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Friday, December 30, 2011

Book review: The Dangerous Days of Daniel X, By James Paterson, rated PG-13

Daniel X Is the best super hero ever. Why? Because he can make things. With his mind. Daniel is an alien who hunts other aliens for a living. Evil Aliens. His parents were alien hunters until they were murdered when Daniel was three. Now Daniel is counting down the top bad guys, excuse me, aliens, Till he gets to the number one evil alien of all, and he just happens to be the one who killed Daniels parents. But for now, he's at number six. Number six wants to steal what's on the earth, and kill every one on it too. Daniel has to stop him, even though Number six has the same powers as Daniel, and he can use them better than Daniel can. What could go wrong?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cat puke and Sherlock Holmes.

 Ok that may sound gross, and part of it is. This morning I got up and ate breakfast. I looked into the living room and there was Mia, throwing up all over the floor. You may want to know what this has to do with Sherlock Holmes. Well just after I cleaned up Mia's mess, I got dressed and went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. It was really good. Not as freaky as the first one, but still pretty suspenseful. And the best part of the movie, wasn't even in the movie. The best part was that... I SAW THE HUNGER GAMES TRAILER AND THE KATNISS POSTER!!!!! I was so excited!! When it came on Mama elbowed me but I already recognized it. You know your obsessed when you get super excited about a trailer and a poster and you've seen the trailer about two million times.(ok, more like five)  :D I was so happy. Not that Sherlock Holmes wasn't good. It's just, I have been wanting to see The Hunger Games movie since I first heard they were making a movie, and the trailer was the closest I can get before it comes out in March. (SO excited!!) The cat being sick really doesn't have any thing to do with this. Oh well. Morgan is yelling at me to stop writing and do my chore, so gotta go, Bye Bri π

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why my mom doesn't understand me.

 My mom thinks I'm weird because I don't want to ride a skate bored, but I want to go hang gliding. Is this considered weird? The reason for this is that, with a hang glider I am holding on to something, thus it is safe, with a skate board, I am not holding on to something, thus it is unsafe. (My logic is flawed, I know, deal with it) I don't know, thats just how I think. That is why riding a bike or a scooter is safe, but not a skate board or a unicycle. I am actually afraid of my skate  board on a flat surface, while I am not afraid of jumping of a cliff with a hang glider. I don't know why. I just am. I guess it's that I feel in control if I am holding it more so than if I'm controlling it with my feet. Does that make sense?  I guess it only make sense to me.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

My very interesting Christmas.

 Ok so my Christmas started at 6:00. I got up and went out to the living room, were my sister's were playing with there Santa stuff. I looked through my Santa stuff. I found these bouncy balls that light up when you bounce them. I went and bounced them on the floor. Unfortunately it was really loud. It made a loud BANG song. Well three loud BANG noises. This woke up my parents who did not want to be woken up. They woke up and we all hade breakfast. Then we Opened our presents. I got a new shirt, some fancy socks, a cute scarf, some little animal figurines, a new stuffed animal, and then my last present... was a piece of paper. But on the piece of paper said, ask daddy to show you his phone, we love you!! I asked daddy to show me the phone and he showed me a picture of Nana with a loft bed. Wait a sec, a LOFT BED?!?! I LOVE LOFT BEDS!! It is MY loft bed, and my Papa made it for me! It's not done yet but it will be later. I am so excited, I have wanted a loft bed for ever!! I even got to pick out the finish stuff. It's Red Oak. I am so excited. Oh wait, I already said that. But it's true!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Felices Ferias!

Happy holidays in Latin! Today I made cookies with my mom and sisters. We made mint chocolate chip and butter scotch chocolate chip cookies. I haven't had any yet but I bet they'll taste really good. Then i had Philly cheese steak hot pockets for lunch. and it tasted really good. Although now my tongue is a little burned. But it was worth it. Mia And Talus tried to steal my Hot pocket. Mia was licking cookie dough of the floor. It was funny. Tomorrow is Christmas! It's practically here! I, however, am not plotting to sneak into a village and steal everything Christmas-y. Nor am I going to tie horns on my dogs heads. I am planning to wake up early, play with my stuff in my Stocking, then after my parents wake up, we'll open up our other presents. Later we're gonna go to our Grandparents house an d do stuff there. Thats all for now, By Bri π

Friday, December 23, 2011

more from Mia.


Couldn't we just deck the punching bag?

I have friends named the Halls. I really don't want to punch them. What does punching people named Halls have to do with Christmas exactly? So this year instead of singing about decking my best friends, lets just sing about decking the punching back. It's the martial arts version. here are the lyrics: Deck the punching bag with Holly! fa la la la la la la! Tis' the season to be Jolly! Fa la la la la la la la la! Dawn we now our happy clothing! Fa la la la la la la! Troll the ancient yule tide calling Fa la la la la la la la la!! See, isn't that so much better? I admit they need some work, but I think there pretty good.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh, Let me explain what I am doing right as I do it!

