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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Every girl wants to be a princess.

It"s true. Weather you are a tomboy, tomgirl, girly girl, nerdy girl, rich girl, or whatever, you want to be a princess. You might not want to be a ridiculous, sit around, damsel in distress princesses, You might be a studious princess, or a warrior princess (Me), or an athletic princess, or maybe you are a damsel in distress, or some other type of princess. Doesn't matter. You want to be a princess. No matter how much you deny it, you do. I told my dad and he started talking about Xena the warrior princess and her ditsy side kick Gabrielle. He said it's like He-Man only live action. I might have to watch it some time.

I ordered all three Hunger Games dolls. I will get, Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. I'm really excited, they'll be here next week. Yay!! I am such a girl. I really am a girl. Earlier I was complaining because I was getting my nails all dirty (My mom did my nails) and Noah yelled "stop being a girl" I replied "I AM a girl!" He stopped after that. I have make up, I got three different eye shadows and silver eye liner. The eye shadows are called: Wolf (silver), Envy (green), and Rich B*** (gold). The eye liner is called Disco Ball (Silver). Their really pretty on me actually. I need some gold eyeliner. I got bored yesterday and gave my self a fake tattoo. It was an Ankh. The Egyptian symbol for life. The other one was for Work, which I put on my foot. Gotta go Now, Bye, Bri π


  1. Yep... Every girl wants to be a princess. It's true. What does "tomgirl" mean? Is that like a slightly more feminine tomboy? It's been quite a while since I've been called a tomboy (and yet I've never been called anything else. I'm mostly pretty nerd-ish, yet still very feminine about it).
    ME TOO. I've never understood why some girls don't enjoy being very feminine, I've understood the fun of being "masculine", if that's what you call climbing trees, fencing, doing archery, and not taking the time to cry over a scraped knee, but why not do all that and play dress up? (Yes, I still play dress up with my historical costumes and stuff). I love all those things and more!
    One time I tried to give myself a tatoo with a marker, I was about ten years old at the time... I had to wash it off though :)
    --Kitty's Person

  2. yeah a tomgirl is a slightly more feminine tomboy. I am a tomgirl. I gress up some times to! Lol