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Friday, May 11, 2012

Scarves are cool. (I hate scarves)

Haha, take that Matt Smith.
 Hi how are you! I am good, I have a part in the play, I'm grandma Josephine, interesting. I made the captions on all of these pics. um..... Scarves are cool too!
Bow tie!


The fourth doctor made scarves cool

Scarves are officially cool now, Matt Smith wore one.
Ya know what? I actually don't like scarves. :p Well, Bye Bri π


  1. Puddle-glum wears a scarf? Is his wigwam too cold? I don't care for scarves on men, but I like scarves pretty well for myself. But they can get annoying if you don't like stuff around your neck....
    We need to get together!!!!!

    1. I'm really confused. Are you talking about the fourth Doctor? Sorry, meg, this is all Doctor Who related, so unless you watch Doctor Who you won't get it. :/

    2. haha it's ok, actually, the doctor who fiftieth anniversary is next year, it's been going since the sixty's. the guy in the scarf is the fourth Doctor. it's OK if your a nerd, I'm a nerd too. just a more modern nerd. you should watch some of the old Doctor Who, the original ones, there on netflix. I've seen a few and there pretty good.

  2. Nope, I was talking about the next to last picture with the actor who played Puddle-glum in the older BBC version of "The Silver Chair". A wigwam is what marshwiggles live in. Sorry about that... I've never seen Dr. Who. Star Trek, Narnia, LOTR, but nothing much modern. Not that I don't like modern itself, I just haven't found much that I like that isn't fifty years old or more...(I'm such a nerd...).

  3. LOL,each nerd is different. That's why we're nerds :)