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Friday, December 2, 2011

I got an iPod touch!

Yeah i already new what it was. A few months ago my mom and dad told me that  I could have one of two things. A birthday party or an iPod touch. I went with the iPod. My iPod touch is really cool. it has my nick name on the back. It says "Bri Pi" I still have my Nano, But I'm going to take of all my movies, and just put music on my Nano. I'm going to put all my Apps and Movies and TV shows on my Touch. I Went to see the Nutcracker today and during intermission I was playing Presidents versus Aliens. I'm going to take it with me to the show tonight and play with it there. I had a good birthday, I stool peoples apples, I sang and I pretended to be sad for the 'Tiny Tim is dead' scene. I went out to lunch, I took a funny picture of my cat, face timed my mom while we were in the same room, and then my mom took a picture of JJ and made her Look emo. It was funny.

 I need the Google translate App. I think I'm going to go look for apps on iTunes. In a bit I'll be back (goes and checks iTunes) OK I downloaded a few new apps I got the eye color changer and the X ray scanner. Fun right? I can't wait to play with them later. At the moment my computer is downloading, Like thirty some odd TV shows my mom bought. I only put four of them on my Touch but that's still a lot of TV shows, All but two shows are X men evolution. I'm downloading the entire series. That is a lot of X men. Well thats all for today, Bye Bri!

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