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Sunday, January 6, 2013

State of Decay.

Walking on the hot, broken assault, in the dessert like heat, is not as awful as it may sound. Looking at the things around me, all these broken things, is beautiful. in the distance is the metal remains of a glass building. The glass is shattered, the metal rusting. It is a skeletal reminder of an old world. But that is no more. I continue walking, looking. over the road is an old road sign, it is falling to pieces. I have seen picture of what they once looked like. I like them better in this manner. I pass over the fallen signs, smelling the rust, something I am used to now. As I go, I see the lifeless bodies of abandoned cars. They look sad, but appealing. Most hate this new world, but I see beauty in the chaos. Pieces of what once was are intriguing. I walk under an old bridge that crosses over the highway. The metal pieces are a patch work of red and green blue. I stop. The shade is welcome, and I stand in it with my eyes closed, letting it cool me down. I open my eyes again and sigh. I come out from under the bridge and look at the other side. The grass looks just as yellow as before. Another building, closer, is next to the road. It' windows empty, it's roof sagging. I find it interesting. I turn and continue. Wandering through this world that is so different from before. i pass between a forested area, empty of leaves. It looks like winter, but feels like summer. Over the tops of the trees I see the columns of factories, once they spewed a fowl smoke, but now they are lifeless, creating nothing. This world is so different, from any I have seen before, I have seen nothing move, nothing stir. The wind is dead, and no birds fly, no animal tracks can be found. Most foreboding, I see no signs of people, just ruins. Just me in this world in a beautiful state of decay.
                                                                                                                 Bri π