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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome To The New Year.

Hello everyone, I know I'm a bit late, but Happy New Year! I hope you all had fun at your party's and such, I did. I went to my cousins house and we played some card games. WE played Apples to Apples first (Blake won) then Five Seconds (Cathy won) then we played Freeze dance (sort of) to various random songs, I was the D.J. We danced to Gangam Style, What Makes You Beautiful, Party Rock Anthem, and several others. Later some of us played Scategory, which I failed at miserably. when we finished with that, Daddy and Donny played Call of Duty.

 It's the year I first met a certain boy named Joshua :) It's The year I got my beloved, although slightly obnoxious, kitten Ten. It was the year I started watching Doctor Who again. It's the year I read Beautiful Creature, The Mortal Instruments, Grave Mercy and several others. It's the year I didn't go to camp, But instead got a bad part in a big play. It's also the year I went to acting camp. It's the year I discovered Steampunk, and started making Jewelery. It's the Year that JJ and I got up and started something. It's the year I won NaNoWriMo. It's the year I turned fifteen. It's the year I first drove in. It's the year the world ended in. If any of you want to know what My New Year resolution is, It's to Shut Up and Listen. And also to try to clean my room.
                                                                                     Bri π

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