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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

what I have heard so far.

Morgan: Do you see a silver fish?
JJ: Bri!! I did it wrong, I just wrote twelve hundred two. Come here!
Morgan: Bri, listen.
JJ: What’s a by line?
Morgan: Robert bought a toy for 85c and sold it for 75 for what price did he sell the toy, I read it wrong.
JJ: Wow you’re really old Morgan your like three hundred years old!
JJ: WHATS A BYLINE!?              
JJ: The eagles are still sleeping.
Morgan: is that good?
Morgan: Run daddy run,
JJ: I don’t know where this setting is!
JJ: Cool
Morgan: What? Hi, I don’t like chairs.
JJ: why?
Morgan: Blah. How are you, um… how do you know no one is talking, do they have to talk to you? Brianna,
JJ: where is this setting, and yeah I’m doing my report on the hunger games
Morgan: where is my eraser? Oh I found it. 
 JJ opps I miss spelled Katniss’s name
Morgan: 1 8 16 84
 JJ: I am hungry apparently.
Morgan: do you know why? Because it’s 11:16, ish.
Morgan : like a bullet from a gun 2! 261! What are you wrighting? Oh. That’s not going anytwere right? That;s a little embarrassing.
Morgan. Bannana.
Morgan: The first five multiplication of six, six, twelve, eighteen. Wait five? Ok, six twelve eighteen twenty six, wait what? No I think it’s twenty four, no it’s, no it is twenty four, yeah twenty four. Six, twelve, eighteen, twenty-four, twenty-six, no it’s not twenty six, thirty! Yep, all five! Move over, six, G. You have to do this all day? What happens when your not here, are you going to Tae Kwon Do? Oh,
HA exactly square box! Cheating a little bit because I used graph paper. I just use my paper to make square boxes! HeHe. B. oh wait I already tried that. Twenty-seven? Ah thirty six, I think , Yeah thirty six. Forty five. Thirty-two, forty forty-eight. Oh fifty-six.  I talk a lot during my math,
JJ This is part of your school work right, Can I see?
Morgan: ooh I want a carrot,! Carrot!! Were are the carrots? JJ?
JJ. Outside.
Morgan: What? Were are they?
JJ: I told you outside!
Morgan: Meh!
 JJ: hey Morgie have you checked the fridge?
Morgan: yeah, found them!
JJ: it’s like I’m being stalked.
Jj: LUIKE!!!
JJ: Sky-walker.
JJ: Mowahahahahaha!
JJ: How many pages do you have? How miny?
Morgan: I am a horrible carrot pealer.
JJ: did you eat any?
Morgan: No
JJ: Nice.
Morgan my carrot is dead, I’m a carrot killer.
JJ: ugh, I’m still going through characters.
Morgan . This carrot is bumpy. ‘
JJ: there is too many characters!!
M: D
J: Oh harry potter and star wars.
M: What is the five digit multiple of two?
J” I finished!
M: what?
J: I finished
M. Is it lunch time yet? What time is it? Fine I’ll check it myself!
J: whoa you do have like six lines of Morgan talking
M: book mark carnivorous herbivore.
J: bit cow!
M: wait uh what?
J: hey can you like send that to me? ugh I still have a ha, I mean How. Huh? Oh.
It’s a miracle what I do for her.
M: are you still wrighting? Bri? Hello? 2 e! ten is a multiple of which whole number? Hmmmm. Does this sticker have a star on it? Heart? What? I can’t do that.  Does this have any square angels?  Square angles
J: I’m just going to writ funny comments
M: ok good. I didn’t step on the bug. 11:53. Yeah that beetles dead, ow!
J: ooh!
M: owie my back.
 J: what is this? I want to listen to this not.  Darn oh well.
M: my index finger hurts. Now there’s no right angles. OOH! That looks like an A but it’s not. Is mommy up? You aren’t? Why not?
J: we could stop talking.
M: I’m not stopping talking. This pencil is weird.
J: I’m not blathering as much as morgan!
M: Are you done?
J: twenty four hours.
M: oh. She set fire to the Snape? She set fi-i-ire to the snake!
 J: with this dumb article!
M: wearer do I get AN  ARTIST!
M: mep mep mep em e
M: last five digets? Ok, appear as the last diget.
J: cow… What? I said How! not cow, it starts with an H bri.
J: what do i do for HOW!!!!!!???


  1. Umm... Bri? I said NOT cow not Bit cow. And Hat do i do for How?!? Its WHAT do i do for how. Get it right!!!

    1. By the way the last comment was me...Jj!!!

    2. Bri you where having typing troubles...Oh great.