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Friday, April 6, 2012

my quiz results

So I took this quiz and it told me what I would be if I was in various different places, Like Panem, Middle earth, Star Trek, stuff like that, but I took it an here are my results.

Name: Bri
Harry Potter: Gryfyndor
Hunger Games: District 7
Twilight: werewolf
Lord of the rings: Elf
Divergent: Dauntless
Mortal Instruments: Warlock
Percy Jackson: God
Chronicles of Narnia: Narnian
Dr. Who: The Doctor.
Delirium: Uncured.
Star Trek: Vulcan
Star Wars: Rebel

 i think it's funny. I'm the doctor. And a Greek god apparently. and an Elf, a Vulcan, a Warlock, a Gryfindor, and a Dauntless. Lol

P.S. I would also be a bloodbath in the hunger games. lol. I knew it.