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Friday, December 16, 2011

What the heck is a ject?

Ok let me explain here. Sub-ject, e-ject, what the heck is a ject? I mean it must have a meaning some were. Sub means below, so a subject is below ject? and eject, What does that even mean? Lets see, so it means to shoot out, right? Or to get out. So is ject shoot? In that case is it a verb? Or a noun?  hey and lets not forget flate. in-flate, de-flate, does flate mean fill? inflate means to fill up, and de flate means to, well unfill. I guess thats what it means. I don't know.

 Mia figured out how to climb the tree. That's fun. I was reading Max Ride and JJ was reading Nancy Drew when I looked up and there were Mia's legs, dangling from the bottom of the Christmas tree. I started laughing and JJ said to go get mama. I did and she came and took pictures of her. Then JJ went to get her out of the tree, because Mia got stuck. JJ grabbed the collar and started to pull her out of the tree, but the collar broke. (It's a safety collar, It was supposed to) so JJ reached into the tree and yanked the kitten out, Mia screamed a bit. But it was quite funny. Then later she did it again. Dumb cat.

  Welll Bye Bri π

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