So recently I've been reading the Uncanny X-men like the first ones and such and I've noticed some things that I find funny. First of, why do the X-men need to explain what they are doing as there doing it? wouldn't it just be quicker to get it over with then talk? Like, cyclops is all like "Oh I am going to shoot you with my laser beam! Let me open my visor to shoot you with my laser beam! I have opened my visor and am shooting you with my laser beam!" he didn't say that exactly, but it's pretty close to what he said. Second thing, in the first two uncanny X-men Cyclops's name is Slim but then it randomly changes to Scott in the third one. Did anyone but me notice this? Why did they change his name with no explanation? I'm not being mean I just think it's kind of funny.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy winter solstice, now prepare for the last year of earth.

 Every one knows in one year the world will end. So fun. Aperantly the Mayans are going to send there evil gods after us. Lovely. I wonder what this "Mayan god" is going to do with us?  You know the problem with this? well God said specifically that nobody will know when the end will come. So it won't come next year on my uncles birthday. So take that you Mayans! And your silly gods! Why would the Mayans gods squish us? I don't know.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do you speak English?

Ok So today me and my sissters were messing Round and JJ said something in gibberish. Morgan waanted to know what she wAs sainc and we Said she was speaking a different language. Maybe it was Latin maybe it was ittalion maybe it was French mane it wasnenglish. I know what you are saying why would the gibberish be English? Well that's what morgan thought and she said that's not English. And I said how do you know do you speak English?
Them we all started laughing. It Was pretty funny.

So today the cousins Came over to get pictures Blake came up stairs while I was reading a comic book on my computer. He was wearing a tee shirt that said Spider
Man and I said "look spider man" and he came Over and looked at
My comic book and said "no, that's Iron Man." Yeah I know short post lots off mistakes. I am typing on my iPod and it is really heard to push the right buttons I need to go because my iPod is almSt dead abs I need to go to bed. I'll do. It tomorrow bye bri!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Papa is in the house! (different Papa)

My Papa Lee is here at my house. See, not Papa Johns. Papa Lee. We had Christmas today. Well this evening. Now we are listening to me sing at church. Me and my sisters that is. I had a cold that night so I was a little off. oh well. I am reading Virals by Kathy Reiches.  It's about Temperance Brennan niece, Tory Brennan. It's a pretty good book. I'll Review it in a bit. Let me finish the book again. I'll have it Tuesday evening at the latest. tomorrow at the best. let me think what to say, what to say. Umm....

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Book review: The Angel Experiment, by James Patterson, Rated: PG-13

 Max doesn't exist, well she doesn't according to the government. She doesn't have parent's. She isn't even human. Not entirely at least. Max is not alone. She is part of the Flock, a group of mutant kids- Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, The Gasman, and Angel. Oh, and did I mention, they have wings? They are a human bird hybrid, Made in a secret lab called the School. After years of being experimented on, They fly the coop, Literally. With the help of one of the scientists named Jeb, they escape and hide from the scientists and the Erasers, Mutants who are half human, half wolf. Jeb has dissapeared and the Flock is all alone. And just when Max thinks it can't get any worse, The Erasers kidnap Angel. Now they have to rescue her, and keep themselves safe at the same time.  That'll be easy. Not.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Why Noah isn't a total nut case.

I could give you a long version with scientific words and stuff like that but I'm just going to go with the simple answer. My cousin Noah likes to pretend that marvel heroes exist (sometimes I think, he thinks there real). you know, Gambit, Wolverine, Spider-man, Angel, Captain America, Iron Man, people like that. Sadly these people do not exist. If you got bit by a radio active spider, one of two things would happen. One, you would end up as a pathetic, radioactive freak, or two, you would die. Not great options. Same with the Hulk. And for Captain America, How would you make a super skinny guy become all big and tough? Steroids? Well I guess that could happen  And although some super heroes could exist, (Iron man, Hawkeye, Black widow, Maybe in the future, Captain America) most are just fiction. With the exception of the x men (in general not Storm and Nightcrawler or Cyclops). Mutants do exist. Most mutants just have, like, two heads or extra limbs and appendages. they can't make weather change or shoot lasers from there eyes or anything like that. But they can make things catch on fire, use echolocation, eat metal, and make metal stick to their body's. Some can even (supposedly) speak telepathically with animals. This is a tribute to you, Noah.

What the heck is a ject?

Ok let me explain here. Sub-ject, e-ject, what the heck is a ject? I mean it must have a meaning some were. Sub means below, so a subject is below ject? and eject, What does that even mean? Lets see, so it means to shoot out, right? Or to get out. So is ject shoot? In that case is it a verb? Or a noun?  hey and lets not forget flate. in-flate, de-flate, does flate mean fill? inflate means to fill up, and de flate means to, well unfill. I guess thats what it means. I don't know.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

well that sucks.

