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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Long Hair VS. Short Hair.

So I am going to do a report like thing about the pros and cons, of having long and short hair.

Long hair pros.
Long hair is good if you want curls and waves for beauty reasons, you can braid it, and different kinds of buns.
Long hair makes you look younger
Men have a tendency to like women with longer hair better.
No one will confuse your gender,
You can play with it, or chew on it if you get nervous.
Your neck doesn't get sun burned as badly,
You can flip your hair, if you want to. (Although i do admit, it's really fun).
It can keep you warmer int he winter.

Long hair cons.
Long hair can be bad if you do art or sports.
You have to pull it up into a pony tail, which can hurt your hair by causing split ends. 
It gets caught in the wind more easily,
It get's pulled by little children, and cat's try to eat it.
It is also harder to wash and dry and you have to use more shampoo and conditioner.
It can also get really static.

Short hair pros.
it keeps you Much cooler in the summer.
shampoo, dye, conditioner, hair products, haircuts are cheaper because you don't have to use so much
many ways to style it!
If it's really short it won't get in the way.
Easier to brush
More manageable

Short hair cons.
you have to wash it a bit more if you use hair gel and such.
If you want to keep it short you have to keep cutting it.
If you don't like it you can't do anything about it until it grows out.
Not very good for winter.
If you have a cowlick it will show. 
Curly hair looks poofy.

So that's what i found.

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