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Monday, April 23, 2012

Why are atheists so rude?

I mean seriously. I don't go around making fun of them, I don't tell them to go to hell, I don't tell them that if they don't believe me the will go to hell. why can't they just leave us alone? they say were stupid for hating Gays, but they're just as bad about hating us and other religious people. I don't care for them much, but I don't hate them. I mean, seriously atheists, get your ideas right. You say were wrong for believing in god, for not liking Gays, and for being racist, for pushing religion on you. well, you teas us, you say bad things about us, on Instagram a girl even told me Jesus and God were S*** I couldn't believe it. There supposed to be all non-judging,and they judge us about everything. so why can't they just shut up? they say that religion ruins the world, they say Christians are opposed to education and science. that creationism isn't science, and I hate it! why can't they leave us alone, and we an leave them alone. I love science and learning but yeah some Christians don't like science because it opposes there believes. why can't we just leave each other alone? Can't we just get over it? ugh... well I'm done ranting.


  1. Lol, i'm doing math and debating with an athiest about the big bang theory on instagram i think it's cool.

    1. i won, the debate with the atheists. they both gave up trying to prove me wrong.