If you are wondering exactly what sucks, here is the answer. I am sick, again. I also lost my voice, again. That is great because I have to sing at church Saturday night.  Yay. I really hate being sick, although, truthfully I don't know any one who doesn't. I don't actually know what to say now. Um.... Papa Lee is coming to town. He's going to come, next week I think? ugh, my hands are really dry. I need to put some lotion on. (pauses to put lotion on) There, much better! except now the keys are all slippery. This lotion smells weird. It's a good thing that i don't need to do anything important with my hands at the moment, because the lotion doesn't come of if you wash your hands. Now I'm just blabbering about lotion. That can't be particularly interesting.  Umm, what would be more interesting? uhhh...........

Monday, December 12, 2011

No more Scrooge.

Well, the play is done for the holidays, We had so much fun during it. For strike Cookie and I were on Christmas tree duty. We had to take down all the Christmas trees and put them away. We also had to put away the snow, the tarps, the furniture, and then we had to take a box of Christmas stuff to the Pit. The pit is the creepy room were they keep all the props in between shows. I Am going to try out for the next play, it's an Irish play. I hope I get a good role. I really enjoyed scrooge, I have some funny quotes people said durring it, I am going to write them down.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


If you were given a wish what would you be?
Would you wish for the Mountains or the Sea?
Would you wish for the Sky, or the Earth?
Would you whish for wings so you can Fly like a bird?
or would you wish for fins to Swim like a dolphin?
Would you wish for what you Already have or for what you Can't have?
Would you wish to breathe under the Waves, or to explore the voids of Space?
Would you wish to be a Wolf, silver as the moon?
or would you be a Lion, golden as the sun?
Would you become a Panther, black as the night?
or would you be a Doe, light and gentle as the day?
Would you wish for what you truly need, or for what you think you want?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

how to do math, by Bri Pi

I need to get better at explaining things, so I am going to  (try to at least) explain how to do algebra. First let me think of a problem. Ok i got one. 20 - 3x = 25. Now I am going to explain how to do it. Hopefully I did this right.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I have been insulted by my school work.

I was reading about not taking everything literally, and it was saying, I quote "A person who trys to attach literal meanings to all speech is refereed to as Naive. (as in simple, not sophisticated)" It insulted me! I am not naive (most of the time) I am just a litteralist. How rude of my school work. Well that sucks majorly. that is not nice at all, I know lots of other people who are literalists to. They aren't naive. Grrrrrrrr. I'll talk more later, oh wait now I have something to say. Papa came by with a present, for me! I don't know what it is, I didn't even know he was getting me a present. Nana and Papa gave me ten dollars that I thought were my present. Well, I don't know what it is unless it's my paintings from Ruth Thompson. Maybe he framed them. I don't know. Well, Bye Bri!

Monday, December 5, 2011

first week done, next week to go.

I got the first week of plays done. Well weekend really, but who cares. Now I just have next weekend. I am going to TKD tonight, after like a week of not going. So yay!! I feel really tired. I don't know why, possibly because I just woke up? Yesterday during the play, I kept dropping the apples. I don't know why, I just did. I knocked one out of Peter' hand, I dropped one from the table when I was passing it to Martha, I kept dropping the apples on stage, and there plastic so they make a lot of noise. Grrr. Bad apples. Now I don't know what to do. Maybe I should go eat breakfast? Or maybe take a shower, that's a good idea to. I hope i go some were to day. But right now i must go and clean, and eat break fast, and take a shower. Gotta go, Bye Bri! (sorry this is so short)

Friday, December 2, 2011

I got an iPod touch!

Yeah i already new what it was. A few months ago my mom and dad told me that  I could have one of two things. A birthday party or an iPod touch. I went with the iPod. My iPod touch is really cool. it has my nick name on the back. It says "Bri Pi" I still have my Nano, But I'm going to take of all my movies, and just put music on my Nano. I'm going to put all my Apps and Movies and TV shows on my Touch. I Went to see the Nutcracker today and during intermission I was playing Presidents versus Aliens. I'm going to take it with me to the show tonight and play with it there. I had a good birthday, I stool peoples apples, I sang and I pretended to be sad for the 'Tiny Tim is dead' scene. I went out to lunch, I took a funny picture of my cat, face timed my mom while we were in the same room, and then my mom took a picture of JJ and made her Look emo. It was funny.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy birthday! (to me)

Yep, it is in fact my birthday! To night I shall go on stage for the play and sing and dance and steal peoples apples. this morning I woke up and came down stairs to check my email, I turned on my computer and what popped up? My iTunes. I quickly checked my email, then turned of my computer. I didn't know if I was supposed to see that. So I went and did school work on the Ipad. But then it acured to me, that if they had wanted me to see that latter, they would have made up some excuse for me to not get on my computer and check my email. So I got back on my computer, did some proof reading, And now I am Writing to you from the computer.  I think they were trying to surprise me with it. I was definitely surprised when I turned on my computer and my iTunes was on, especially since I haven't turned it on since Sunday. I still am not telling you what I'm getting until later. Once I have it I will tell you. But you will just have to wait.