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Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy mothers day to all you moms!

Our Mothers day was interesting. First we went to church and sang a bit. Then we left early to get tables for our family at a restaurant. But the people messed up and gave our table away, so we had to wait a really long time. While we waited Mama opened her presents. She got: a painting by Morgie, a duct tape car from JJ, and a ceramic cat that I had made for mothers day about four years ago, but never got to give her because Papa stole it. But her best present was from all of us. It is a Doctor Who, Tenth Doctor sonic screwdriver. We had fun messing with it, until everyone else got there. Then we ate food, and went home. At home Mama soniced the cat, who was not amused. He fluffed up and was not happy. Little cat was perfectly fine, and tried to eat the screwdriver. After that, Mama and Daddy went to there room for a bit. Later we watched some Doctor Who, The Eleventh Hour (Again) The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, which wasn't to bad, and Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, which literally left me scared of my own shadow. But this time, I am going to stick it out at and continue being Whovian.  Then we watched some Mythbusters. while we "watched" Mythbusters everyone was on ThinkGeek website, looking at cool stuff. I found some stuff I wanted, and every tone else did too. then I went to Amazon and found the Doctor Who action figures were on sale and eligible for free shipping. Probably going to be getting those. Well, gotta do math, Bye, Bri π

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  1. yes! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!