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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This is really dificult.

Ok So for a school project I'm supposed to listen to people and write down what I hear, but people talk to fast! It's hard to write down what people are saying when the talk twice as fast as you can type. I'm also supposed to do it for twenty four hours, I am not going to remember what every one has said over the past day. I'm lucky if I remember my mom told me to do, yeah I am probably going to epically fail. Mehhhh. and what If i hear strangers talking? am I supposed to write what they say to grrr. Bye gatta listen  to people. Bri π
PS. I keep hearing JJ sniffle does that count?


  1. No it does not count to hear my sniffling!!!!! I have a cold!!! i cant stop the sniffle!!!!!
    JJ <3

  2. I used to write down what ppl said for a whole day. I remmember one time I looked at it and found that Mom said she would make brownies, she didn't though, lol it's pretty fun!

    1. She made some later though... :) YESS!!