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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello my readers! How are you? Better than me, I hope. I am having trouble with the whole breathing thing, and my appetite has taken a plummet.  and also my head, throat and chest hurts and I feel wobbly when I walk. So in all I feel cruddy. Blech, I hate being sick. My audition went well, my acting was better than my singing, which is totally a new experience. Mostly because I messed up my song and had to start over. But I was told that I did awesome with my read. So thats good. Someone else did my song, but she was really quite. I could only hear her music and not her. I really hope I get Veruca. I was dressed up like her and everything. My mom did my hair in curls and all that loveliness. I've been in a Doctor Who mood latley. I really want to watch it, but some episodes freak me out, but I love it. I have watched exactly two episodes since 2010. So I am sort of behind. Meh, I need to do some more school, so bye. Bri π

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