they come up with him to play a sixteen year old boy? Honestly it makes  no sense. You just want to go up to the casting director and punch them in the face for what they have done. And I would come with you gladly.

Ok, so because I really don't want to have to threaten the lives of any more directors, Here are tips from the fans on how not to get murdered for your poor casting choices.

1. Get as close to the actual age as possible, or choose an actor/actress who looks the age.
2. If they look like a creeper, cast someone else.
3. Being British doesn't solve everything.
4. Listen to the fans.
5. Listen to the author.
6. Do not take out charachters that are important to plot lines later
7. Be extremely careful when picking out the heart throb of the book. You may have your face rearranged if you fail.
8. No matter who you cast except that someone will hate your guts and send you nasty letters.
9. When choosing a bad girl cheerleader, yes short skirts, no see through lace dress.
10. Be very, very, very careful in general. Fan girls are unstable creatures. Do not anger them.

Thank you for listening, Bye! Bri π

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fun with dreams.

Dreaming can be a very interesting thing to do. Especially when your really excited about something. Last night I had an entertaining dream.
So, JJ and I are wandering around a construction site for no reason, when suddenly I realize we need to go get ready for a trip to Texas. So JJ and I rushed home and we started packing, thinking that the trip wasn't until tomorrow, little did we know it was today. as we where packing we got a call from some non existent person telling us that we were late. JJ an I started freaking out and throwing stuff into our suit cases. We finally finished and we ran to the buss station where a bus was waiting to take us to the airport. We were escorted by Cookie and Blake who where helping us with our suit cases because it was snowing. We arrived at the bus station and Cookie started playing in the snow. some blond girl next to me said "She's such a loser" And I looked at her and screamed "Don't call my best friend a loser!" then I punched her in the face. Then I realized I had forgotten something at home, so JJ and I ran back home to get it, but this time we had a bunch of man eating fish swimming in the sky trying to stop us. JJ and I narrowly escaped death by fish and got home to find that for some reason our house had been over run with Portal Turrets. A bunch of  cats randomly appeared. The cats were trying to eat the turrets laser sights, distracting the turrets for us to get inside to find that the evil person behind the turret invasion was none other than rude blond girl. She was laughing about how she had stopped us and I punched her in the face again. We grabbed my Jacket, which is what I had forgotten and ran to the bus station, and arrived to discover the bus had left. JJ and I were freaking out because how where we going to get to Texas? Then I woke up.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Video Games: Better Than You Think.

  Let’s say you’re sitting with your dad, who is playing Call of Duty. Suddenly, he remembers that he needs to call someone about something important. As he rushes off, he shoves the controller into your hand and, with the phone next to his ear as he is waiting for his call to connect, mouths the words "shoot stuff" then walks away. You have never played this before, and don't really understand the game; mostly you end up spinning in circles and dyeing a lot. The game ends and you think to yourself, "Well that was a waste of time." You, my friend, would be completely wrong.
 Video games have been a very controversial subject for quite a while. Especially now, with Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Skyrim, and several others where your main objective is to kill people. While, that isn't exactly a great thing, I'll give you some reasons why the games could be helpful in real life.

Video games have been proven to help with depression and anxiety, with video games actually out preforming medication. (Huffington post) Soon after a fantasy game called SPARX, was created  specifically for helping with symptoms of depression. Another mental illness video games have been proven to improve is ADHD. By playing video games, focus and concentration were improved in kids (and adults) with ADHD. Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder, where more socially active after playing first person video games. It's not just kids and teens who can get help from games. It has been proven that first person video games lessen symptoms of dementia, so grandma and grandpa, go play some games with the grand kids!

What is every parent’s worst nightmare? Kids driving. What’s one way to help kids learn to drive? First person video games! People who play first person video games, such as Portal or Call of Duty, are proven to be better drivers. First person games are played by using both sticks on the controller, which helps with motor skills and hand eye coordination. That's not all it helps with. It helps with visual attention and making split second decisions that could save your life on the road. Speaking of eyes, aren't video games supposed to make you blind? False! In fact video games improve eyesight! Studies show that people who play video games have improved eye sight; over their non gamer friends.

Video games are pretty cool, some of the most popular ones even help with learning. History, problem solving, oceanography, physics, and several other subjects can be taught with video games. Valve, the creators of Portal, have created Teach with Portal, a way for teacher to use video games to teach kids Physics, problem solving, and critical thinking. This software is free, and can be used to create your own test rooms, (Singularityhub) because of this, other video game makers are coming out with science and math video game, that people will actually play. It's a brilliant idea.

Video games are a huge part of pop culture, and lots of people play them, but it's not all bad. As I have shown you, video games are a good way to teach kids (and adults) life skills, along with keeping them happy and healthy. Video games are an excellent way to exercise the brain, and while, yes sometimes we need to get off the couch, go outside and exercise our bodies, video games are not as bad as you think.

Thanks for reading this; I worked hard on it, Bye!     Bri π

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

State of Decay.

Walking on the hot, broken assault, in the dessert like heat, is not as awful as it may sound. Looking at the things around me, all these broken things, is beautiful. in the distance is the metal remains of a glass building. The glass is shattered, the metal rusting. It is a skeletal reminder of an old world. But that is no more. I continue walking, looking. over the road is an old road sign, it is falling to pieces. I have seen picture of what they once looked like. I like them better in this manner. I pass over the fallen signs, smelling the rust, something I am used to now. As I go, I see the lifeless bodies of abandoned cars. They look sad, but appealing. Most hate this new world, but I see beauty in the chaos. Pieces of what once was are intriguing. I walk under an old bridge that crosses over the highway. The metal pieces are a patch work of red and green blue. I stop. The shade is welcome, and I stand in it with my eyes closed, letting it cool me down. I open my eyes again and sigh. I come out from under the bridge and look at the other side. The grass looks just as yellow as before. Another building, closer, is next to the road. It' windows empty, it's roof sagging. I find it interesting. I turn and continue. Wandering through this world that is so different from before. i pass between a forested area, empty of leaves. It looks like winter, but feels like summer. Over the tops of the trees I see the columns of factories, once they spewed a fowl smoke, but now they are lifeless, creating nothing. This world is so different, from any I have seen before, I have seen nothing move, nothing stir. The wind is dead, and no birds fly, no animal tracks can be found. Most foreboding, I see no signs of people, just ruins. Just me in this world in a beautiful state of decay.
                                                                                                                 Bri π

Thursday, January 3, 2013


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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome To The New Year.

Hello everyone, I know I'm a bit late, but Happy New Year! I hope you all had fun at your party's and such, I did. I went to my cousins house and we played some card games. WE played Apples to Apples first (Blake won) then Five Seconds (Cathy won) then we played Freeze dance (sort of) to various random songs, I was the D.J. We danced to Gangam Style, What Makes You Beautiful, Party Rock Anthem, and several others. Later some of us played Scategory, which I failed at miserably. when we finished with that, Daddy and Donny played Call of Duty.

 It's the year I first met a certain boy named Joshua :) It's The year I got my beloved, although slightly obnoxious, kitten Ten. It was the year I started watching Doctor Who again. It's the year I read Beautiful Creature, The Mortal Instruments, Grave Mercy and several others. It's the year I didn't go to camp, But instead got a bad part in a big play. It's also the year I went to acting camp. It's the year I discovered Steampunk, and started making Jewelery. It's the Year that JJ and I got up and started something. It's the year I won NaNoWriMo. It's the year I turned fifteen. It's the year I first drove in. It's the year the world ended in. If any of you want to know what My New Year resolution is, It's to Shut Up and Listen. And also to try to clean my room.
                                                                                     Bri π