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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hoot by Carl Hiaasen- Rated PG

 Roy is the new kid, well he's always the new kid. he has moved more times than he can count. now he's in Florida. Roy doesn't think Florida is very interesting, but one day on the bus, Roy finds something he didn't expect to see. A boy with out shoes running away from the bus. Roy decided to follow the boy and see what he's up to. The boy tells him a construction company is hiding a secret, a secret that is totally illegal, and he's out to stop them.  Roy did NOT know what he was getting into.

Hoot is a really good book. I can't even think of were to start, so how about i start with the the nature thing. Roy and the Boy (mullet fingers) are trying to stop a construction project from killing protected burrowing owls, Roy does so in a peaceful way, mullet fingers does not (but more on that later) it's a good lesson on do ing what you think is right, standing up to bullies, and even little things make a difference. It is a great book.

Ok, so there's some law breaking. Mullet fingers trespasses, vandalizes, and is maliciously mischievous (which is apparently a crime) Roy and his friends skip school, Roy and a bully beat each other up a bit, and at one point someone is mooned. People say A** and H*** and God's name is said as an exclamation once or twice. Mullet fingers is attacked by a dog, you only read about his wounds not the attack though.  Lets not even start with the company.

But even with all of that, still a good book, a rally call for nature. I really enjoy it. It is very enjoyable book for all ages. It's good for people who enjoy eco-adventures, mystery, and just plain old fun. This is a good book for kids probably eight and up, It's really good. I rate it PG for illegal acts, profanity, and inappropriateness. Thanks for reading Bri π

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