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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cat puke and Sherlock Holmes.

 Ok that may sound gross, and part of it is. This morning I got up and ate breakfast. I looked into the living room and there was Mia, throwing up all over the floor. You may want to know what this has to do with Sherlock Holmes. Well just after I cleaned up Mia's mess, I got dressed and went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. It was really good. Not as freaky as the first one, but still pretty suspenseful. And the best part of the movie, wasn't even in the movie. The best part was that... I SAW THE HUNGER GAMES TRAILER AND THE KATNISS POSTER!!!!! I was so excited!! When it came on Mama elbowed me but I already recognized it. You know your obsessed when you get super excited about a trailer and a poster and you've seen the trailer about two million times.(ok, more like five)  :D I was so happy. Not that Sherlock Holmes wasn't good. It's just, I have been wanting to see The Hunger Games movie since I first heard they were making a movie, and the trailer was the closest I can get before it comes out in March. (SO excited!!) The cat being sick really doesn't have any thing to do with this. Oh well. Morgan is yelling at me to stop writing and do my chore, so gotta go, Bye Bri π

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