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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fun with dreams.

Dreaming can be a very interesting thing to do. Especially when your really excited about something. Last night I had an entertaining dream.
So, JJ and I are wandering around a construction site for no reason, when suddenly I realize we need to go get ready for a trip to Texas. So JJ and I rushed home and we started packing, thinking that the trip wasn't until tomorrow, little did we know it was today. as we where packing we got a call from some non existent person telling us that we were late. JJ an I started freaking out and throwing stuff into our suit cases. We finally finished and we ran to the buss station where a bus was waiting to take us to the airport. We were escorted by Cookie and Blake who where helping us with our suit cases because it was snowing. We arrived at the bus station and Cookie started playing in the snow. some blond girl next to me said "She's such a loser" And I looked at her and screamed "Don't call my best friend a loser!" then I punched her in the face. Then I realized I had forgotten something at home, so JJ and I ran back home to get it, but this time we had a bunch of man eating fish swimming in the sky trying to stop us. JJ and I narrowly escaped death by fish and got home to find that for some reason our house had been over run with Portal Turrets. A bunch of  cats randomly appeared. The cats were trying to eat the turrets laser sights, distracting the turrets for us to get inside to find that the evil person behind the turret invasion was none other than rude blond girl. She was laughing about how she had stopped us and I punched her in the face again. We grabbed my Jacket, which is what I had forgotten and ran to the bus station, and arrived to discover the bus had left. JJ and I were freaking out because how where we going to get to Texas? Then I woke up.


  1. how HERE we going to get to taxes

  2. how HERE we going to get to TAXES